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Author's note: Well, the idea to write this piece sprang into my mind while I was sitting upon the bench at my...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well, the idea to write this piece sprang into my mind while I was sitting upon the bench at my bus stop kicking my feet against the gravel. I suppose I was tired and impatient and bored all at the same time. I just imagined to myself what would happen if the world started to fall apart right there and then.  « Hide author's note
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Good Morning

The concrete made a crunching noise as I walked to the bus. The early morning fog nearly made the bus stop invisible. I looked down at my sneakers and tried to focus on walking, but all I could think about was pleasurable sleep. My eyes worked against my brain in trying to stay awake,but I stayed strong. I was about to grab my cellphone out of my pocket ,but my actions were interrupted when I heard someone calling my name. “Annemarie! Hey Wait!” I turned my head to see my boyfriend Mason sprinting towards me. Mason had short dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes. I stopped myself and waited for him to catch up. As soon as he did he asked me the question in which I knew I would be asked a billion times today. “Are you afraid?” he asked curiously. “Afraid of what? You know its all just a rumor.” I said still tired. “You don’t know that for sure” He mumbled under his breath. Today was January first 2012 and the day that is said to be the day the world will come to an end. We both went quiet until our feet met up with the sidewalk. We stood there quietly. My best friend Lordis appeared from behind the tree’s in her backyard. Lordis had blonde short hair that matched with the color of sand laying on the beach. Her eye’s were a sea green. All three of us exchanged smiles. Still no sound came from our mouth’s. From the way Lordis’ looked it told me she was nervous and scared aswell as Mason.
The bus was almost to our stop and we could see its shadowy figure down the road. Mason looked towards Lordis and me. “Well, stay alive” he said dramatically. I looked at him and sarcastically sighed. Mason was a senior and Lordis and me were still in our junior year and since there were so many teens at our school we rode different buses.
As I slammed into my seat I wiped the window with my arm and watched as Mason stood there on the sidewalk waiting for his bus. I began to think to myself thoughts that I never wanted to think. I thought about if I would be alive tomorrow. I also thought about if the rumors weren’t rumors at all but warnings. My thoughts were interrupted when Lordis requested to sit with me. As she sat next to me from the corner of my eye I watched as she bowed her head. “What exactly are you doing?” I asked politely. “Praying, maybe you should try it” She answered. I pretended like I didn’t hear her correctly and re-asked. “Well considering the world may be ending....” She stopped when her crush Kevin walked onto the bus. Why did she even like him? He was nothing more than a unattractive wannabe in my opinion. Ive confronted her that he was just another player many times before ,but she refused to listen. I watched as her face filled with happiness as she hugged him and as he rolled his eyes. If only she could see that she didn’t deserve him ,and that he wouldn’t help her when she needed him. She looked back at me. “He is so cute!” She whispered making sure he wouldn’t hear her. “ Oh yeah, he’s adorable” I said sarcastically. Lordis noticed my sarcasm and ignored me the rest of the bus ride to school.
As soon as the bus pulled into its lot everyone on the bus waited impatiently to get off. I never understood why anyone would be in a rush to go to school, it was school. Everyday was boring and similar to the rest of the days. If I only knew what was going to happen.
Through first and second period all I could think about was sleep. My eyelids were closing silently and a few times I drifted into a rest. I watched the clock hands move, it seemed like they were moving in slow motion. The thoughts running through my mind were all associated with Mason and I wondered if he were thinking of me too. Ive known Mason for seven years why wouldn’t he be thinking of me? I gestured myself to stop thinking and suggested that I pay attention. I took a glance at my teacher and demanded my ears to listen ,but I soon suffered from boredom and went back to my thoughts.
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