A Dead World

April 22, 2013
By CreativeWritingGirl, Woodbridge, Virginia
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CreativeWritingGirl, Woodbridge, Virginia
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The author's comments:
This is more like Book One. There are no chapters.

The world is dead. I look around and see corpses lying in all four directions. Suddenly I hear a ‘crip’ and the distant sound of footsteps. I turn around and see two things, and one of which is really weird. One being blood coming out of their bodies as they walked towards me and two, zombies? Yes, no or that’s what I would call them. As they slowly began to notice that I’m the only human alive, they start to walk towards me. ‘Crip, crip’, the sound of feet crushing leaves as they walked. I began to think of a plan, but no such thing had come to me because I was standing there looking stunned as these creatures howled their way towards me. Suddenly I thought of two options…

One…run away and …

Two… load up the gun that was in my pocket and start shooting them.
However, which one I chose, remained a mystery inside my head. I began to walk towards them and my mind was repeatedly asking me ‘Alisa what the hell are you doing? You’re going to get yourself killed.’ However, I was not listening to my mind because my feet were dragging me towards these disgusting creatures and there was no way I could turn back unless I chose option number two. I reached into my pocket and grabbed the gun. I took the gun out and shot the first zombie that was coming towards me “Chaaaarge!" and that’s what brought me back to reality. I blinked twice before I looked into the eyes of one of zombies and turned around. I ran as fast as I could, tried to run away from reality even if it was impossible. I stopped to catch my breath and looked behind me. A happy thought came to me “I have lost them” I thought to myself and began walking. I walked through all of what used to be 5th street Manhattan and saw nothing but burned down buildings and more corpses. I bend down to touch one of the corpses and checked to see if it was really dead. I poke his arm and he moved. I fell back, landing on my butt and stared at him. His body slowly raised and his head turned towards me. I looked into his eyes and saw that his eyes were red, bloody red. I slowly reach into my pockets to get my gun ready so, in case he would attack me, I would be prepared to shoot him. He slowly got back on his feet and began walking towards where I was sitting. I got back up to my feet quickly and started walking backwards.
“Stop. Please stop. I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. I took a deep breath releasing all my worries. “He wasn’t going to hurt me,” I told myself repeatedly, but something inside of me warned me that he was lying. I stopped just as if the stranger had told me to but did not release the gun that I had in my pocket that was ready to shoot.
“Who are you and how are you alive?” I asked him with a questioning glare.
“My name is Diego and that’s what I want to ask you. What happened here?” he replied.
“I know this may sound funny to you but you were supposed to be dead. The entire world is dead because there was a zombie attack. Unfortunately, I’m the only person alive on this planet.”
“It doesn’t sound funny thou and no, I wasn’t supposed to be dead. All I remember is that something had attacked me and put me to sleep,” he said as he began to look around and saw the destroyed world.
“Well, that’s odd. I do not know what happened that put you to sleep and attacked the entire world. The entire world is dead because of zombies” and started walking into a ruined building in front of me.

“Wait!” he called again. I turned around and said “what?”

“Can I follow you?” he asked.

“Yes but can I ask you something?”

“No need to ask, just ask, “He said.

“Why are your eyes red?”

