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Vampire High Chronicles: the first taste

Author's note: Just life in all of it's glory. And i've all ways loved vampires.
Author's note: Just life in all of it's glory. And i've all ways loved vampires.  « Hide author's note
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Stage Fright

"hey, rose, henry are you signing up for the schools musical too?" asked alena who showed up from nowhere and started to sign her name in big font. "Alena Oliva Gordon I didn't know your middle name was oliva." henry said. "ya. It's my mom's maiden name, my older sister's first name, and my middle name." "oh cool, and yes i was just about to make my sister signup." said henry with a cheesy smile he pushed Rose towards the door. "please Henry do i have to?" asked Rose hopefully. "yes, If you want me to say sorry to Jason." "Fine!" as rose put her name on the sheet Vlad started to walked towards them and pushed his way to the sign up sheet and signed his name VlaDmIr ToD. "Nice penmenship." laughed henry. Vlad whipped around and had a knife to henrhy"s thorat before henry could blink.
"Just because you can punch a werewolf doesn't mean that i can't kill you right now." Vlad whipsered into henry's ear. In a second flat Alena had a sniper light on Vlad's chest. "Check yourself Vlad before you do anything, Slowy put the knife down and get out of here NOW!" Vlad did what ALena siad to do and slowy walked down the hallway laughing to himself. Alena threw the paint ball gun with a sniper light on it at henry. "are you ok henry?" asked Alena. "ya, he cut me a little but i'll be fine. A paint ball gun? you carry a paint ball gun with a sniper light on it around with you?" asked Henry as he put the gun down. "no, i hide one behind every trash can in the school." "That's cool i guess, well ladies let us go in." "I'm going to kill you henry." "I know but it's funny."
""i don't even know what song i'm going to do." "how about you do anything you can do i can do better with me i just signed up, remember the time we did it at grandma's birthday?" "ya, but henry i do-" "And were going to be it together so you don't have to be afaid just look at me. Now lets go sit in the front row!!" Henry said as he pulled Rose down the row. "Students, Students take your seats if you will." Mr. taylor said. "aduntionns for the musical will take place today, wedensday, and friday during class. Now who wants to go first?" "me,me,me!!" "Yes, miss. gordon come on up, what will you be sining for us today?" "stupid boy by keith urban." "start when your ready." it took about a mintue then she started. "Well, she was precious like a flower, She grew wild, wild but innocent.A perfect prayer in a desperate hour.She was everything beautiful and different. Stupid boy, you can't fence that in, Stupid boy, it's like holdin' back the wind She laid her heart and soul right in your hands And you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans. She never even knew she had a choice and that's what happens When the only voice she hears is telling her she can't.Stupid boy, stupid boy. So what made you think you could take a life. And just push it, push it around? I guess to build yourself up so high. You had to take her and break her down.You stupid boy, oh, you always had to be right. But now you lost the only thing, That ever made you feel alive.Yeah, yeah." Alena's beautiful singing voice flowed acrossed the room and applause erupted from the group of students. "good job miss. gordon please take your seat. I see we have the andersons her, your next!" "lets go sister!" he said with a big cheesy grin on his face. "we are going to be doing anything you can do i can do better." Henry explained to the class."go head." mr.tayloe said. the rose began to sing. "anything you can do i can do better." "ha." "I can do anything better than you!" "no, you can't" "yes, i can." "no, you cant" "yes i can, can, can!" "anything you can be i can be greater sooner or later i'm greater than you!" "no, you're not." "yes, i am." "no, you're not." "yes i am, yes i am, yes i am! i can shoot a partige with a single cartage." "i can get a sparow with a bow and arrow." "i can live on bread and cheese." "and only on that?" "yes." "so can a rat!" "i can jump a hirdle." "i can wear a gridle." "i can kit a sweater." "i can fit it better." "i can open any safe." "without getting caught?" "sure." "that's what i thought you crook! I can sing anyhing better than you" "no, you can't" "yes, i can" "no, you can't" "yes, i can." NO, you can't can't can't!" "Yes, i can can can can!!!" again massive applause erupted from the crowd of students. "and that's all for today class you may go. Bravo Alena, Henry and Rose!"
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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