One Bullet: Enter the Morag (Part 1)

March 27, 2013
By SunGlassWolf13, Nooksack/Everson Wa, Washington
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SunGlassWolf13, Nooksack/Everson Wa, Washington
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Author's note: My first cliffhanger. Okay, I will be working on other things so until those are finished, enjoy the first part of the final fight. Doc vs Morag.

A tall man walked over towards a hostage, gripping his pistol. The hostage laid there, bag over its head and bleeding from several spots on its body. The man picked up and kicked the hostage in the stomach, knocking the wind out of it. He shoved the end of the gun towards the hostage’s head. He pulled the trigger and fired, the body fell over as a streak of red hit the wall. The tall man took the bag off the body’s head. General Toi laid there bleeding out through his skull. The tall man chuckled and pulled out a knife out of his coat pocket and tossed it at some blue prints of a robotic eye, it stuck right in the pupil, and under his breath he muttered, “Your next, Kerr.”

“NYPD, GET DOWN!” I yelled as I chased the suspect down a dark ally. He ducked around a corner and into the crowded sidewalks of New York. I shifted the gears in my eye and looked around. Suddenly, a bright yellow rectangle highlighted a single person running. I pursued him again; the rectangle followed him as he went back down another ally, and finally I caught up to him and stopped him. “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law!” I said, cuffing him. I dragged him out and towards a patrol car that had just pulled up. A man walked out and smiled at me. “So you got him, huh Robocop?” I rolled my good eye and shoved the man into the car, shutting the door. “Well I did a lot better job than you did, sitting on the corner and enjoying a donut.”
Tommy, or Tom, Vonbargon was my partner in the force and he happened to be the younger brother of my old friend Jesse “Mirage” Vonbargon. He never really liked my on the fact that I shot his brother after he was beaten by my old and dead enemy Manger. The phone in my back pocket vibrated as an incoming text message had appeared. I checked it and excitement grazed through my spine like wild horse running in grass. Tom was just about to get in the car when he looked at me, “What’s up with you, win the lottery?” I looked at him excitedly band shook my head, “It’s here!” He smiled and nodded, “need a ride there?” I thought about it for a second and then nodded, “Sure if you don’t mind.”
The police car drove the down the streets of New York, I was just anxious to get there. We stopped at the hospital and I got out waving to Tom, “Thanks I owe ya one Tommy.” He drove off and I strode into the front doors. I walked up to the desk and the lady running it looked up at me. I cleared my throat and stated, “Kerr?” The lady checked on her computer and smiled, “Yes, go right in to room six on the right. I thanked her and walked down a narrow passage. I stopped at room six and sighed. Opening the door, I walked towards the bed that was in the room and smiled.
My wife, Katie, was lying in the bed, as soon as she saw me she smiled, “You missed the delivery but you can hold him if you like.” I gulped and walked over to her, picking up the bundle of blankets. I looked at my newborn son and smiled. He had his mother’s blond hair and his eyes where blue, like mine. I handed the bundle back to Katie and then asked her what she wanted to call it. She thought about it for a moment then said, “Valken.” I liked that name on the count that it reminded me of my squad in the military. I kissed Katie on the forehead and looked down at my newborn son.

