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Altai's Chronicles

Author's note: Authors I read when I was in 9th Grade. Authors like S.E. Hinton and Jennifer Donnelly, inspired...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Authors I read when I was in 9th Grade. Authors like S.E. Hinton and Jennifer Donnelly, inspired my imagination to go forth to creating my stories.  « Hide author's note
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Altai's First Fight/Victory For Altai

There is a warrior who slays monsters each day, and his name is Altai. Altai’s goal in life is to be the best warrior in the world. He is a young warrior in a search of quests and monsters. He is training to get better at fighting monsters.
One night when he was going to get some food, something happened. The moon gleamed in the sky; it formed three circles, like a pyramid. The moon shone on the ground and there it was…
The mastermind of darkness; it was Altai’s arch-enemy, Arcane.
This is the beginning part of the book, it may sound choppy, but as you read along the book it increases depth as you go along. I know Altai defeated Arcane, but his heroic instincts told him that he was still alive. Just in case if you readers didn't understand that concept.
Arcane is the most powerful enemy in the universe. He thinks he has more power than Altai.
Arcane says, “Fight or die”.
Altai says, “Bring it on.”
So the fight begins, Altai uses his swift sword on Arcane, which hurts Arcane badly. Arcane uses his terra levitation on Altai which hurts him so badly it paralyzed him for a small amount of time. At the split second when Arcane was going to jab Altai severely, Altai stunned him for a bit. Arcane was on the ground and he tried to move, but his muscles couldn’t move well like how iron rusts when placed with water. He tries to get up, but before he can stand up Altai slashes him which got him to the edge of the cliff. The water crashes the rocks below the cliffs and makes huge crashes every second. When Arcane was at the edge of the cliff, he fell and at the split second before he was in the water he disappeared. Altai’s work with him was done.
Altai went to his village called Mandolin. Altai told the good news to his family. Next the family told the town crier. Then the town crier told it to the crowd. Finally the crowd told the news to one of the imperial solders of the village. Which he told the king. The king was surprised,
“Altai, you defeated one of the greatest villains of all time” says the king.
“He should be our local hero,” says the villagers.
The ceremony started at the crack of dawn. People in their pajamas came down to the central place in Mandolin.
“Altai will you be our local hero?” says the king.
“Yes,” says Altai.
“Then I pronounce that Altai will be our hero in this village.”
“Thank you sir I won’t let you down.” says Altai.
When the party was over, Altai says to the king,
“Well thank you for letting me to be your local hero, but I am still searching for Arcane.”
“Well would you stay here for one more day before you go?” asked the King.
“Ok,” says Altai.
So the party goes on in town with snacks, games and enjoying chatting with other city folks. Kids were playing the pin the tail on the donkey. Adults were having drinks and having general conversations, some were deeper than others. Later when the party was over, Altai ran off to find Arcane. He was beginning on a new journey.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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