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A Particular West Mage: Operation Tonbogiri

By , Walnut Grove, MN
Author's note: I was inspired to write a story about magic when I was reading a Japanese Manga called "Negima!...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write a story about magic when I was reading a Japanese Manga called "Negima! Magister Magi Negi" by Ken Kenmatsu. The intense plots, characters both good and evil, and the uses of magic and martial arts really inspired me because I love actioin-packed stories along with lots of good humor.  « Hide author's note
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A Story about Magic

It was a cold Thursday in New York City when something big happened. The city was bustling with activities as they raced through the snow. Suddenly, an explosion sent a huge smokestack into the sky. All activities were stopped as sirens rang out.
The explosion was located within a small pub beside a supermarket. It was in shambles as fire raged everywhere and people running for their lives. Amongst the panic, there stood three figures.
Fate Avogadro was one, watching the figure opposite him. He was just a 14-year-old boy with silver hair, green eyes, scrawny, and wore gray clothing. A small brown notepad with an X-design in the middle loomed about his neck. And he wore a simple green ring on his left ring finger.
“Listen,” Fate said to the person beside him. “This will be a real-life battle. Are you prepared, Taylor?” The other person was a boy his age with windblown brown hair, a band-aided nose, and was hidden in a large white coat. Taylor was a freshly-graduated magician, and Fate was assigned to show him a real-life battle.
Seeing Taylor nodded nervously, Fate continued. “The wizard in front is Auttenburg of Sweden, a notorious mage for his escapist art and wind magic. The first thing you do is call out like this: Just give up and come quietly.”
Auttenburg grinned. He was a skinny man with graying hair, a growing beard, bushy eyebrows, and several yellowing teeth. Auttenburg was dressed in a fleece jacket, two sweaters and a Tee, and thick sweats with heavy combat boots. His hands were in his pockets.
Shrugging, Auttenburg said, “So, what if I did? The feds aren’t going to get me anywhere. I’ll always escape!”
“The next thing is to get information from him while engaged in conversation,” he said to Taylor. “Tell me where you hid the bomb,” Fate said to Auttenburg. “If you do not, I’ll—“Before he could finish, Auttenburg pulled out an iron amulet and aimed it at him. Suddenly, the wind increased from a gentle breeze to a violent storm. The falling snow became a blizzard.
“Die in the wind, Arrows of Air x 10!” Auttenburg shouted as he swiped the amulet around. A white magic circle—in the form of the Star of David—appeared in front of him as the wind gathered around it. Then the magic circle shot ten bright arrows, made of air, at Fate and Taylor.
Fate’s notepad shined a bright green light as a green magic circle—another Star of David—appeared. The ground cracked into spidery patterns, and a giant boulder rose to the air, forming into a cone with the tip facing Auttenburg. The Arrows of Air smashed into his defense, splitting it apart before they dispersed back to a gentle breeze.
Auttenburg looked impressed. “So, you’re an Earth user, but that’s not going to cut you some slacks from me! Die in the wind, Arrows of Air x 99!” A white magic circle appeared once more, gathering up the wind. Then it blasted Arrows of Air at Fate.
Fate’s notepad shined again. A green magic circled appeared in front of him as the ground cracked and a thick slate of rock rose to the air. It blocked them from the Arrows of Air, breaking as more hits it.
Turning to Taylor, Fate said, “You need to inspect your opponent's attacks while on defense. From the looks, he’s a North Mage, who uses an amulet as his source of power. We, West Mages, use gremoires”—he pointed to his notepad.
Seeing Taylor’s confused look, he explained. “A gremoire is a small spell book that concentrates our energy for our usage. A North Mage’s amulets do the same thing…only it converts the surrounding energy for the mage to use.”
“Ha,” Auttenburg exclaimed in triumph. “Your shield isn’t going to hold anymore! Die in the wind, Torrent Blizzard!” A large white magic circle floated above his amulet, collecting wind incredibly fast. Then it blasted a powerful gust of icy wind at Fate and Taylor.
As Taylor whimpered out, Fate raised his right hand while a green magic circle floated in front. The blasts of wind broke through his slate of rock and collided with Fate’s right palm, but it was repelled as an invisible barrier shattered like glass.
“A mage must be efficient in other magic as well as his affinity element,” he said to Taylor, who hid behind his back. “I am skilled in both earth and barrier-making magic.”
Seeing that his attack missed, Auttenburg snarled. “I missed? That must’ve been a fluke! Die in the wind, Torrent Blizzard!” A second time, his attack charged at Fate and Taylor.
Shaking his head, Fate said, “Shield of Mars arises.” A small green magic circle appeared behind him and enlarged a hundred times its original size. A giant black knight rose out of the ground, coming waist up. It was as tall as a ten-story building. Its right hand held a medieval sword while the left arm bore a Roman shield. It crouched and placed the shield in front of Fate and Taylor, shielding the blast.
“T-That’s crazy,” Auttenburg said, seeing the display of magic. “Y-You can summon a God’s Artifact? I-I-I…I won’t lose to a kid! Die in the wind, Torrent Blizzard!” His Torrent Blizzard charged at them a third time.
Flexing his right hand, Fate forced his Shield of Mars back to the earth. Pointing to the ground, Fate said, “Cardinal Point, behind Auttenburg.” A green magic circle appeared beneath him, and the earth swallowed both Fate and Taylor, spitting them back out behind Auttenburg.
Before Auttenburg could react, Fate aimed a palm at Auttenburg’s back. “Die in the wind, Torrent Blizzard.” A white magic circle floated in front of Fate’s hand, and like Auttenburg’s, the magic circle collected wind and blasted a powerful gust. The attack sent Auttenburg flying in the air. Fate flexed his right hand, and the knight appeared, swiping its shield in an arc, slamming Auttenburg back to the ground. Auttenburg crash-landed like a rocket without any safety precautions.
Auttenburg could barely move since a lot of his bones were broken. Soon, he lost consciousness. The black knight shrank to half of its size, bent over and carried Auttenburg. Picking up Auttenburg’s amulet, Fate said, “Like a West Mage, a North Mage is render powerless if you destroy their amulet.” He crushed the amulet in his left hand. “Also, a West Mage always fight long distances, but they can also be in close combat if you have Shadows—partners—or if you’re skilled. Do you have any questions on your first day?”
Swallowing a big lump, Taylor managed, “Y-Yes, how did you copy his Opening Words?”
Fate remained silent before answering. “To a mage, his Opening Words are the key to invoking a spell. What I did, you will never be able to do in your lifetime. If you don’t have any other questions, let’s head back to Headquarters.” With Taylor following him, Fate and his Shield of Mars went back with Auttenburg.
Suddenly, Taylor said, “But w-what about the bomb?”
Fate stopped dead in his tracks. Then he heard a beeping noise coming from Auttenburg’s body. Before he could react, a black magic circle loomed above Auttenburg, and then his body exploded. Everything turned black.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 23 Next »

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DrMitchellPhD said...
May 27, 2016 at 9:15 pm
Nice, I love it! Great work!

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