October 1, 2012
By Emerald, Park City, Utah
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Emerald, Park City, Utah
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More fighting, No understanding. No listening, just dreaming. No sleep. Thinking strictly. Tears fall from your face. Locked into a box. Music being the only escape. So you put your headphones into your head and disappear. The beat drifts you away, creating a new world for you to live in. You close your eyes, open them slowly. The brightness makes you bat your eyelashes, everything is so bright. A smile spreads across your face. everything you have thought of comes to life. Your dream world.

You take a step into the new world and wonder if it is safe. You turn your head to the side and glance to see if anything is behind you. A large majestic bird lands gracefully, among the tall grass. Waiting for you to come upon it. You take a few steps towards the majestic beast, pulling your hand from your pocket reaching ever so slightly to touch this majestic creature.

Breath it’ll be alright you say to yourself. finally you touch the bird. It is as soft as the clouds. you stroke the long beautiful feathers, making every move ever so still, so you won’t create any alarm to the bird. In your mind you say “Why stay here when you can fly to where ever you please.” You inhale deeply, the bird is startled by something moving in the grass. The large bird grabs your shirt with it’s large beak. throws you onto it’s back and starts running.

You are holding on for dear life, hoping you don’t fall. you are clutching the bird’s neck, you look to the ground awaiting what horrific heights await you. But to your surprise, you have not even left the ground. You are going so fast everything is passing by you as if you were a race car going on the track as fast as you could. But nothing is there. you have a heavy feeling in your heart and stomach and you close your eyes.

Everything is light as if you could fly. You peek open an eye and you are above the clouds. You open both eyes, as far as the eye can see there were pink clouds. Just waiting for you to jump upon them. You let go of the birds neck and leap off of it’s back. You plummet towards the clouds. To your surprise they catch you. Throwing you back into the air, like a trampoline. You bounce back and forth, until you stop you get up and start to walk on the clouds. You never thought you could do this before.

You walk into a bright in depth light, and find a door slightly cracked open. You open the door and find a bedroom. All that consists in the bedroom was, a bed, lamp, night stand, and a iPod. You walk into the room, close the door behind you and lock it. You walk to the bed and sit upon the edge. You pick up the iPod wondering, who’s iPod is this? You turn it on and on the lock screen appears in bright colors your name. You look surprised. Lay on the bed. But only to find that it is to small. You walk to the bottom side of the bed, there is a sign “Pull me.” You look confused. I hadn’t seen this when I had walked into the room. You said to yourself. Oh well. You pull the bed and nothing happens. A few seconds later, the bed turns from a college dorm room bed, into a king sized bed. You ponder how could this happen? No matter, You look to the iPod. It was already, 12:00 am. Past your bed time. You crawl into the comfy large king bed. Put your headphones into you head and fall into a deep slumber.

You open your weary eyes, and you are back where you started. But instead of a beautiful hazy warm sunset, with the warmth just touching the tip of your nose. All you see is a dark mystical night. The grass that had been long and golden is now, short, and green. With only dewdrops of rain upon it. You close your eyes, wondering what had happened to the tranquil plain you had been in just a few moments ago. You look to the sky. No longer is there cotton candy colored clouds that look as if they would catch you to your fall. But a dark mystical moon with only black small clouds that you could see through. To only whisper to the moon.

You feel a cold breeze come across your face. You breathe out, you notice that is cold enough to see your breath. You look to farther distances. Your afraid to move. But once you had started squinting you see a large grey block in the distance, you don’t want to move. But your curiosity gets the best of you, you take a small step into the dark mysterious plain. As if you were in a trance, you walk on and find yourself suddenly at the large block you had only seen moments ago in the distance which had seen to be miles away from where you were standing. But no matter you where there already. You pull your hand out from your armpits, and caress the cold dark block.

You look to the side and there is an opening you peer in closer and you see nothing but pitch black. Everything’s cold, you pick yourself up from the ground, and put your hand to your head. Wet? Why is my head wet...? You think to yourself, you bring your hand to your face to see what is on your hand. But there is no light, you can see anything. So you bring the wet liquid to your nose and smell it. The odor, smells like a rusty old penny. You don’t want to try licking it, what if it is poison? You get up and walk around trying to find a little bit of light. Finally you stumble upon a little ray of light. You put your hand to the light, it is now dry, but it is a dark like the color maroon. But also not. Like maroon. The word I was looking for was at the tip of my tongue. But I couldn’t handle it, the look of blood was bothering me to my fullest extent.

The annoyance I had was like when your siblings call your name about a hundred times until you answer. I was about to loose myself in annoyance. How did this happen? All I could remember was when I was looking into the dark depths of the hall next to the cold dark brick. I looked up but to find nothing but a dark, cold, dull brick wall. That’s why there was no sunlight. No matter, all that was on my mind was either to get out of this place, and to figure out what had caused me to bleed.