“That’s because I’m hungry. I’m a vampire, which is one of the main reasons why I’m not dead. And don’t worry; I’m not those bad vampires who will suck your blood.”
When he said that I felt my heart beat raise. I was suddenly scared like I’ve never been before. I continued to walk, suddenly a wind blew past me, and there he was, standing right in front of me. I pushed him and continued to examine the burnt building. I had this feeling as if I had known him before. Before the world died, before the zombies attacked, even before everything became so unreal.
I turned around and said “sorry. My mind isn’t working because of all this. Everything just seems…..so unrealistic….”
“It’s ok. I know this is all new to you but not to me. I don’t mind you being all mean to me. So, go ahead and do what you feel like doing and I’ll just follow you.” I glared at him and started walking again. He laughs and continues to follow me. I hear his footsteps following me and suddenly I don’t hear any. I turn around and see no one behind me. I began to look for him and saw what was going on. An entire gang of zombies was on our trail and suddenly something tugged onto my collar and pulled me up into the air. It was Diego. He had saved me from the zombie attack and suddenly we were on the roof of the building.
“Thanks for saving me back there.”
“No problem but let me warn you about something, never look into the eyes of the zombies because that’s how they’ll make you come to them,” he said with a serious face.
“Ok, I won’t. But how do you know all about this?” I asked with a questioning glare.
“Let me tell you a story. Long before your time vampires, zombies, immortal creatures and werewolves existed. The immortal creatures such as the gods of the underworld, fire, and war came to this world as humans, who you would call mortal and warned us, that they made a grave mistake. They made something big and pure evil. They also told us that they had not done that on purpose and that they were experimenting with something and created some creatures accidentally. They came to us to ask us for help and we refused. We told them that it was their job to destroy them since they’ve created them in the first place. That’s when the gods/immortal creatures turned the sides on us. Therefore, it was war declared by the gods and their creatures of course what they created were the zombies, against us. There was nothing we could do because before we said no, they disappeared and soon the zombies came after us. Our entire clan separated including me. Half of us went south and the other half went north. The ones that went south ran into the werewolves, which became bad news for them because we weren’t allowed on their lands. Therefore, we told them everything that had happened and joined hands with them. Since then, I’ve been up here trying to stop these creatures but nothing worked and the werewolves in the south, I hadn’t heard from them in while so, I don’t know the condition the south is in.”
“The god of fire is Hephaestus, the god of the underworld is Hades, and the god of war is Ares right?” I asked.
“Yes my dear.”
“So, the gods chose Earth as their battlefield and the armies fighting are the gods and zombies verse the vampires and werewolves. Interesting thing going on here, but one question why Earth?”
“That my dear remains unanswered. Whatever the gods feel like doing, it is our job to clean up after them.”
“That seems so unfair. Man you make me hate these gods.”
“Dear, please watch what you say or they’ll make you suffer” and looked down across to the street to see if the zombies were gone.
“I’m sorry” I said and walked over to where he stood. Suddenly we both hear an “uff” sound and Diego pushed me behind him. A wolf like creature came into view and starred at Diego and me.
“Hello, Riley” he said as if he was speaking to him through his mind.
“Hi, Diego.”
As they finished saying ‘hi’ to each other, I step into view and made myself visible to the werewolf and vampire, who was unsuccessful in hiding me.
“Who is she?” asked Riley.
“She’s the one who woke me up and bought me here.”
“What’s her name?” he asked Diego who seemed to be clueless as to whatever it was he was asking him.
“Alisa” I said.
And both of their eyes went on me when I said my name as if they were surprised about something.

“How’d you know that he was asking for your name?” asked Diego.

“Um… I don’t actually know how but you two were speaking through your minds right?” I asked with a questioning glare.

“Yes, we were and I’m amazed. I think you might be more than I imagine you’d be. Alisa, you can read minds” he said smiling. I smiled back and continued to speak and said “thanks and as you know Diego that I’m the only person alive on this planet, right?” and began walking towards the tip of the roof so, that I could see what was going on across the street.

“Yep” he said and became silent as if he were speaking to that wolf like creature again.
“Is she kidding? Everyone is dead in this city?” said Riley looking at Diego but no words came out through his lips.
“No, she’s serious. I’ve checked everyone before pretending to be asleep so, that I would be safe from the zombies.”
“Well, then this isn’t good because she is in danger. The zombies want to kill every single living soul which means they’ll come after her since she’s the only one alive.”

“What? What about me being killed?!” I partially screamed as I started walking towards where the both of them stood.
“Did you just say they’re after me?” I asked again.

“Ok, miss. Can you stop interrupting me when I’m trying to explain everything to him? And yes, I just said that they’re after your life.” I glared at him as if he had just creaped inside my mind just to talk me and Diego laughed as if he was also inside my mind. My eyes flickered towards him and gave him an evil little glare.
“I’m so sorry for interrupting your little conversation but how do you expect me to ignore you when the thing you guys are talking about is me?! Do you mind being super kind and step out of my mind please?!”
“Then I suppose you can listen but please be quiet” he said and began speaking to the both of us at the same time.

“So, as I was saying, they’re after her and I don’t know what she wants to do. If you want her to stay alive then protect her and if not, ask her what her plan is,” said Riley.

“Ok, I have not yet asked Alisa what her plan is but I choose to protect her and can you please change into your human form because you smell really bad.”
At that instant, I could feel myself blush when he said ‘I choose to protect her’. I laughed.

