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A Dead World

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“Uf…!” I said as I got off of Diego’s back and fell to the hard cement flat on my butt. I slowly got up and walked around in the darkness. I placed my hands on the walls of this dark place and felt wet rocks against my bare hand.
“Diego… where exactly are we?” I asked as continued walking deeper into the darkness.
“We are in Dikteon Cave, the cave where the god of lightening was born; Zesus” said Diego.
Suddenly, I felt a brush of cold breath on the back of
Not done with this book yet.
neck that had sent a sudden rapid chill throughout my entire body.
“Calm down, it’s me. Don’t move, I want to show you something” said Diego as he slowly reached into one of my side pocket and pulled out my sword. He reached out to my other hand and held it up in front of me. He slowly placed the sword in my hand and whispered “light up your sword Alisa” into my ear.
“Collustret Gladius” I said as my sword began to lighten up slowly. Soon, the entire cave was filled with the light of my sword.
“Now walk a little bit further” he whispered once more into my ear. All of a sudden I heard another voice speaking into my mind right after Diego had finished whispering into my ear.
“Quit the romance” said the voice, “it is really not funny and you guys have such a wrong timing for everything”
“Riley…can you get out of my mind” I said out loud and soon heard the both of them laughing at the same time.
“I’m glad you recognized me Alisa. You have an entire trail of zombies tracking and following your scent and you guys are in this cave romancing? Come on haven’t ya got nothing better to do?” he said laughing. Soon Diego stopped laughing and gave the serious look and said “Riley come out of her mind and present yourself in your human form please”
“Ok, Diego” said Riley still speaking from Alisa’s mind.
After what had seemed like a couple of minutes, the human like figure came into the view and stood in front of Diego and Alisa smiling.
“Hello Diego, Hi Alisa” said Riley.
“Hi, Riley” we both said at once, laughing.
“Enough of the romance between you two. Do you know that you have a trail of zombies on your trail? They have somehow managed to track down Alisa’s scent. You have to get out of here fast” said Riley in a serious tone.
“Thud… Thud…Thud…” the sound of hundred pairs of hands trying to break down the entrance of the cave. “Arrr…” said a group of voices at the same time. Diego and Riley looked at each other and nodded once but before they could act, we were surrounded by an army of zombies with a familiar face laughing in the center of the army.
“Crater…how are you…?” I asked.
“Why, hello Alisa. We meet once again. Ready to fight me?” chuckling as he said those words.
I got into my fighting position and said “ignis”. The sword that I was holding slowly began to breathe fire instead of light.
“I have killed you once, I can kill you again. I knew you wouldn’t die the first time but you will die this time” I said laughing.
“Why, how brave of you to say that my dear” he said chuckling.
I spun around once in a circle before I could say another spell to chop off his head and smash into several pieces and send him back to the underworld for the second. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
“Coèuntes, sagittent inimicum meam .Sagitta Magica, Series/Convergentia” I muttered under my breath slowly as I began to open my eyes. Suddenly, the sword in my hands became a bundle of arrows ready to strike my enemy.
“Vinculum facti inimicum capient. Sagitta Magica, Aer capturae” I said once more as I could feel the wind by my side, ready to use force against my arrows to strike at his heart. I leaped into the air and with full force drove my arrows into the evil monster’s heart. But something strange happened… Crater just stood there frozen with a smile on his face as if my arrows did him no harm.
“Very well down Alisa, I see that you’ve remembered all your spells but you made a mistake a grave mistake…my master shall battle you soon enough as I go back to the underworld once more” he said as his eyes had began to close slowly. Alisa slowly landed back down on the ground and watched once more as the monster slowly became pure air and dissolved into the ground again. Both Riley and Diego appeared by my side at once and looked at me with the most stupidest look.
“What? Why are you both looking at me like that?” I asked them.
“No, nothing” said Diego.
“You look hot while fighting” said Riley laughing.
“Really? Really Riley? You had to say that” I said and smacked Riley on the arm. Riley snickered when I had smacked him and started laughing even louder.
“One question, what did Crater mean by ‘my master shall battle you’” asked Diego. The laughter and amusement that had once filled the cave with life filled it once again with darkness.
“I’m not sure but that’s what we are going to find out soon…now come on let’s get out of here” I said as I began to walk deeper into the cave.
“Collustret Gladius” I said and with the light of my sword, Diego and Riley quietly followed.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2

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