Thinking of which I was bleeding! Would I bleed out before I could get out of this place? Or was I going to die alone, in this cold dark place where no one would find me. I crouched up into a corner tears falling from my eyes, my hair covering my face. There was no sound. You couldn’t hear anything. But the sound to my tears hitting the cold concrete. Off into the distance, I hear loud hard footsteps. I throw my head up wiping my tears away from my face. What could that be? I ask myself in horror. I get up from my little crouching position, and turn my head the other way to see what is making those loud footsteps. They are coming closer. Louder and louder they become. I start to shake and quiver. “Who’s there?!” I shout out. And I see something glistening.

I squint hard to see what it is, I take in a deep breath and out of nowhere, I start getting dizzy. As I drop to the floor, a tall man with a large knife comes into view, coming towards me. I pick myself up and force myself to run. I start panicking. Thinking who was that, why were they carrying such a large knife?? I start crying I don’t know what else to do. I hear the footsteps again off in the distance. What do I do I scream inside of my head. The pounding in my heart won’t stop, neither will the sound of the footsteps. I get on all fours and start crawling into the darkness trying to find my way out of this hell hole.

I don’t know what time it is, I don’t know what is going on. I just want to go back to my dream world. I just want everything to stop. I want this world to disappear along with myself. I couldn’t remember anything, besides the fact that I’m getting chased by some psychotic man, thats trying to kill me. Why did this have to happen to me, of all people. I cupped my hands over my ears to see if I could hear the footsteps. Thank god I say to myself. They’ve stopped. I turn around and in a second I’m on the floor, blood is everywhere.

My hand is on my throat I am gasping for air, but nothing helps. Your hand is covered in blood. Nothing is in my mind besides. Trying to get myself to breathe. It’s over. I’m gone. I fall to the ground. Once again everything is cold, and you as you try to fight to keep your eyes open, you see the man, it is no one you have ever seen before, but he reminds you of someone. He has shaggy brown hair, cold brown eyes, he is tall and pale. He is wearing a black hoody along with some grey skinny jeans which are somehow baggy on him. The large knife you had seen before is propped onto his shoulder. The way a tennis player props there tennis racket upon their shoulder.

He squats down next to your face, and he says to you “Je suis désolé, je l'ai fait pour ton bien.” You can’t understand anything he just said, you try and grab his foot. You are to late he is about five feet away. You can here him saying more things that you can’t understand along with little smirks and an occasional laugh. You finally give out, your left on the cold concrete.

You awake to tears dropping onto your hand and your cheeks. The drips with the rhythm of the little pitter patter are what had awoken you. Your in the bedroom you had been in before, the nightmare had taken place. Then you think to yourself, It was just a dream? Maybe not a dream, more like a nightmare. You wipe the tears from your face, and walk to the white door with the small golden door knob you liked. The only relief that could’t be free from your mind was that man. All you could think about was how you swore you had seen that man before.

You turn the little golden knob and the cotton candy colored clouds are there. So is the majestic bird. Even then everything isn’t the same. I’m glad I finally got out of that dark nightmare though. That was pretty much the only upside. I couldn’t get it off of my mind though, something wasn’t the same. What was supposed to be the warm feeling of summer touching the tip of your nose wasn’t there anymore. It felt like a cold winter breeze, but how could that be? The setting of the place I was in wasn’t a dark cold winter, it was a bright hazy summer.

Well that’s what I had thought. Neither did the words that man had said to me had disappeared. It kept replaying in my head over and over and over again. I threw my hands to my back jean pockets. something was there. It wasn’t the iPod I had thought it was. It was a note, That had some weird words that I couldn’t read. That’s when it hit me. What if this note was the thing that man had been saying to me? I couldn’t read the lettering, but I knew it had looked familiar. I had seen it somewhere, I just couldn’t remember where, all I knew was it had to do with school. My friend was showing me the same type of lettering in class, but which class was it? I couldn’t think of it right now but I knew it would come to me sooner or later.

My head hurt from thinking to much, the funny thing was I had still been standing in the doorway when I was thinking about this whole situation. I blinked hard and breathed out, I don’t know what I was going to do, that frustrated me a lot. The large majestic bird stared at me like it was going to give me advice, but instead all that came out was a small screech. I gave the bird a daring stare, wondering myself what I was going to do. I had to get my mind off of this whole thing.