“Ok, pal. I’ll be right back” and he ran behind the stairs to change into his true form. Soon, a tall man, about 6’2, with black hair and blue eyes appeared in the place of a werewolf. ‘Man he is hot’ I said to myself. Just then, Diego looked at me and laughed. I looked back at him and kicked him.”Hey, Creeper do you mind leaving my mind alone?” I said. “Ow! And No, I refuse to. It’s too funny to be left alone” he said and continued laughing. Soon, Riley came to view and looked at the both of us and asked what happened. “Nothing!” we both said at the same time and Riley laughed. Just then, when the three of us heard something, we stopped laughing. ‘Stomp, stomp’ the sound of footsteps against hard cement. Diego and Riley looked at each other for about one second, seemed to agree on something, and turned their eyes on me. Riley shifted back into his werewolf form and jumped off the roof, which caught the attention of the zombies that were on our trail and Diego? The next thing I remember is that I was flying. No let me restate it clearly, I was clinged onto a vampire, while he was jumping into the air, ducking, diving into and over everything he had came across. I have to admit it was a pretty scary, scarier than one of the coasters that I’ve been on in six flags. Suddenly, we came to a stop and I was on my two feet again. For a second I had Diego hold me up cause I was feeling uneven and then another second he left me all alone and walked across the rooftop to see if there were any zombies following us.

“Wherrr….e are we?” I managed to choke out.

“Maine” he replied without looking back at me.

“What the heck? How?”

“I see you’re feeling better now. We’ve traveled north.”

“Um…odd. Did you just say that you ran all the way here with me on your back?” I asked with a questioning glare.

“Yes my dear. You see vampires are stronger than humans.”

“Don’t you think I know that? Speaking of vampires, aren’t you thirsty?”
He chuckled and said, “No, I didn’t think so, since you’ve told me before that everything was new to you. Now that is surprising, you are asking me if I’m thirsty or not. You do know what our kind drinks right?”
I walk over to where he was standing and punched him in the arm. He laughed and glared at me with an amusing face.

“Ok, you are seriously gross me out. You drink blood. What makes you think I didn’t know that?”

“That’s what I thought…you are a little unaware of the world around you” he teased. I glare at him and this time I step on his foot and he pulls me closer to him. At this point, we were both inches away from each other. I pinch him hard, so he would let me go but that didn’t seem to work.

“Can you please let me go? Moreover, yes, you are right. I’m not aware of this moral/immortal stuff but I ‘am well aware of what is going on around me.” I managed to speak while he still had me in his arms.

“Hello? This is not the right time for romance and seriously, you people hardly know each other. How can you be doing this already?” said an unfamiliar voice. Diego’s arms dropped and he spoke.

“Riley, can you at least warn me when you are around me or near me please? I can’t keep having you come at me out of nowhere. “
I felt myself blush when he let me go and at that instant Riley’s eyes shifted to mine.

“Yes, I’m afraid I’d have to agree with Diego” and continued to blush.

“Aw!! Would you look at that cute little girl whose going completely bright red...”He teased.

“OK, enough of you people teasing me. I am going to go over there and chill by myself. And when I say by myself, you boys or what you would say immortal creatures better leave me alone” and I excused myself from where they stood and walked over to the other side of the roof and sat down. I put my head between my knees and listened on to their conversation.

“Wow, she has one big attitude,” said Riley.

‘”Dude, you’re the one who set her off. Did you really have to do that?” asked Diego.

“I’m sorry but she’s too funny. I can’t help it.”

“I’m gonna have to agree on that one also, but you should at least apologize. I mean look at her…she’s already having a hard time getting used to all this.”

“Dude, don’t tell me you like her already when you’ve just met her…and fine I’ll listen to you.”

“Thank you and no I do not have feelings for her but I feel as if I had met her before. “
As he finished speaking, I heard distant footsteps walking towards where I was sitting. Suddenly, something tugged me on my shoulders. I shook the hand off and continued to stay still with my head between my knees.

“Sorry,” a voice said. I looked up and saw Riley looking at me.

“You know that I’ve strictly told you people to not bother me. Didn’t I?” I replied with a harsh tone.

