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Vampire High Chronicles: the first taste

Author's note: Just life in all of it's glory. And i've all ways loved vampires.
Author's note: Just life in all of it's glory. And i've all ways loved vampires.  « Hide author's note
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First Day Horrors

"All Students to the gym, All Students to the gym." Boomed though the speakers in the Vampire high hallways. Alena Gordon was one of the ten students who were born a vampire at least at "her" high school. She was hurrying towards the gym when !SMACK! right into her best friend Chad at least for now. Chad was one of those teen vamps. with black hair and earrings. He dyed his hair a lot. "Nice hair" laughed Alena "Ya. Well most of the guys in this school have blond or brunette hair, it's not like all of them have black hair." Sassed back Chad."ya, your right it's not like every guy in this school has black hair or anything." They both laughed as they went into the gym.
"QUIET!!!" everyone went silent not a single peep came from the students. "Welcome back to another year and Vampire High, For all the freshman here my name is Mrs.brick. And welcome to vampire high, You will be given your schedules when you walk out the doors. As you see first names A-l on the left, M-Z on the right. Have a wonderful first day." As the principal finished everyone got up and slowly but surely got their schedules and headed out the doors trying to find their classes. "Alena, WAIT." yelled chad down the hallway. Alena stopped to a halt, "what's up chad?" "what do you have for first period?" "Werewolf history why?" "me too, But apparently there's supposed to be a real werewolf." Oh my thoughts keep going off in her head, She was only a tenth grader. "were not suppose to meet a werewolf tell were seniors!!"
"EEOOEEOO!!" "What's that?" "It's the werewolf Alarm!!" "Everyone to the front of the building now!" Echoed threw the speakers. "run for your lives" "their going to kill us!!" "were just sitting ducks if we don't do something!!"
"EVERYONE QUIET!!!!" Again everyone was quiet. "I have something important to tell you..." Mrs. Bricks voice was cold and nerve racking. "So before we all go running for the hills I'll tell you what's going on." Her voice still cold as ice. " we are going to be welcoming 200 werewolves to are high school for 6 months. And we are going to be giving them 200 of our vampires to see how we work with each other." talking and whispers started coming from the students. " just so you know you are in no harm. But we are going to be as kind and as safe as we can be. Which also means there will be 50 students from each grade will be chose at lunch today to go to their school. Their principal has kindly said that he will talk with us at lunch and he has showed up early talk to me." she paused... "NOW get back to class!!" shouted Mrs. Brick. Everyone quickly ran to their second period class. "hey Rose!!" shouted Alena above the other students. "oh my god Alena you look beautiful!" rose gave Alena a hug and saw the fear in her eyes. "Alena what's wrong?, You worried that your going to be picked right?" sadness flashed in rose's eyes. "Rose, it could happen to anyone of us i mean what happens if they pick Eva. She's my sister and she's only a freshman what if she falls in love with one of them!!?" Alena started to cry and rose hugged her again. Two hours later it was fifth period and everyone slowly made their way to the lunchroom.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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