I grunted as I felt something jump on me, I sat up and switched on my eye. I sat up and looked at the time; a little rectangle highlighted the clock. It read 7:00. I looked down as I saw my 8 year old son, Valken, jumped up to me. “Hello Valken” I turned to my wife who was awake as well, “what kid gets up this early?” She smiled and said, “Yours does.” I got dressed and followed Valken out, sitting down with him at the table. “So what is with the early wakeup call Valken?” He looked excited, “Remember?” Of course I remembered I just let Valken have his moment of fun on the fact that he knew something that his father did not. “No, what is so special about today?” He smiled and laughed, “Think dad, today is Uncle Ghost’s ceremony!” I smirked and pretended to be shocked and surprised, “that’s right; it is Uncle Ghost’s ceremony.”
Joshua “Ghost” Melzark was not really my brother, he used to be my squad Captain and was now going to be named the head General at Point Kelvin.; He had be introduced to Valken a long time ago and he let Valken call him by his nickname. “So you better get dressed” I said, ruffling his blonde hair, “Your mother has left your formal wear at the end of your bed.” He ran off towards his room and I heard the door shut. I wondered if he was ever embarrassed on the fact that his father had one real eye and an artificial one.
Breaking my thoughts, Katie came into the room. I smiled at greeted her, “Why hello there, Ms. Fancy Pants.” She had already gotten dressed in a formal suit, her hair was done nicely and her face had makeup. She smiled and stated back, “Speaking of which, you need to get dressed as well.” I sighed and got up, walking back into the bedroom. I rummaged the closet for my tuxedo from a friend’s wedding. After finding it, I quickly laid it out and ran to the bathroom. I switched off my eye and removed it carefully, placing it in a small box. I started the shower and got in. The water was a bit cold at first, and then it heated up. After a relaxing shower I dried myself off very thoroughly before grabbing my eye and carefully put it back in. I put on my tux and combed my hair, trying to at least make it look presentable. After readjusting my bow tie for the third time, I walked out to my family. Valken was standing by his mother and he was dressed in a tux as well.
“Dad” Valken asked as we drove towards New Jersey “Why don’t we ever take planes to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Washington?” I accidentally swerved the car just by a thought of a plane. I quickly made up a lie in my head, “Well Valken, planes are a bit expensive and it is nice to take a country drive once in a while.” I noticed he nodded and went back to staring out the window. The real reason I did not want anything to do with planes are my experience with them since I joined and left the military. First, one plane went down and my team was captured, which resulted in me losing my eye. Second, I had to fend off one of my dead enemies, Manger, on the top of one, trust me I’m not going on a plane anytime soon.
We finally came to New Jersey and drove into the Point Kelvin Base. I got out of the car and waited for Valken and Katie. Rectangles popped up all over the place highlighting cars and people and pretty much anything that my eye could see. We walked inside the gate and I saw that a line of tan chairs and people that had sat in them. Directly in front of them were a large tent and a small stage. I led my family towards the front of the rows and we sat down in the three seats. Ghost walked out onto the small stage along with three guards and President Author. The president cleared his throat and began speaking.
“First off, I would like to announce how hard it was that we lost General Toi. He disappeared about a week ago, and then we found his body floating close to a nearby beach. We believe that this was the work of our formal General, Adam ‘Morag’ Mcfly.” The whole crowd bowed their heads for a couple minutes before turning back to the President. “In happier news, Captain Joshua ‘Ghost’ Melzark has been promoted to the rank of General and is hereby given control of Point Kelvin.” He walked over to Ghost and handed him a medal, Ghost pinned it on his shirt and smiled. “Thank you Mr. President.” Suddenly there was a zoom overhead and a large boom.

