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The Creation of a Hero

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Exaidens task

Exaiden sat in the middle of Castle Justice, thinking as he sat on his throne of a god. He was permitted, after all he was the god of heroes. His bright white eyes glowed has his thoughts flowed through his mind.His head was covered by a hat similar to that of a wandering Chinese man. He searched through his wisdom for an answer to a question ever so simple. Why, he thought to himself. Why must the world be like this, so filled with violence and hate and spite of one another? It is as if it is all dark and no light, all hate and no love, all evil and no good. I just don’t understand. His frustration grew as he continued to picture what he witnessed. All the war and fury found on planet earth, the crown jewel of the universe, the planet created in Yod, the creators, image. It should be peaceful and a beacon of hope for all, but it just was not that way. It saddened him. He felt sympathy for the innocent who’s souls were tainted with the vile corruption known as evil, and transforming them into the one thing he disliked most, villains. It broke his heart to watch the abuse of little children and the drugs humans have found ways to concoct. How could they do this? It really pained him to have to sit and watch darkness rule the hearts of humanity, and there was nothing he could do about it. Just then, the door to the illuminated, circular room opened, and a warmth filled the area. Exaiden knew exactly who it was. A man walked into the room. He looked old, about sixty, and was built very largely. He was black, about the same height as Exaiden, with a grey beard and grey hair. Exaiden knew exactly who it was, even if it wasn’t his true form. “Hello Exaiden,” the man said. “Hello Yod,” Exaiden replied in a deep voice. “May I ask what you are doing here?” “You could at least stand up and give me a hug my son. It’s been far too long.” Exaiden smiled, stood up, and walked over to his father. They shared a loving embrace. “It is nice to know there is still something pure in the universe,” Exaiden remarked. “What do you mean,”Yod replied in a wise, old man’s voice. “It is nice to know that there is still a fathers’ love for his son, even if it is rare in humanity. They are lost father. Theyhave strayed from the path we set for them. It’s tough to watch.” “That is actually what I came here to talk to you about.” A perplexed look came over Exaiden’s face. Yod smiled and said “I will explain. You’re right my son. They are lost, and they will not find they’re way back on their own. It is time to create what they could not make on their own. It is time to make a true hero. A hero that will defend what’s right and dedicate his life to doing everything in his power to protect the people of planet earth. Find a newborn and give him power. If him strength mightier than any animal and speed faster than a flying jet. Give him the power to fly as high as a bird and breath in space. Give him the power to scream so loud the heavens will hear it and buildings will fall. Inscribe in his core the ability to breath fire,generate electricity from his hands, and even the ability to sense evil deeds and motives taking place and being formed. Most importantly though, give him the heart of a lion. At eighteen years old the child will become an adult. That is when he will receive his power.” Exaiden smiled. “Yes, father.” “Well then, my business here is done. It was good to see you my son.” They embrace each other one more time and Yod walks out the door. When the giant piece of wood closed Exaiden returned to his chair. Finally, he thought. He could do what he was born to do. He was going to have fun with this.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 Next »

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