The Golden Guardian

January 20, 2013
By A.-Athanatos BRONZE, Mount Sinai, New York
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A.-Athanatos BRONZE, Mount Sinai, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Leave the past in the past. Keep your mind in the present. And don’t worry about the future"

Author's note: I write many super hero stuff. not one of my best, it was a short and quick idea. i hope you like it some what :)

I was there on my knees. My warm blood on my mouth was tasteless. My mind was intact but my body ached. He laughed as he watched me fall onto my side, hurt and broken. I needed a hero. But it was me. I was the hero. A hero shouldn’t need saving they said. They told me that too many times. But they were wrong.
My name is Nick Isles. When I was a senior in high school I watched my brother, the last of my family, die in my arms. His blood drenched my clothes and he looked into my eyes and said “I love you bro.” I love you bro. the words are engraved in my heart.
Ever since the tragedy I vowed to catch the man who killed him. To the public I am, The Golden Guardian.

Earlier that day…

It was a bright and sunny late morning. The suns warm rays of the September month shone through my dorm window. I opened my eyes and turned on my side and looked at the clock. It was 10:00 am and my classes started in an hour. I then looked over at my roommate’s desk where he sat. His name was Ryan. He was nerdy, but a huge procrastinator. I laughed and asked “still doin’ that essay?”
“It took 8 cups of coffee, 6 bathroom breaks and a miracle. I was done an hour ago, if I try ta take a nap now I’ll be out cold for the rest of the day.” He turned and looked at me. “I feel like crap”
“I would too if I were you.” I threw the warm covers off of me and slowly got out of bed.
“You didn’t get back till 4 bro, what’s up with that? Where do you go ever night?” he asked me. He always wondered but never asked me till now.
“Parties bra’.” I lied.
“You never smell like alcohol.” He stated. He got up and walked over to his dresser where a coffee maker was and grabbed a mug and poured himself a cup.
“I’m too religious.” I joked at him. He shook his head and laughed as I walked out the door.
I made my way down the hall. My mind was on a gangster I caught last night. I was after him for the last month, ever since I started college. When my brother dies, it was in June. I spent the whole summer trying to get leads on his murderer and I came across this man. His name was Darnell Jacobs. I felt relieved I found him. I was told he had the answer to my brother’s killer, but he had only an old address I visited, so the last month was almost a waste.
I rubbed the crust and lack of an eight-hour sleep out of my eyes and walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and asked what I ask myself every day. “Why?” I stood there staring at my alter egos reflection and then pried myself from the man in the mirror. I had a long day ahead of me.

As I walked out of my first class I saw her. The girl didn’t have. I didn’t know her favorite band, or what she did as a hobby. I didn’t even know her name. But I knew I liked her. A lot. I saw her push her glasses onto her face, and trip. As she tripped she dropped her books to her left side and fell on her for arms, with legs spread; on her toes. I rushed over and held out my hand. “You okay?” she gave me her hand and I pulled her up to her feet.
“Yea. Thanks” she pushed her glasses
“You fight?” I asked calmly. She gave me that look. The look where you can’t tell if you’re right or you said something really stupid.
“Yea, how’d you know?” we bother went to the ground and picked up her books.
“I noticed how you fell. First think they teach you in martial arts is how to fall.” I looked up. We stood up with our eyes locked.
“So you were watching me? That’s a little creepy” she looked in my eyes with a straight face
“No, I was just looking your way and saw you fall. So I rushed to you and saw-“
“I’m kidding.” She laughed. She smiled and I returned a smile.
“I’m Nick Isle. I’m a freshman” I held out my hand and she took it with a gentle grip.
“I’m Jessica. Jessica Jensen. Also a freshman.” We stayed in the position for what felt like forever. “Well I have class.” We withdrew our hands.
“Right.” Our smiles stayed continuous as I looked into her blue eyes. We just kept that smile and then she walked away. “I’ll see ya' around.” I turned and watched as she made her way through the hall. She turned slightly and smiled.
There was something about today that made me happy. And I was almost sure it was her.


