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My Possesser

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As day dawned we arrived at the sea. The singing had ceased and I had awakened. The rising sun made the sea a fiery orange and lit up blue skies above, sandy shores and green hills lay beneath us. I had never seen the sea and now, I could not turn my eyes from the heavenly sight of the endless foamy crescents of the waves. Hurricane descended from the sky and set feet upon the water. I was afraid but also very curious. I reached down and touched it with my toe. Hurricane chuckled, “This is the honor you will get for the rest of your life if you stay with me Willow.”
I stiffened and drew back my foot. Hurricane sensed my discomfort and lifted me from the water. He brought me up to the top of a high cliff. On the edge of that cliff was a large palace much different from the one I had served in. There was a grand glass window every few meters and each one was wide open. Hurricane drifted to the highest window and glided into a vacant room. He set me down on the solid floor and stepped away, “This will be your room for the time being.”
I looked around. The walls were white marble. Paintings and draperies of sunsets, starry nights, and stormy seas flapped from Hurricane’s presence. I turned back to Hurricane, “Let me go home. I do not belong here!”
Hurricane smiled. I realized that he was less translucent then before, he almost looked human, except for his perfect face. He had white blond hair and turquoise eyes that flickered violet at times. His smile did not reach his eyes though, “Dear, you belong here. Do you think I take humans to this castle every day? I think not! You are special, love. Now, rest and think on my offer.”
I waited for him to leave until I went to bed. I did not change my clothes, I just lay down and tried to sleep. But, it was morning, an odd time to sleep and I felt the urge to run away somehow. I was not adventurous and I preferred to stay safe until someone rescued me so I eliminated that option from my mind. Instead of sleeping or running away I decided to sit in my window seat and smell the salty breeze.
I saw hundreds of Wind maidens going about their own business, making waves, singing songs, playing in the grass, and some were leaving to go help ships be on their way. I sat and listened to the music. Then they started to sing a song I knew. Hannah often sang it, hauntingly and sadly. I knew the words off by heart so I started to sing along. I had never really given myself a chance to sing beautifully and now I was surprised that my voice wasn’t terribly unpleasant.
As I got braver I sung louder until suddenly with a whirl of air and water Hurricane was sitting opposite of me. I closed my mouth and glared hostile-like at him, “Bring me back home!” I said through clenched teeth.
Hurricane reached out and stroked my skin, “No. Now that I have heard you sing, it binds my heart even more. Marry me, Willow.”
I stumbled off the window seat away from him, “Sir! You do not even know me! I do not know you! I am not foolish enough to give my heart so unapprehensively. You may believe that I am a naive eighteen year old, but I am not!”
Hurricane rushed after me, “No, no, love! I never thought such a thing. Maybe I am being the foolish one but I swear there has only ever been one other woman who has made me feel as strongly as you make me feel. And that was thousands of years ago. Trust me when I say that I feel a bind to you, a bind of deep magic. You remind me of my past love…” He grabbed my hand, “You have said nearly the exact same words she has.”
I whirled around only to see his eyes were soft, melting into mine. He stepped closer, “I must have you.”
He leaned forward to kiss me but I turned my head, “I am not her.”
Hurricane’s cool lips kissed my jaw, “No, but you are what I have been waiting for.” His hands moved around my waist.
I raised my hand to strike him but his hand grabbed mine. I stepped away and he dropped my arm. I spoke through my teeth again, “You threaten my honor and dignity, sir. Leave me be.”
Hurricane bowed low, “As you wish love.”
As he turned he began to sing softly, it was a sad, love song I had never heard before. I wished I could plug my ears and run from that divine voice. Instead I could only stand and feel a strange longing for… for… something. Hurricane peeked slyly at my face and smiled. His voice became stronger and louder and with its increase of power I fell deeper into a trance. His voice soared as I felt the wind in my room pick up. He turned back to me and looked deep into my eyes taking a look at my soul. Just then he thrust his hands outwards. In that motion the wind became like a whirl wind, the draperies flapped uncontrollably with the terrible Hurricane’s power. My hair whirled wildly around me. Hurricanes voice was carried with the wind, it was everywhere at once. I heard it from behind me and from the front too. I gasped for air when I realized I was not breathing. The wind rocked me forward pushing me towards Hurricane. He stood with his arms wide open singing for me with the voice of an angel. I took one look in his turquoise eyes and I could not look away. I felt a sense of safety, protection, and peace wash over me. I felt accepted and loved. I could not stop myself, the music pulled me forward into the arms of a stranger. I could not turn away from the turquoise eyes that bewitched me. Hurricane wrapped translucent arms around me and lifted me into the air.
We flew out of the wide open window with a whoosh. Suddenly the ground was rushing up to us but I was not afraid. I had complete trust in Hurricane. He continued to sing, hypnotizing me, making me trust him. His voice seemed to do twirls around us. I could hear his song somehow moving, dancing.
Hurricane’s voice reminded me of the sea, it was warm, and sunny yet suddenly shocking me out of sleep like a foamy wave rolling in and refreshing yet chilling me.
