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Finnick Odair "All in the Lust of a Trident"

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The Train

When we get on the train we are told to explore. I go from car to car and without noticing I run straight into Pepper, falling back hitting my head.

"Sorry" I say rubbing the place where my head hit.

"It's ok, my fault, you say that sea star thing at school don't you?" she asks me.

I think for a moment. How did a senior know my 8th grade sea star joke?

"Yeah but I don't see how it got to the high school." I tell her as we stand.

"Are you kidding?" she asks. I just stare at her. "Your Finnick Odair, EVERYONE talks about you, they love to mock you, even GUYS they wanna look like you" she tells me.

"Whatever" I say under my breath.

"Well we haven't officially met…Pepper Featherstone" she says holding out her hand. I grab it and shake softly.

"Finnick Odair."

She smiles. I flash my big white smile at her and send her a wink. She starts laughing. I go to the dining car. Trinity, Mags, Clara and two new faces surround the table.

"I can definitely work with you!" the unknown male says excitedly. He goes to this other room and I stare at his empty place.

"What?" I ask quietly.

He comes back out. "Finnick this is your stylist," Mags says motioning to him.

"Finnick Odair," I say.

"We all know who you are, the handsome boy from District four with a heart if gold and a love for his little sister." The man says leaving the room again.

I smile because I'm truly flattered by being called handsome, and somewhat disgusted. He looks like he's thirty and he's a dude, ewe.

"Well you two should get to know your mentors" Trinity says as Pepper walks in gently sobbing. "Usually we have a male and a female mentor to mentor the male and female tributes but as you know, we only have female victors living, so Mags and Clara will select their tributes" Trinity smiles.

"I want Finnick, but I think I can make a breakthrough with Pepper," Clara whispers. I think I'm the only one who can hear. "I choose Pepper!" Clara yells. Shoot, she was cute, I get Mags, great.

Mags stands up and leads me to an empty car.

"You’ve got a chance in there, sponsors will be drooling over you, make them like you!" I look at her, wow; she just gave me helpful advice.

"Already done, mostly" I smirk.

"Your looks will get you half way, they also look for skills, what are you good at?" Mags asks.

I think for a moment. "I'm pretty good with knives, but I work best with nets and tridents" she gives me a smile.

"Well pretty boy, there probably won't be a trident, possibly a net, but not a trident" she pulls out a little pocket book. "We should be arriving soon, go greet, win over sponsors," she tells me.

No problem. Anyone who watches the reaping recap will know how incredibly gorgeous I am. I go to the window and see the Capitol women yelling "Finnick!" so I flash a smile and give about a dozen winks, they all love it. I'm tired of this crap, but if it will get me home I'll do anything.

The train jerks to a stop. Mags puts her hand on my shoulder and leads me to the exit car. I see Pepper and Clara standing there. I can see a few tears running down her face. I turn back to the door, put on the best looking smile I can muster and the door starts to open.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 14 Next »

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