I sat in the local coffee shop that night. It was 8 o’clock. The waitresses new my name, and how I liked my coffee. It was one of those 1950’s style coffee shop. Way before my time, but I liked it.
It had the stools and booths with red seats. The juke-box on one side of the café; it was very relaxing too.
Lilly placed my coffee in front of me. “Hey hun.” She called every one either “hun”, “babe” or “sweetie” even if she knew your name.
“Hey.” I replied as I pondered my thoughts, staring at the table.
“You okay, Nick?”
I looked up at the blonde woman. She was only two years older than me and had a concerned look on her face. “Just thinking of someone.” I replied.
“You brother?” she asked. “I’m sorry hun.” She placed a hand on my right shoulder.
“no.” she immediately sat down as fast as shoe could.
“What’s her name?” her face lit up with a smile.
“Jessica.” I gave a small laugh.”
“She cute?” she looked into my eyes.
“Very.” I told her. “But there’s something about her. I really like her and it doesn’t seem like a crush. There’s something drawing me in.”
“Love at first sight.” She sat back and assured me. “Mhmm, that’s what it is.”
“Are you sure, I mean we don’t even know each other? We just learned each other’s names today.” I double checked. But with Lilly, she stuck by what she said and never changed her answer.
“Nick, I’m gonna tell you the story of my grandparents.” She got comfortable in her seat. “When my grandpa saw my grandma in the train station, he didn’t think passed her beauty. He saw her and thought she was hot.”
“Doesn’t seem like its love so far.” I joked.
“Hush. Now,” I sipped my coffee. “She saw him looking and walked up to him. She said, ‘you’re either going to tell me how you feel about me, or I’ll do it for you’. My grandpa was shocked and confused and said, ‘I don’t know you miss.’” I looked into Lilly’s eyes.
“She told him ‘I’m Patricia, and you are a man who was looking at me with a gleam in your eyes. Most men will take a look at a girl and move on, but you lingered sir. Now you’re either going to take me into your arms, or lose what you don’t have, and live your life wondering why you didn’t take it when you had the chance’. And you know what happened then?” she asked rhetorically.
“They didn’t know each other and were in love.” I told her.
“Exactly. They didn’t know each other’s past. They didn’t even know each other’s names Nick. They just knew they were in love. No matter how much my grandpa didn’t want to believe it, he gave into the fact.”
“So what you’re telling me is to act on it now.”
“Babe, she may not be there tomorrow.” She smiled and stood up. “Now I have work to do.” She smiled her smile and walked off. I looked down at my coffee and then I heard my call. Sirens rang through the air outside. I had work to do too.

I had carried my weapons and my gold mask in my back pack, along with a black hooded zip-up sweater and black skinny jeans. People wouldn’t get suspicious because I’m in college, so it was normal to carry a back pack.
I made my way into the alley behind the coffee shop as fast as I could. I changed quickly and followed the still ringing sirens.
I ran through the streets. I had great stamina, and this was my only form of transportation in the city. It wasn’t the flashiest, but it got me from point A to point B, and it wasn’t that bad. Running was fun, and I was never out of energy by the time I got to the scene.
As I approached the scene, a police officer rushed to me. “Kid, a little girl called up and said her mom was being beat by two men who ran into their apartment.”
“Did they try and leave?” I asked as I looked up at the building.
“No. Nothing’s happened since we’ve been here. No screams, no cries. No shots.” He looked at me. “Something’s’ not right here. I think they may have killed them.” He looked down at his feet and back up at me. “Apartment 28 B. Be safe”
“If I’m not out in 10 minutes, pronounce me dead.” I told them. I always said this, not out of seriousness, but because I would always get the job done quickly.
I made my way into the building quickly and reached the stairs. The stairs were a little run down, the building itself was run down. This was the ghetto, and before The Golden Guardian came into the picture cops wouldn’t bother much with these calls. I gave them all hope.
I reached the first floor carefully. I then made my way up the second flight of stairs slowly, and when I reached the second floor; dead silence. It was eerie with no noise. I noticed the numbers were going up to the left and were even on my left side so I followed them cautiously and quietly. I counted in my head, 22, 24,26-. And then came 28. Door wide open. I peeked in slowly and then stepped foot in the vacant living room. I walked as quietly as I could, and as fast as I could to the next door way, which was a bed room. A little girl’s room. And then I saw them. A woman sitting in a chair holding her daughter on her lap. She must’ve been about 7. The mother was young; maybe 30’s. Both terrified.
“I’m sorry.” The mother said as she began to weep. “I’m so sorry.” She gripped her daughter tight. But before I could say anything; colors filled my vision and the picture of the two in the room was no longer there.