Then all the rest of the Wind Maidens joined us. They glided to where we were and began to do circles around us while dancing in sync. Hurricane held me firmly in the middle of all of them. The Wind Beings spun, darted, flitted and danced a deadly dance that thwarted all other dances. Their voices changed from joyous to haunting and sad but always Hurricane’s voice broke the sadness with warmth. Now I could see how actual hurricanes were created. They all played a part. The Wind Beings swirling around lifted water. Where Hurricane and I stood in the midst of them all it was still and peaceful. The eye of the Hurricane, I thought to myself. Water was lifted from the sea with some glorious power and whirled around us. Then without warning the music became angry and filled with vengeance. It made me think of my father. I had never allowed myself to think it, but now I realized that I was really very bitter towards my father for not being the proper father I had wished for all my life. I felt my fists clench and my eyes flash angrily. I paused, no, that wasn’t my eyes. I looked up to see Hurricane’s eyes flashing like a raging fire. He felt my anger. Suddenly Hurricane’s grip tightened and his body stiffened. I was not ready for what he would do next. With no warning we jerked into action. We hurled through the air and into the walls of water and Wind Maidens. For only seconds we traveled like a flash through the walls. In those moments I felt all the anger and burdens of my life renew themselves and weigh me down. I felt frustration like never before. I screamed but it was not heard, just as was true here, it was true in my whole life. My cries and agony was never fully understood. Just when I thought I could take no more, we burst through the walls and into clear open air. The burden of my anger fell away as though it had never been there. I stared in amazement at Hurricane. He watched me with a strange look in his eyes, “I heard your scream. There is no need to hide anything when you are with me. I will love you and understand you till eternity has finished its course.”
I noticed the music was fading and Hurricane was the only one filling my head with sweet images. He took me to the cliff by the castle and set me on a grassy hill. I stared at him with eyes that were lost in a trance. He smiled and leaned close to me, “Stay and be my queen. My song will be for you only.”
As I stared at him I was tempted to say yes. Hannah was the one who saved me from that commitment. She came streaming over the hill, her dress floating and dancing around her. Hurricane sensed her immediately. The warmth in his eyes drained as he turned away from me, “Hannah.” He said simply.
Hannah came and drifted between us. She folded her legs into sitting position, “Hurricane you have no right to keep this girl hostage! I hope for your sake you have done no harm to her.” She reached out a hand to me and brushed my cheek lightly with a breeze, “Are you alright dear?”
I did not respond, I was still in a trance from Hurricane’s angelic voice. Hannah noticed this and turned angrily to Hurricane, “Hypnotizing her is not fair! You are forcing her to say yes! If he finds out he shall surly punish you.”
Hurricane’s features hardened, “He is dead!”
Hannah scoffed at him, “If you think that, then why does that terrible fear enter your eyes every time we speak of him?”
Immediately my curiosity brought me out of my half trance and I turned carefully to Hannah, “Who?”
Hannah gave Hurricane a murderous look, “I shall bring her home now.”
I frowned as she pulled me away from my small glimpse of heaven, Hurricane. I looked over my shoulder at his disappointed face. I heard the sad song he would sing, in my head and my heart broke for him. I reached out, “Hurricane.” I whispered.
Hannah grabbed me and lifted me into the air, “Do not be fooled by him. There is a reason why Priest hated him.” The name made the air cool and I heard the familiar ancient whispers.
I looked behind me and saw that the whole sky was darkening. I looked to where Hurricane was standing. His fists were clenched and I heard a scream like none I have ever heard before. It pierced my ears like the screech Lance had released previously. It split the air and the world shook, sharing Hurricane’s pain. I plugged my ears and cried silently, “Why is he doing that?”
Hannah looked furious, “He did not get his own way. I swear that devil does not belong in this world!”
I frowned, “I thought that you were friends. You saved him from… Priest.” I said carefully. Thunder rumbled through the sky and this time the whispers were louder. I did not understand what they were saying, though I wished I could, “And why does that happen every time he is mentioned?”
“His name is powerful, and everyone was fooled, including me.”
“Was he more powerful then Hurricane?” I asked innocently.
“He still is far more powerful.”
I did not miss the present tense, “He’s still alive!” I gasped. It was a statement because somehow all along I knew it to be true.
Hannah threw me an annoyed look, “It will all become clear soon.”
“Do you consider Priest the good guy?”
“Yes.” She said simply, “His only goal in life was to save mankind and Elves.” She tightened her arms around me, “Wind Maidens were never meant to be. They were never supposed to be created.”
My mouth dropped open, “What? But they have always existed! Since the beginning of time! How can that be?”
“Enough questions!”
I dropped the subject mainly because I found for some reason that I did not want to know. I did not want to understand all the dark legends and secrets of Wind Beings. I had a feeling that if I knew, I would never see the world through the same eyes again. I would see the world more clearly, not through a foggy vision that let me see only what I wanted to see. It was frightening.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 14 Next »

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