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I Walk

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Chapter 2

The day was over and I rode my horse home. While I was riding my horse, I heard a gunshot. Then my horse fell to the ground and so did I. I got back up and went behind the horse. I took out my gun and started to aim. So far the person didn’t shoot back. “WHO’S OUT THERE!?!” I yelled out. No answer. Then there was a gunshot again. I ducked down. I got back up and I saw a flash. It was a sniper, I aimed and fired the trigger. The person dropped to the ground. I started to run at the body. I took a look at him, and it was Ben Jay Ray. Then I started to go into his pockets. As I reached his right pocket, there was a note. I opened it and it read, “Kill that b****, she know’s too much. After you're done meet me at my house. Good luck.” The note had the directions on the back. Then I started to walk. My horse was dead, f*ing bastard. I took my sniper and my shotgun, and put them in the duffle bag. When I was looking at the directions, they look like it will take a day or two to get there. While I was walking there was a man on the horse. He got off his horse and started walking towards me. “Miss, do you know how to get to New Milwaukee?” He said looking at his map. When I looked at him...wow, he was ripped. He had short black hair, and his eyes were green. Plus he has no scars, and also he was cute. “Miss, are you ok? You are durling?” He said smiling. I wiped my face off and I felt embarrassed. I hope he doesn't think I’m a freak. “I can take you there, are you in a rush?” I asked. “No, why is that?” He asked putting his arms across his chest. “Because, I need to go to this place called Old Oconomowoc. Do you know where that is?” I asked. He turned around. “Do you need a ride?” He asked. Oh my, he is nice too. “Yes.” I said. He walked over to me and grabbed my stuff. He put it on his horse and I got on. “My name is I Walk.” He said putting on his hat. “I Walk? What kind of a name is I Walk?” I asked looking at him weird. He laughed and we started to ride. While on the horse, I started to think about the case. But the one thing that was in my mind, was that there’s another person that’s doing this crime. He stopped the horse and got off. “What is it, why did we stopped?” I asked getting off the horse. I Walk took out his map. “It seems that there is a town 10 miles up. We can get there, however we have to stay overnight there. Are you ok with that?” He asked. I looked at him and smiled. “Yes it’s ok.” I said playing with my hair. He looked at me weird. Then he walked up to his horse and got on it. I walked up and he helped me up. Wow, is he a gentleman or what. Hours later we got to the town. The town was called Washington. The place looked nice, there buildings built, houses made out of metal material, and a hotel that’s still standing. We rode up to the hotel, got off the horse and strapped up the horse to a poll. Then we went inside. There was a guy down the lobby at the desk. “Welcome to my hotel, what can I do for you?” He asked. When I walked up to him he kind of looked like Samuel L. Jackson, but with a short afro. “We would like a room for the night.” I said getting my money out. He put his hand over my money. “You know what, because you guys look like you need rest, this will be on the house.” He said smiling at me. He walked over to get us a key. I grabbed it. “Say what’s your name, if I may ask.” I said looking at him. He leaned over the counter and smiled. “If you must know, my name is Dalten Bens.” He said still smiling. We grabbed our stuff and walked upstairs. Our room number was 123, huh weird number. I opened the door...oh my. We got inside and it looked beautiful. The carpet color was red, and it was soft. The walls are painted purple, and the bed is shaped like a heart. “Did he think we were a couple?” I Walk asked while he was putting his stuff away. I walked over to the bed and layed on top of it. The covers were made of silk. “No I Walk, this is a honeymoon suite.” I said turning over. I looked at him and smiled. He closed the door and locked it. After that he walked over and laid next to me in bed. “So why do you call yourself I Walk?” I asked him. He turned over to face me. “Those were my first words. For a while, my parents were trying to figure out my name. Then they called me that.” He pushed my hair out of my face. “You know, ever since I meet you. I wanted to ask you out. When I look at you, you always have a glow on your face.” He said looking into my eyes. In seconds, our face met together and we kissed. Then we pulled over the covers.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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ZacharyCrank said...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 8:55 pm
Kinda a bit jumpy. You went from her being pale, to dieing. Give some detail between. Don't go through the storyline so fast & give some details about the sickness.
E.T.Wotruba replied...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 9:00 pm
Thanks, I kinda went fast with that one. Also I'm making The Book of All Sins longer. Maybe in the mid futre I'll make this one longer and more detail.

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