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My Tail

Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a book myself that was very cool. I hope this book inspires others to write as well.  « Hide author's note
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First Day

​I awoke that morning to the beeping of an alarm clock. An alarm clock? Today’s the first day of 7th grade!
​I had just turned 13 over the summer. My mom and I had gone shopping during the last two weeks of July. I got a new pair of running sneakers, a bathing suit and a pair of goggles.
​I turned off my alarm and rolled out of bed. I pulled on a pair of Hollister jeans and an Aero t-shirt. I grabbed a pair of socks and trudged to the kitchen.
​My backpack was slung on the back of the chair with my shoes under it. My thin brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. I rubbed the sleepiness out of my hazel eyes. My mom was in a robe and slippers that morning.
​“Morning,” my mother tiredly told me. She set a plate with bacon and waffles in front of me.
​“Good morning to you too! I can’t wait for school today!” I said excitedly.
​As I ate my breakfast, I went through my backpack to make sure I had everything for school. Bathing suit, check. Swim cap, check. Goggles, check. Lunch, check. Notebook, check. Folders, check. Pencils and pens, check. I was ready for school.
​I had to bike to school on my old blue bike. The ride was one and a half miles from the dock that held my boat house. The ride was sort of long but nice for exercise.
​When I got to school I recognized one person, Althea. We were kind of friends last year but I wasn’t sure if we still were. She was at least two inches taller than me, had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a deep tan.
​I set my bike on the rack and locked the chain. Then I started walking over to say, “Hi.” My small thin legs froze up on me. I couldn’t move. I was so nervous to say hello to someone I knew? Althea was already inside when I could finally move.
​I slung by back pack over my shoulder and hurried inside. I ran up two flights of stairs, turned left and found our room.
​The room was huge and filled with kids. They were all taller than me by at least two or three inches. Then I saw Althea of all people in my class. I walked over calmly and greeted her.
​“Hi, Althea. Do you remember me? Coral Seabreeze? We were best friends last year?” I asked in a hoarse voice.
​“Coral! Oh my God! I haven’t seen you since last year!” she nearly shouted.
​“You remember me? Oh, I’m so happy! You should come over to the boat after school.”
​“The boat? Oh right, your house boat. Totally, it would be awesome. We could go swimming!”
​“Alright class. Take your seats please!” Mrs. Lindberg shouted over the class. Mrs. Lindberg had dark, wavy red hair that flowed over her shoulders like the waves on the sand. She was a tall and sturdily built person.
​As we took our seats, I noticed Althea making her way into the seat next to mine. She whispered something in the kid’s ear currently occupying it and he moved over.
​“Hey Coral,” she said casually. “Looks like we get to sit next to each other.”
​Mrs. Lindberg passed out everyone’s schedules. Mine looked like this:

7:30 – 8:00 Homeroom
8:00 – 9:00 Reading
9:00 – 9:30 Gym
9:30 – 10:15 ELA
10:15 – 11:30 Science
11:30 – 12:00 Lunch
12:00 – 1:00 Social Studies
1:00 – 2:00 Swimming
2:00 – 2:30 Art
2:30 Dismissal
​Althea let me look at her schedule and it was the same as mine! Mrs. Lindberg told us that today were just going to learn where the classes are, who the teachers were, the rules, have lunch, get our lockers and go home.
​“You are going to have partners today so you don’t get lost. Now listen carefully!” Mrs. Lindberg began rattling off names. I caught my name and I was with…Althea!!
​I looked over and I could clearly see that she was excited. She was wearing a goofy smile and her eyes sparkled with joy.
​“Please get with your partners. We are going to use the buddy system, so don’t switch partners!” Mrs. Lindberg warned. There were groans throughout the group.
​We lined up in two lines–one side for each partner. Althea and I held hands as we both thought we would get lost. We met the following teachers:

Reading: Mrs. Henry
Gym: Mr. Best
ELA: Mrs. Shakespeare
Math: Mr. Quintus
Science: Mrs. Smith
Social Studies: Mr. Bartolotta
Swimming: Mr. Blue
Art: Mrs. Picasso
And the Principal, Mrs. Brownie
​“Now class, please follow me. We’re going back to the classroom to retrieve our lunches,” Mrs. Lindberg told us.
​On the way back to the classroom, through the endless maze of hallways, Althea and I talked back and forth.
​“Hey Althea,” I started, “Do you want to ride our bikes to the boat after school? We could go swimming in the ocean.”
​“Definitely! Coral, you’re as awesome as you were last year. This is going to be the best year ever!” She nearly shouted in reply.
​“Girls, quiet down please. Classes are working right now,” Mrs. Lindberg warned us.
​When we got back to the classroom everyone grabbed their lunch and lined back up. This time we walked single file to the cafeteria for lunch. Althea was walking right behind me with her purple polka dot lunch box.
​“You can sit wherever you want with whomever you want,” the teacher announced.
​My mom had packed me a peanut butter and fluff sandwich, a bottle of water, chocolate chip cookies, and fruit snacks. Althea had a salami sandwich, a bottle of water, peanut butter cookies, and a bag of potato chips. We sat down and dumped out our lunch boxes. I took my sandwich out of the baggie and took a big bite. Mmmmm peanut butter and fluff yumminess. Althea did the same.
​“Mmmmm, this is the best salami sandwich! My mom’s the best!” Althea shouted. Everyone looked over at us. Mrs. Lindberg put a finger to her lips.
​“Althea, I think we need to quiet down. This is the second time she’s done that,” I whispered to her.
​“Ok sorry. Just a little bit excited about seeing you again,” She said sadly. The rest of lunch we talked quietly to each other.
​“Now class, the principal is coming to tell you about swimming class and for a surprise letting you go swimming for the rest of the day!” Mrs. Lindberg happily told us. When we got back to the classroom everyone got out their goggles, bathing suits, and swim caps. There was a sharp rapping at the door. Mrs. Lindberg opened it and Mrs. Brownie walked in.
She’s … hmm, how do you put it? Short and thick with short, thick brown hair and brown eyes that could melt chocolate! She had on black flats and an elegant blue dress with ruffles around the neck. She had a kind face and looked like a baker crossed with a mom.
​“Good morning children. Enjoying your first day of school?” She questioned us. A dozen of us answered with halfhearted yeses.
​“Good, now listen carefully. Before you go in the pool you must put on your bathing suits in the locker rooms. Then put on your swim cap if you have one. After that rinse off in the showers and grab your goggles. Then have fun. Now go!” She instructed us. Everyone swarmed towards the doors like bees to honey. That's when it got interesting.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 12 Next »

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