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My Tail

Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a book myself that was very cool. I hope this book inspires others to write as well.  « Hide author's note
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​Althea and I trudged to the kitchen around 4:30 for a before dinner snack. I grabbed two bananas and tossed one over to Althea. My mom walked in and sat down.
​“Hello Coral. So is this a friend of yours?” she pointed to Althea and gave me an inquisitive look.
​“Hello Mrs. Seabreeze, my name is Althea Cove; I’m Coral’s best friend. I’m very pleased to meet you!” Althea introduced.
​My mom looked very pleased with Althea’s manners. Before we went back she told us that we were having tacos for dinner. We told her we were going to the game room until then.
​The game room was across from my room. There were three gaming chairs with speakers in the head rest. By the 62” TV there was a Wii, X-Box 360 with Kinect and X-Box live, and a Playstation 3.
​Althea and I sat down in two of the chairs, turned on the speakers, and played Wii Sports Resort. My mom called us for dinner around 5:00. The smell of tacos was all over the boat.
​“Girls, dinner! Hurry it won’t stay hot for long!” She called. We rushed to the kitchen nearly tripping over each other. I sat in-between my mom and Althea during dinner. I put taco sauce, cheese, sour cream, and tomatoes on my taco. Althea put only cheese and sour cream on her taco.
​“So how was your first day of school, girls?” Mrs. Seabreeze inquired. Althea shot me a hesitant look.
​“We found out that we’re in the same class and have the same schedule as well,” I calmly replied.
​“Great! Does that mean Althea will be coming over often?” My mom looked hopefully at me.
​“Yes! God, mom I hate that look!” I joked.
​“Well, I better get home. My mom will flip if I’m not home by 5:30!” Althea went to the dock, grabbed her bike, and rode away. Now came the hard part trying to trick mom.
​“Hey mom,” I started in a sweet tone. “Can you sign this permission slip for me? It’s due tomorrow.”
​ “Sure thing sweetie!” She had just finished signing it when she asked, “What’s the slip for honey?”
​“Oh you know, swim class. We got it today when the principal came.” I covered. I started down the hall towards my room.
​“Coral are you hiding something from me?” She questioned.
​“No mom I would NEVER hide anything from YOU!” I retorted. I grabbed the note, ran to my room, slammed the door, and locked it.
​“Coral Wave Seabreeze! Open this door NOW!” She shouted. I looked at my clock. It read 6:00. I had been home for two hours and we were already fighting.
​I put in my ear buds and turned it up. I played all my Avenged Sevenfold, Clutch, and Slipknot songs. I logged on to Facebook and checked out what was going on with my friends. My old friend Mary, Althea and my mom had poked me.
​I posted “My mom, definition, a jerk who keeps me locked in my room when I get home!” and pressed enter. Under it was Mary’s post: “To the people of the ports of NC I’m moving there tomorrow and starting at MCD!”
​MCD is MY school! Mary was coming to my school! I hurriedly accepted Althea’s friend request and sent her message.
​CS: Althea! My old friend Mary is moving here!
​AC: Cool when? Can you introduce me?
​CS: Sure she’s coming tomorrow!
​AC: Awesome! TTYL!
​I then played Bejeweled Blitz and won 1,000,000 coins on the daily spin. I played one round and went so fast that I earned Blazing Steed and beat my high score. Mary’s name popped up with a message.
​MB: Hey. Did you hear the news?
​CS: Yeah, how couldn’t I?
​MB: Don’t know. Can’t wait to start tomorrow!
​CS: We have swim class too!
​MB: Awesome! I’ll bring a suit.
​CS: Great, but I’m not allowed to swim.
​MB: How come? Haven’t you gone before?
​CS: Yeah but I found out something disturbing.
​MB: What? You can trust me!
​CS: I’ll have to ask my friend if I can.
​MB: Why is she your mom?
​CS: No she’s my best friend!
​MB: Really? L I thought I was!
​I paused. Could I really tell her our secret? I clicked on Althea’s name.
​CS: Can I tell Mary the secret?
​AC: Why I don’t know her?
​CS: Please I just want to know!
​AC: Sure good night girl!
​I turned back to my conversation with Mary.
​MB: I’m waiting! I have to go to sleep soon!
​CS: I’m here! I’m here! I can tell you!
​MB: Spill girl! Spill!
​CS: You have to swear not to tell a soul!
​MB: Swear that I won’t tell any ever!
​CS: OK I’m a mermaid.
​I had told one person our secret. I didn’t know what to expect next. There was a bleep from my computer. Mary had messaged me back.
​MB: Oh my GOD! Are you SERIOUS?
​CS: I’m serious my friend Althea is too.
​MB: Alright I believe it!
​CS: Alright see you tomorrow!
​MB: See you mergirl!
​I logged off Facebook and checked my clock. It was already 7:00. I sat on my bed and opened up a book. It was one of my favorites, The Tail of Emily Windsnap. The funny thing was that I was mermaid like her now. I was nearing the end where she stands up for her father in mermaid court. I shut my book.
​I unlocked my door and walked into our small living room. My mom was sitting on the couch crocheting a blanket. She lifted her head when I came in. I sat down next to her.
​“Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean to you,” I apologized. She looked up.
​“I forgive you sweetie,” She answered.
​“Mom I have to tell you something,” I started. The phone rang.
​“Hold that thought sweet heart,” She got up and said, “Hello?”
​I went to my room and lay down on my bed. I checked my alarm and made sure it was set. Sleep over took me almost immediately.
​The dreams were very different from usual. There was a young man with tousled brown hair. His eyes were the same aquamarine with purple flecks. His tail was a dark blue with purple spots.
​“Coral save me! It’s your father! Your friend Althea’s dad is here as well! Find me!” He shouted. He started to disappear.
“We’re at the reef! Tell your mother I love her!” Then he disappeared. The rest of the night I thought about the man at the reef.
​Was he really my father? How did he know my name? Was he really at the reef? I slept restlessly for the rest of the night.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 12 Next »

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