The Plague

December 3, 2013
By James Lindquist, Amery, Wisconsin
James Lindquist, Amery, Wisconsin
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They are coming from everywhere, filing through the doors like a wave of putrid death. You are surrounded. Your sister rushes and falls to your feet in a crying heap. Steve picks up a hunting rifle and stands by your side. Your sister stands up and picks up a knife with wrath in her eyes. “Are you ready?” you ask.

“There’s no better time than the present,” replies Steve calmly.

“How about you?” you ask your sister.

“I’m ready,” she replies with fury in her voice.

“Let’s get started then,” you say. You look the creature you were about to kill dead in the eyes and charge at it, screaming at the top of your lungs. The creatures start to close in.

James L.

The Plague

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