I got onto the bird and we flew away.I had no idea where we were going, the bird was in charge this time. he swept up and down back and forth from the clouds, smiling. Inside of my head, instead I was pondering on so many other things. Well I bet you can guess what I was pondering about. Who the man was, what he had said, what the note meant, and of course where the bird was taking me. I’m holding on for dear life, Something had happened to the bird and we were falling into the cotton candy clouds. But not the falling he was doing before this time we were actually falling into the clouds. Towards the earth.

As we are falling, All I can see is that man that had been stuck into my mind. I start screaming even harder then I was before. I can hear him saying those words again and again. I scream out. You can see my tears go into little balls and fly into the sky, leaving me, not wanting to have the same fate as me. I try and reach for them wanting them to take me with them. Instead they float away from me, rejecting me. More tears fly into the sky. I try and reach for the rest of them grasping for what I could. But nothing was in the air that I could use.

“AH” I scream out I landed on a large tree. It was the type of tree you would see in a fantasy type movie. Large and wide. The branches were long and wide enough you could climb onto them. I felt like if i had moved I would hurt myself even more than I had already had. CRACK, the branch I had landed on breaks into a million pieces. What? I say to myself, branches don’t break into a million tiny pieces...The usually just break off of the tree. I sigh and breathe out. Nothing I can do now I say to myself. My arm is stingy, I move the ripped clothes and see to that the clothes feel a lot heavier than they were before. I don’t let it get to me, I was hoping for a few splinters or a small cut. Instead what do I find? A large cut, that is spewing blood. There is a medium sized piece of wood in my arm.

I know if I freak myself out, the situation will just get worse. I tear off my ripped sleeve, there’s no use in wearing it now. You wrap it into a little ball and put it into your mouth. I had seen this kinda thing in a show on discovery channel, it looked really painful but I had to get this wood out and cover this wound. I didn’t want to get it infected! I put my hand on the wood gently, and start wiggling it back and forth. The pain was excruciating, I can’t even describe it. Blood was spewing out of the cut like mad. I try to get the wood out as fast as I can, what if wild animals smell the blood and finds me and eats me?! I think to myself. That’s it, I closed my eyes grabbed the wood, and clenched my teeth. I can’t believe I’m going to do this I say to myself. I put my hand onto the wood, grasp it tightly and pull as hard as I can. The wood finally comes out, I scream in pain, take the cloth out of my mouth, and start wrapping the wound.

I lay under the tree I had landed on, I had been laying there for a couple of hours, just thinking to myself. You try and lift yourself up, but your arm is in to much pain, and you try to move it with your other arm. The pain is just way to excruciating, you yell out in pain. The blood is slightly seeping out of the cloth you had ripped off of your shirt. You have one sleeve left, you rip it off of your shirt, and start to wrap it on your bloody arm. Something wet lands onto your face, you wipe your face to see what it is, water? you look up to find grey clouds about to pour out water they have onto you. You finish wrapping your arm with the cloth and get up, your arm hurts like hell.

Walking farther into the deep dark forest, You keep walking but with every step you take you hear another unearthly sound, you look up, down and side to side. Nothing is there, you start to wonder if you think your crazy. Everything is getting darker by the second, well not dark but dimmer. You start to worry, thinking to yourself where am I going to go to bed. A cave! You think to yourself. You walk closer to the mountains, trying to find some type of opening to shelter yourself inside. There is no cave in sight. You start to think that your gonna have to build your own shelter.

But you’ve never even been camping before! So how in that time are you gonna learn to build a shelter? “I’m gonna die that’s whats gonna happen.” You say to yourself. You keep walking hoping you will find some type shelter. But nothing pops out at you. You look up, down, and side to side. Still nothing, you sigh out, walking to the other side of the mountain you finally find a cave to stay in. You take a peep inside. You can’t really see anything, but it’s not to dark you look to the horizon to see if you will have enough sunlight to find another place. The sun was already halfway down the horizon. You look back into the cave. Theres not even enough time for me to find food. You gather a few log and dead branches. Some grass, and walk back inside of the cave.

You look into your drawstring bag, all you see inside a brush, a few hair ties, your mascara, a hoodie and the iPod. Where’s my lighter? You say quietly, you rummage through your bag again. Nothing you dump the contents of the bag out onto the cold hard rock floor. It’s still not there. “Maybe I just didn’t put it into my bag? But I was sure I put it into the bag.” You say aloud. You move your sweater finding your lighter in the pocket of the hoodie. You put the lighter onto your lap, and put on the hoodie, tying your hair with one of the hair ties, you push everything else back into the bag.

You shake your lighter hoping to find out how much lighter fluid you still had. You could see the lighter was barely empty, oh right you say to yourself. I had bought a new lighter the day before this whole dream chaos had happened. You take a handful of the grass you had ripped off of the earth, and light it. You throw the lit pile of grass onto some of the branches and logs you had gathered earlier. The little pile looked as if it were about to go out. You rest your chin onto the cold hard ground and start to blow the fire, trying to move the fire onto the other sides of the pit.

