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I Walk

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Chapter 4

Luckily we were still alive. There were six men in the room. When Dalten stood up and aimed, he pulled the trigger and shot the guy in the throat. We could hear that guy gurgling for about ten minutes. I started doing blank shots, I think one bullet shot the guy in the arm. But Timothy was still in the room, that’s good. If that bastard leaves the room, I would scream. Then I Walk shot a guy in the head, and we heard a big thump. Two down, four to go, and one asshole. One person ran up, and I heard him. I layed down on my side, and shot him in the toe. Then I shot him in the head. Three down, three more to go. I saw Dalten doing blank shots, and one bullet hit Timothy in the knee cap. Timothy fell to the ground and started to scream. He’s down, thanks to Dalten. Now that asshole is not going anywhere. I Walk stood up, and shot the three men that were standing. All three fell to the ground, he looked over and Timothy escaped. There was a trail of blood, so he hasn't gotten far. We left the room and headed outside. There was a crowd of people around them. He was sitting on the ground. “Well, this where it all ends. Huh, Katie? But I want to ask you something. How do you know that I’m the only one left?” Timothy asked while holding on to his knee cap. I walked over to Timothy. “Because, the knife wouldn’t get to your face. It would get somewhere from your arms, or chest. So I know you weren’t the one that killed him.” I said walking up to him closer. Then I sat next to him. “Tell me, where are the others?” I asked smiling at him. Then he frowned. “There are houses around here, and there are a lot. So good luck trying to find them.” He said and started laughing. I stood up and and aimed at his head. “What are you doing Katie?” Timothy asked trying to stand up. Then I pulled the trigger and he started to scream. He looked at me. “You know what, I can tell you. One is a f*ing tall asshole, his name is Harry Red. The other one is a smart one though, his name is Stephen Fillmore. Then the last one is dumb, his name is Frank Stevens. They call themselves the X’s.” He said looking at me. Then I Walk gave me a gun. “You can’t kill me.” Timothy said crawling away from me. I started walking up to him. I aimed at his head and pulled the trigger. Then we started to walk. I remembered this town, it did had a lot of houses. It use to be a small town with a low population. But when years gone by, it started to grow and grow. Anyway short story, there are an ass ton of houses. So that will take sometime. We started to ask people around town about the X’s. When we do, they shut their doors or tell us to leave this town while we still can. Then we got our answers, this guy told us where they are. He told us what there names are and everything. Even what they looked like. You know what, I’ll tell what they look like. Harry Red, a very tall man. He’s strong, the man told me that he can pick 300 pound men. Harry has tank top, with combat jeans and combat boots. The man told me that he was in the army. That’s all I know about Harry Red. Now for the smart one. His name is Stephen Fillmore. He wears fine clothing, like a suit and a tie. The man told me that he worked as rocket scientist. Stephen had time on his hands, he even worked for NASA. That’s all I know for Stephen Fillmore. Last but not least, Frank Stevens. This one wears a Cowboy hat with blue jeans and steel toe boots. Now, why is he dumb? The man told me that he dropped out of school and he quit his job. But that’s all for Frank Stevens. Now it’s time to make a visit to their home.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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ZacharyCrank said...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 8:55 pm
Kinda a bit jumpy. You went from her being pale, to dieing. Give some detail between. Don't go through the storyline so fast & give some details about the sickness.
E.T.Wotruba replied...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 9:00 pm
Thanks, I kinda went fast with that one. Also I'm making The Book of All Sins longer. Maybe in the mid futre I'll make this one longer and more detail.

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