“I know and I’m sorry about what I said to you back there. I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s ok. It’s not your fault. I’m having trouble processing all this. I just needed to be alone for a few minutes. “I said with a sincere face.

“Alright and thanks.” And he bent down, gave me a hug, got back up, and walked over to the corner of the roof.
Suddenly a chill ran down the back of my sprain and made my heart beat fast. ‘Why do I feel as if something was after me? Why do I think that I have a role in all this? Could it mean something to them that I’m alive…?’ after what I think was 10 minutes, I felt something strange tug at my shoulder and smelled really strange also, something clicked into my mind that this wasn’t Diego or Riley…could it beee… a zombie…? I wondered and slowly peaked and saw something scary. It was pale white, with blood dripping down its cheeks and smiling an evil little smile through its lips line. I freaked out and whispered… ‘Help…Diego…” and suddenly that thing looked at me and started leaning in towards me as if the thing wanted to bite me… I began to feel afraid as if my life were to end right here and kept my eyes tightly shut. The next thing I could ever remember was getting up and taking a sword out of my pocket and holding it in front of the weird creature. There I was standing in front of this weird creature and realized it wasn’t a zombie… it was something else. That thing stood up and locked eyes with me and I starred back.

“Hello, Alisa… do you recognize me?” that mysterious being spoke.

“Why, hello Crater. Ares sent you right? Do me a favor, tell him that I hate his stupid guts and I wouldn’t mind fighting with him” and smiled as I got my sword ready in position. In a distant I heard Riley and Diego’s foot steps rushing to where I was and said “Whoa…what just happened here?” and saw Crater’s eyes flickering to them. “Shut up” I said and began moving slowly towards Crater and said “Crater, what do you think you’re doing here? And thanks for reminding me about who I was. I owe you something and that is death. I’m afraid I’d have to kill you right now” and laughed.

“Really? I think it’s the opposite” he said and took out his sword and started coming in on me. I charged at him but missed his head by 2 inches. ‘Shoot’ I said to myself.

“Very well, Alisa. I see you’ve lost your amazing skills” he said as he aimed and had almost chopped off my arm.

“Just warming up, you monster. You’ll be dead before you know it” I said and laughed.

“Ohhh…nice. But dear I’ve killed every single one of your kind including your beloved ones and you’re telling me I can’t kill you? That’s very funny dear” he said and chuckled.
I ignored what he said and the pain inside me. I slowed took two steps towards that creature and chanted two words “advoco incendia” and soon my sword began glowing and within seconds fire began coming out of my sword. I raised my sword and aimed for the head of the monster and ‘uf’ the monster that stood in front of me fell to the ground and its head fell to my feet. I raised my sword again and slammed down hard on the head of the monster and everything that was left of the monster disappeared. I turned around and saw two boys starring at me with wonder and questioning glares.

“What…? Did I do something wrong?’ I asked.

“No..! yes..um..not sure” said Riley and Diego at the same thing.
I laughed and said “Are you guys shocked? And I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself to you guys properly before. I couldn’t remember anything before because I was under some kind of weird memory spell. Anyways that spell broke the minute that monster or Crater looked into my eyes.”

“So, who are you really?” asked Diego.

“Did anyone mention you looked hot fighting?” said Riley and laughed.

“Thanks, Riley. I’m Alisa; a half god/human. Which means my mother was a goddess and my father was a human. My father died while saving me and my mom is Aphrodite, which meant her powers were given to me and some of my father’s traits, who supposedly was a war hero. I’ve seen my mother once before and she told me one thing before she left that she will be watching me from above and that Hephaestus, Hades and Ares made a mistake. And I think that’s what you told me Diego right??” I asked.

“Yes. So, you are a Demigod?” asked Diego

“Yes, Diego and in the beginning I forgot everything.” I said.

“Well, welcome aboard fighter. It’s good to have a demigod on our side” he said.

“Yep, it sure is. You have an interesting story Alisa. Glad to have you aboard also” said Riley and smiled.

“Thanks, guys and let’s get going we have a war to fight. Crater right there was the head leader and I finished him. We have some cleaning to do guys. Shall we go?’ I asked and smiled.

“Yep, let’s go!!!” said Diego and Riley together as they reached out and grabbed my hand.

The author's comments:
Not done with this book yet.