Huge black helicopters flew overhead, dropping mortars on the base. People started running towards the exit, fearful for their lives. Many of them got out and to their cars. I got up and ran with Katie and Valken, we were headed towards our car when a missile came down on it and it went up in a ball of fire and flames. They started dropping men down; they started firing at me and my family. I pushed Katie and Valken behind cover. There were so many men that it seemed that our military was just getting mowed down like grass towards a lawnmower. Two men came up behind us and grabbed Katie. Valken’s eyes were streamed with tears, “Mommy!” I ran over to him, but I was hit in the stomach with the butt end of a gun. They grabbed Valken and ran off with him, everything was fading two black as a yellow triangle showed my son and wife get carried off with the black chopper.
I woke up on the ground; my eye was switching from on to off repeatedly. I grabbed the eye and tore it out, cursing in anger. I looked around at my soundings, men were getting healed, bleeding, and even some were dead. I walked towards a spot where Ghost was sitting down. “Hello Doc, nice to see you again.” He grimaced. “Funny, my first day of being a General and camp has already been hit with a mortar.” I patted him on the back, “Don’t worry, I want to rejoin up with the military, I’ll help you rebuild the camp.” He smiled and nodded, “Thank you is there any way I can repay you?” I thought for a second and nodded, “Yes, I will help you rebuild camp, if you help me get my family back.” He got up and looked at me, “Deal.”
I walked into the medic’s tent, instantly memories came flooding back. I started helping the other medics, who were giving help to others. One man had lost both his legs and was bleeding badly; we helped him by wrapping up the stubs and placing him on a bed. Another had bullet in his gut and also was bleeding pretty badly. We removed the bullet and wrapped the wound. I sighed and changed from my formal wear to my armor. I hoped Katie and Valken were alright, and I vowed to kill Morag. Suddenly I found myself holding a fist. I calmed down; I will get Morag when the time comes, but for now I will relax.
I worked for about 7 hours, rebuilding, healing, and all the good stuff. The president had left around the 5th hour mark, shaken by the sudden attack. Around the 4th hour I called up the New York Police Department and told them I was resigning, now all I had to worry about was Morag. I went to the Generals tent, hoping to find some things. I had only half the vision I had with my robotic eye, but I tore out and broke that one. I rummaged through the cabinets and found a dusty old box. I blew off the dust and opened it.
Inside was a robotic eye, well to be more precise, my robotic eye. When my eye was shot out by and evil man named Lobo, Manger replaced it with one that held a chip on the back. His E.E.L would trigger a horrible shock attack; I still felt its sting to this day. During a fight with Manger, the eye was knocked out and fried in a jet’s thrusters. When the plane sunk, taking Manger with it, I was rewarded with a new one. I had this one made just in case something like this might happen. I carefully placed the eye in the socket and turned it one. Instantly, rectangles started highlighting everything in the room. I really wish that I would have asked for that to be removed.
Never the less, until I could get a better eye, this had to do. I picked up a silenced pistol I found on the ground and stuck it in my pistol slot. I came across an M16 Assault Rifle and about three mags. After loading the first one into the gun, I walked out towards the firing range. Men were lined up, shooting at targets. When I finally got up to shoot, I let the rectangles appear over the target and zoomed in. I remembered the last time I attempted to shoot one of these things; I ended up on the ground. I imagined Morag standing there, laughing. I clenched my teeth and pulled the trigger.
I smiled and put the gun down, setting it for the next person to use. There was a bullet hole in the head of the target, which was on the ground. Ghost walked up behind me, “Good shot Doc, now suit up.” I looked at him with a bit of confusion, “What do you mean?” He smiled and stated, “Well I figured you would like to join a squad that is headed to what we believe is Morag’s main control base.” I nodded and cocked my pistol. “Let’s go.