You take one of the sticks you had found on the ground a little earlier, and started poking the fire thinking that it would get mad and blow up into a bigger fire. Which had happened when you started poking your little sister. Nothing had happened, you took another hand full of grass and threw it into the fire, finally the fire grew a little larger, You crossed your arms hoping that would make the cold go away. It made it a little better but not by much. Scooting closer to the fire you see something outside of the cave. You try getting a closer look at whatever it was.

You crawl a few steps forward, avoiding the fire. You stop in fear, lightening crashes and you see it. It was a teenage boy about your age, He had deep blue eyes. The color of the sky on a warm summer day in the afternoon. He looks back at you, it is pouring outside. You can’t really can’t see any other features. Both of you have intent stares locked onto each other. Those stares are broken as he sneezes out in the distance, you let a little laugh out and motion him in your direction. You can see a little smile on his face, as he walks closer.

As he finally reaches you, he is wearing black skinny jeans, a white v-neck, purple vans, a black hoodie, and a grey beanie. You stare at him as he sits down on the opposite side of the fire. Across from you. Watching every single move he makes, you smile and introduce yourself. He laughs, it was the cutest laugh you have ever heard it was sort of a giggle, but a deep giggle. No matter he introduces himself as well. “Hey, my name is Sam. Thanks for taking me in.” You reply “No problem, how did you get here?” He tells me his parents were fighting, and he hates when they fight, so he had locked himself in his room. Turned on his music and fell asleep.

You look at him in awe. Wondering how he could have had the same problem you did, and happened to come to this world. Which you had called a dream world. You make deep conversation with this boy and find out so much about him. You talk for hours, just trying to find similarities and differences between the two of you. You have so much in common you stop talking about your differences. You laugh about the funniest things, smirk at the stupid, and take in deeply the serious. He sighs, looking at the fire as if it were his girlfriend. Which by the way he had none. You ask him what was wrong, as you finish your sentence, he interrupts abruptly saying nothing.

As he turns to pop his back you notice he has the same drawstring bag as you do. You wait till he is facing you, and tell him he takes his bag off, and notices yours. “Oh! Yeah thats funny!” He says with a little laugh at the end of his sentence. You smile and ask him if he knows the time. He looks confused wondering what time it was himself. He opens his bag and pours everything out. As you had hours ago, You notice he has the same lighter as well. Probably just a coincidence you say to yourself, he also had a wallet, bottled water, and some sunglasses. He pulls out a small, shiny, silver watch. He peered at the watch, squinting at the same time. He turned back to me, as is he were going to tell me the time.

He laughs out, and tells me he can’t read the time. I shake my head in disapproval but also laugh at the same time just thinking to myself he can’t read the time. He gives me the watch, puts it on my hand gently, then goes back to putting everything back in his bag. I watch him carefully. He tells me he is itchy because, his clothes are wet. I tell him to take of his sweater, it it soaked. He pulls off the sweater splashing water almost all over the walls of the cave, I take his sweater and put it close to the fire. He takes his sweater and pushes it to where he had been sitting before. He moves closer to me and tells me that it would be better if he sat next to me.

My heart goes three times faster beating like a drummer on a solo. He yawns and stretches his arms, I thought for the longest time he was going to make a move on me, his arm lowers near my shoulder, and lands in his lap. He smiles at me, he knew I thought he was going to make a move on me, laughing out I push him to the side, and call him a jerk. I lie down, trying to fall asleep thinking it was three in the morning. Sam nudges me, and wraps his arm around my waist I turn around wondering if he was trying to joke around again. He was shivering, and was fast asleep. I lie back down, and hold his hands on my waist. I smile and fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up and Sam is still wrapped on my waist. Smirking, I sit up, trying my hardest to not wake him up. He yawns and opens one eye, blinks then opens the other. Rubbing his right eye, he sits up. He looks around, wondering if everything that happened last night was all a dream. He yawns again stretching both arms he puts one over me, and kisses me on the cheek. WHAT. Just happened?! I say to myself. He laughs and tells me to calm down, it was only a peck and it was on the cheek. I put my hand to the cheek he had so gently kissed. I smile myself, and ask him what we should do. He tells me we both haven’t eaten since last night, and we should get at least some type of food in our bodies. I laugh and agree to his suggestion.

We walk out of the cave, and into the forest searching for birds nests, little rabbits and anything we could cook and eat. We find nothing which is the sad part. Looking down at my rumbling stomach, I grasp it so Sam won’t hear anything. He says we should climb to the top of the mountain, most likely there will be water and food there. I look at him with content and just nod my head.

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