“Uf…!” I said as I got off of Diego’s back and fell to the hard cement flat on my butt. I slowly got up and walked around in the darkness. I placed my hands on the walls of this dark place and felt wet rocks against my bare hand.

“Diego… where exactly are we?” I asked as continued walking deeper into the darkness.

“We are in Dikteon Cave, the cave where the god of lightening was born; Zesus” said Diego.
Suddenly, I felt a brush of cold breath on the back of neck that had sent a sudden rapid chill throughout my entire body.

“Calm down, it’s me. Don’t move, I want to show you something” said Diego as he slowly reached into one of my side pocket and pulled out my sword. He reached out to my other hand and held it up in front of me. He slowly placed the sword in my hand and whispered “light up your sword Alisa” into my ear.

“Collustret Gladius” I said as my sword began to lighten up slowly. Soon, the entire cave was filled with the light of my sword.

“Now walk a little bit further” he whispered once more into my ear. All of a sudden I heard another voice speaking into my mind right after Diego had finished whispering into my ear.

“Quit the romance” said the voice, “it is really not funny and you guys have such a wrong timing for everything”

“Riley…can you get out of my mind” I said out loud and soon heard the both of them laughing at the same time.

“I’m glad you recognized me Alisa. You have an entire trail of zombies tracking and following your scent and you guys are in this cave romancing? Come on haven’t ya got nothing better to do?” he said laughing. Soon Diego stopped laughing and gave the serious look and said “Riley come out of her mind and present yourself in your human form please”

“Ok, Diego” said Riley still speaking from Alisa’s mind.
After what had seemed like a couple of minutes, the human like figure came into the view and stood in front of Diego and Alisa smiling.

“Hello Diego, Hi Alisa” said Riley.

“Hi, Riley” we both said at once, laughing.

“Enough of the romance between you two. Do you know that you have a trail of zombies on your trail? They have somehow managed to track down Alisa’s scent. You have to get out of here fast” said Riley in a serious tone.
“Thud… Thud…Thud…” the sound of hundred pairs of hands trying to break down the entrance of the cave. “Arrr…” said a group of voices at the same time. Diego and Riley looked at each other and nodded once but before they could act, we were surrounded by an army of zombies with a familiar face laughing in the center of the army.

“Crater…how are you…?” I asked.

“Why, hello Alisa. We meet once again. Ready to fight me?” chuckling as he said those words.
I got into my fighting position and said “ignis”. The sword that I was holding slowly began to breathe fire instead of light.

“I have killed you once, I can kill you again. I knew you wouldn’t die the first time but you will die this time” I said laughing.

“Why, how brave of you to say that my dear” he said chuckling.
I spun around once in a circle before I could say another spell to chop off his head and smash into several pieces and send him back to the underworld for the second. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
“Coèuntes, sagittent inimicum meam .Sagitta Magica, Series/Convergentia” I muttered under my breath slowly as I began to open my eyes. Suddenly, the sword in my hands became a bundle of arrows ready to strike my enemy.
“Vinculum facti inimicum capient. Sagitta Magica, Aer capturae” I said once more as I could feel the wind by my side, ready to use force against my arrows to strike at his heart. I leaped into the air and with full force drove my arrows into the evil monster’s heart. But something strange happened… Crater just stood there frozen with a smile on his face as if my arrows did him no harm.
“Very well down Alisa, I see that you’ve remembered all your spells but you made a mistake a grave mistake…my master shall battle you soon enough as I go back to the underworld once more” he said as his eyes had began to close slowly. Alisa slowly landed back down on the ground and watched once more as the monster slowly became pure air and dissolved into the ground again. Both Riley and Diego appeared by my side at once and looked at me with the most stupidest look.

“What? Why are you both looking at me like that?” I asked them.

“No, nothing” said Diego.

“You look hot while fighting” said Riley laughing.

“Really? Really Riley? You had to say that” I said and smacked Riley on the arm. Riley snickered when I had smacked him and started laughing even louder.

“One question, what did Crater mean by ‘my master shall battle you’” asked Diego. The laughter and amusement that had once filled the cave with life filled it once again with darkness.

“I’m not sure but that’s what we are going to find out soon…now come on let’s get out of here” I said as I began to walk deeper into the cave.

“Collustret Gladius” I said and with the light of my sword, Diego and Riley quietly followed.

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