After a very unsettling plane ride, three Humvees sped over the desert’s dunes, One of which I rode in. The one driving was a sniper nicknamed “Vulture”. He was a skinny man with a bit of trigger-happy attitude. His sniper rifle was in the back with all of our weapons. The one on the turret was nicknamed “Boulder”. He was a really tough looking man with a scar down the side of his arm. He had nicknamed his SAW, “Loraine”, after his ex-wife, who had all the noise and pain that it had. We had stopped about one mile from the base. The captain, “Fish”, had unloaded his gear, as well as his men got out there’s. It was evening there and everything was quiet. Fish stood up and whistled silently, grabbing all of our attention. “Alright, we have one mission here. Get in, kill Morag, and get out. Vulture, I want you to be up here. Take out anything that tries to get behind us.” Vulture nodded and headed up towards a sandbank. “Doc, Boulder, Coal, and I will head in.” I picked up my M16 and cocked it.
Fish ordered us to stay behind one of the walls. This place looked like a small palace. He turned his head around the corner then spoke into the Walkie Talkie. “Vulture, there are two guards by the door, take them out.” I heard a faint “Roger”. Soon after I heard two bodies hit the sand. Fish then ordered with a hand signal to move in. Boulder and Coal dragged the two bodies behind the wall. Using a broken piece of glass, I looked under the door. “Four guards are seated at a table playing poker; two are guarding the entrance to the main tower and two on towers overlooking the main court yard.” I said quietly to Fish. He nodded then whispered back, “then stealth is no longer an option, we go in guns blazing.”
Coal placed a charge on the doors and we hid behind the wall. “Contact!” yelled Fish as he hit the C-4’s trigger. A quick boom sounded and men started shouting from the other side of the wall. We rushed in and took out the ones who were sitting at the table. The 4 men that where left began firing at us. I kicked over the table and slid behind it, Fish and the others quickly did the same. Boulder cocked his SAW and started firing at them in the wrong direction. “They are on the right!” I shouted, trying to turn his fire in the right direction. He then caught on and started firing at the enemies. Three of them escaped into the building. I tagged one that was still standing in the neck, sending him into an ever-lasting sleep on the sandy dune. I heard a shot fly by and hit the wall behind me. I ducked as yet another one shot by, missing my helmet barely. “SINPER GET DOWN” I shouted, hitting the sand. Fish and Boulder ducked in time to dodge the third shoot. Coal was not so lucky.
He hit the ground, bleeding from his skull. I ran over to him, pulling the body back just as a fourth round hit the sand next to me. I picked up my Walkie Talkie and called up Vulture, “We need covering fire” a fifth Bullet hit the table, grazing my arm. I cursed and nearly dropped the Walkie Talkie, “Coal is down, and we are being pinned down by a sniper.” I waited for a response, “Roger that Doc”. I poked my head up to draw the snipers attention, right as Vulture’s sniper bullet entered his head.

The author's comments:
(Hey Guys, I’m going to take a break for a while to focus on other things, so I’ll leave you with part 1, part 2 coming soon!)

We entered the main tower of the stone-looking palace and stopped three hallways. Fish tapped me on the shoulder, gesturing for me to follow the one of the right, Boulder went down the one on the left, and Fish took the middle. I carefully stepped through the stone hallway till I came to a door. Puzzled, I carefully opened it. It led me to a rear courtyard; I hid behind a wall and saw a helicopter, a single heavy armored guard stood there, protecting it.
As I carefully proceeded to observe the situation, I heard a faint yelling. I turned around just as one of the men that ran from our little tussle in the front courtyard, jumped off one of the roof, with a knife. I stuck my arms out and blocked him, holding the knife right in front of my throat. I tried to keep him from succeeding, if I died, so would Valken and Katie. The guard caught a glimpse of his partner by the heli and shouted, “HEY, I FOUND HIM.” Right when his neck turned, I knew that this was my split second chance. I pushed my arms forward; the rest seemed to happen so fast. The knife plunged into the guy’s throat; he stumbled back, gasping for air. I kicked him back and picked up my assault rifle and bolted towards the door.
I slammed the door shut. Panting, I laid there, readying my gun for any Guards that heard the man’s yell. Suddenly, bullets flew through the door, leaving lots of bullet holes. I hit the floor and began crawling backwards, the bullets zoomed by my head and made a slight Tink! Tink! Tink! on the wall behind me. I heard the sound of reloading so I bolted up the stairs of the middle path. As I jogged up the seemingly endless staircase, I heard the door break down and gasped. The heavily guarded man walked up the stairs slowly I could tell he was smiling. I closed my eyes, ready for death.
Suddenly I was pulled into a room. I watched as I was being dragged in by Fish, Boulder leaped down and hit the guy in the helmet, making him fall backwards. He hit the floor, broken neck. Fish then proceeded to stand me up. “What did you find?” I quickly made an attempt to hack any cameras; sadly there was none. “Morag’s got a heli out back that he was guarding,” I gestured to the dead guard at the bottom of the stairs “perhaps that could come of use.” Fish nodded and pointed at a door on the other side of the room. We carefully approached it ready for anything.

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