My head ached as I slowly opened my eyes. My head was facing down and I saw the carpet drenched in blood. I forced myself to pick up my head, and my ringing ears heard the sound of terror. Gun shots outside of the building. “I had to kill the mother. She just wouldn’t shut up!” a man laughed. “I hear you’ve been looking for me boy. Why?”
“Wha-.” I couldn’t make out the full word. I slowly looked around and saw the little girl on her bed tied up with duck-tape over her mouth.
“I said you’ve been looking for me. And I want to know why.” His laugh was diabolical. Evil and crazy. It even scared me.
“Who are you?” I asked and then it hit me. It was him. “You killed my brother?” I asked. I looked up at him and into his eyes.
“That’s what I’ve been told. It took me a little while to realize who they were talking about and then it hit me. The kid who begged for his life! He wanted to testify but was scared of what would happen to him. He was right to be scared.” He picked up a crow bar off of the dresser and swung a back hand at me, smacking me in my face. I spit blood out right away.
“You’re dead bra’.” I stated. My hands were tied together in the back of me, as I sat in the chair. I slowly grabbed a hidden throwing knife up my sleeve, and cut the tape.
“No. you are. I got all your little blades kid.” He pointed to the bed where my two leg knives and collapsible batons lied.
“No. I always have a trick up my sleeve.” I threw the knife directly at his chest. He quickly flinched and it hit him in the shoulder. He just laughed. “Crap.”
“I can’t feel pain. My nerves are so damaged I have no feeling at all.” He laughed at me with that laugh. It ran up my spine and hit me in the head. I thought I was going to die that night. I jumped up, still in pain and grabbed him by the throat and kneed him in the stomach. He quickly grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back. He pulled up and my arm stung in pain. I slammed my head back on his nose. He stumbled back a little loosening his grip.
Off balance. I told myself. That was how I would beat him. The only way. I me3an what man can’t feel pain? Him. Why? I had no idea how his nerves got damaged and I didn’t have time to wonder at that time. I darted at him and swept his feet. As I did he dropped the crow-bar. I picked it up and smashed his face as hard as I could. But he just smiled. Loose balance. Smash face. Not working. I thought to myself.
“This is more fun than I expected.” I threw me off of him, slamming me into the wall next to the door. I quickly got up.
“It’s a little harder than I expected.” I mumbled to myself. He ran at me with full force. I moved to my side and threw him into the wall.
“Now the fun starts.” He quickly turned and grabbed my throat. I grabbed another throwing knife from my arm and stabbed it into his side. Nothing happened. He walked me over to the bed and turned me around, grabbed both of my arms and bent me over smashing my face on the bed. I looked into the brown eyes of the little girl. Tears were flowing from her ducts, down her face, over the tape. The man laughed. “Tonight little girl, you will witness two murders. One of them,” he pulled up harder on bother arms. “Is a kid who thinks he’s a hero.” His voice was so calm and assuring to himself. And I believed him. He picked me up and threw me into the dresser. He then grabbed me by my hood and pulled me back; I flew across the room into a closet door. The door broken, from the force of my body, entangled me. The man walked over to me casually and pulled me up from my hair to my feet. I noticed he had the crow-bar in one hand.
“I’m sorry Jason.” I whispered to myself. Then the sharp pain behind my knees flowed through my legs. I fell to my hands and knees. One swing to the ribs and another to the face, breaking my plastic mask. I felt blood, on my lip. I fell to one side as he laughed. The little girl was weeping. Sobbing. She was scared as all hell.
“Never mess with Vinny B. That’s what I told your brother. And now look at him.”
“I love you bro.” I whispered. My tasteless blood was dripping. I cried one tear, and closed my eyes. I heard the noise similar to a baseball dropping on a wood floor; a “plunk” and I opened my eyes. Smoke filled the air. I heard Vinny scream to himself, asking what was going on. Then I felt two hands pick me up into a set of arms. I closed my eyes, and then I saw blackness.

I slowly opened my eyes and I found myself staring at a white ceiling. My first thought was that I was in heaven. And then I felt a hand touch my shoulder. “Jason?!” I exclaimed in pain. I looked to the hand and saw a doctor. I felt a cloth on my face and then reached to my face.
“She put it on you kid. To protect who you really are,” he told me.
“Who’s she?” I asked in disappointment, but I was also relieved to find myself intact and alive.
“The girl in black. She brought you here. She saved you and the little girl from the apartment building.” He took his hand off. “How are you feeling?”
“Did they get him?” I asked.
“They only found you, a girl and her dead mother kid.” He said. “Are you okay?” he asked again.
“no.” I told him. “But It’s not physical.” I closed my eyes. I didn’t die. But I didn’t win. I lost.


A week had passed and I was able to move around. Still in pain, but I forced myself. It was that day of the week mark after criminal justice class I saw Jessica wave to me. She made her way over. “What happen to you? You’ve been out for like a week” she asked calmly.
“I got mugged. I was in bad shape” I lied through my teeth. I looked into her eyes and then automatically said, “Look, I look your way every day and I don’t know why. It’s not because of your looks, even though you are so beautiful, it’s something telling me that I want you. So you either are going to go out with me tonight, despite my bruises and broken bones, or you’re gonna miss out on the greatest thing since Ford came out with the Model-T.”
“Oh.” She looked at me. I didn’t know what just happened. I couldn’t stop from saying what I did. And then she grabbed my hand. “Walk me to my next class and you won’t miss out on the greatest thing since Armstrong stepped foot on the moon.” She smiled into my eyes and I returned the smile. Two things happened one week ago on that day that was like a miracle. I faced my enemy, not the last battle but I faced him. And I fell in love with a complete stranger.


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