August 14, 2012
By Nimra BRONZE, New York, New York
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Nimra BRONZE, New York, New York
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Author's note: I hope that people can understand that family is everything. It can help in life and death situations.

CRASH! The windows broke open into little bits, caused by a huge rock. Emma woke up with a startle to the ADT alarm, and police sirens. Before Emma could call to her dad, a hand was clammed over her mouth.
“Listen to me young lady. He gave enough trouble, so you better be good.” Emma decided to stay still as he quickly tied Emma’s hands together.
“Good girl.” He whispered. He picked up Emma and ran out the windows, being careful not to step on the glass pieces. Out front, was a black mini-van and the man tossed Emma inside.
“Hold on!” He yelled as he drove with speed. Emma couldn’t really see in the dark, so she couldn’t make out the man’s face. She was scared out of her mind, asking herself questions in her mind. Who was he? Why did this man kidnap her? Would her dad find her? Then, she felt a lot of weight lying on her shoulder. She squinted, and made out a body.
“Ahhhh!” Emma screamed in terror.
“Don’t yell!” the man shouted over, as he concentrated driving the car.
“B-b-but, there’s a body!” The man chuckled as if Emma told her a jock. He opened the lights of the car. Next to Emma, sat a teenage boy in jeans, a tee, and a jacket. Over his mouth was a gag, and his hands and feet were tied. He had blood dripping from his arm, and was tied in a cloth.
“I-is he dead?” Emma asked.

“No.Not yet anyway.” The man responded.
“Who is he?” she asked with concern. The man just smiled, and said,
“Guess.” She looked at the boy. She opened his eyelid, revealing his crystal blue eyes like Emma’s, and blonde hair covering his forehead. I have blonde hair too, Emma thought, and his skin color was exactly like hers, fair. He looked about the same height as her, and about the same age. 14. She gasped.
“B-but, it can’t be! He’s…”
“Sitting right next to you.” Emma stared at the boy.

Emma and Carter are twin siblings. Their parents, Diana, and Drake McKnight, are two detectives, who met when in the police academy. 10 years ago, they started fighting over an argument, and wanted a divorce. So, they went to court to decide who would get who. After hiding, screaming, and wasting money on lawyers, they finally came to an agreement. Their mom got Carter, and moved to Los Angela’s, and their dad got Emma, who moved to Arizona. They wanted to live as far away from each other. They had visiting times, but they always make excuses about going on ‘business trips.’ So they’ve never met each other in 10 years. But there parents agreed on one thing, to train their kids to make sure they grow up to be good detectives one day.

Emma just stared at Carter. He didn’t look like that 4 year old brat anymore. He looked like a real adult almost, and mature.
“How’d you find him? How’d you find us, me?” She croaked.
“I’ll tell you tomorrow. But first, let’s find a place to call home for now.” He said, closing the lights. Emma let Carter fall into her lap. They drove for what seemed like forever, until the man parked next to a tall building that maybe had 50 floors. The man got out of the car, looking every direction to see if they were being followed. He quickly opened the back door.
“Listen, you will not scream, you will not run, or else.” He gave Emma a little pep inside his jacket pocket. A gun.
“Or I’ll shoot him. You understand?” Emma nodded. She was the kind of girl who followed rules, and tried her best not to get killed. He untied Emma’s hands, and pulled out 3 bags from the trunk, and slid them onto one shoulder. He undid Carter’s gag, feet, and hands, or else someone would suspect something. He carried Carter, and directed Emma to go inside the building. The man walked over to a desk, and behind the desk was a man reading a newspaper.
“Hi Raul.” The man said to the doorman.
“Hello Amos.” He looked at the kids. “Who are they?”
“These are my niece, and nephew. He fell asleep in the car.” Amos lied.
“That’s nice. Have a great night.”
“You too.” All three of them got into the elevator, and Amos pressed the 41th button. He dragged the bags, and Emma to an apartment door, and opened it, shoving Emma inside.

The apartment looked pretty nice. There was a beam bag chair, a sofa, a television, and a huge kitchen. The man placed Carter and Emma on the couch, and tossed the bags on the table. From one bag, he pulled two huge chains. Emma gasped.
“Relax, I’m just going to tie your ankles. So you don’t escape.”
“Why would I want to do that.?” Emma asked innocently. Amos snorted.
“Nice try. But I wasn’t born yesterday.” He tied Carter’s ankle, and held it with a lock. He did the same for Emma.
“I’ll put your chains a little loose, since you didn’t give me as much trouble as him.” He then tied the two chains to the corner of the wall.
“You wouldn’t be able to reach the door, but you can move around a little bit. These are your bags.” He said pointing to the bags.
“So, did you steal our stuff, and all the things here?” Amos snickered. Emma could make him out more clearly now. He was in his early 30s. He was thin, tall, and didn’t really like shaving, or cutting his long black hair. He had all the looks to be a kidnapper.
“I have my secrets.”

”Wait. What did we do? Why’d you kidnap us?”
“I’ll tell you tomorrow, but think about this. It’s your parent’s faults. There’s some fruit, and a butter knife on the table.”
“How do you cut fruit with a butter knife?”
“I couldn’t care less. At least you don’t have a weapon. Night.” He went into a room, and slammed the door shut. Emma looked around. The window was large enough to climb out, but there was no way she could escape with these chains on.” She opened one of the bags. Inside were a few of her clothes, and a few pictures. Probably so we can remember our life as it was before we die, Emma thought. She looked at one with her, and her father going hiking. She looked at her father. Tall, brown hair, and brown twinkling eyes. Another one was a family picture taken 10 years ago. Their dad told them all a funny jock, and they were all mid laughing when it was taken. Emma stared at her mother. All her qualities came from her . Emma’s blue eyes, and her long blonde hair. All from her loving mother. If only we were a family again, Emma wondered. Then this wouldn’t have happened. She opened the other bag. It looked like some of Carter’s clothes, and a few pictures too. One of the photos’s showed Carter hugging their mom in front of the empire state building, another one was on Carter’s birthday, when he was blowing out the candles of the cake.
“Carter!” Emma completely forgot about her brother. She grabbed his shoulder and started shaking him.
“Carter! Carter!” He shoke his head to clear his vision. He saw a girl in front of his, shaking him, wearing pajamas.
“Carter? Are you alright?” Carter stared at her with confusion.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“Wow! Leave him alone for 10 years, and he completely forgets you!” Carter knitted his eyebrows, trying to figure out where he heard that voice before.
“I’ve heard that voice before. I’ve got it!” He said getting up. “You’re Emma. Oh my god. You’re Emma?” Emma’s eye’s sparkled with excitement. She hugged his tightly.
“I knew you wouldn’t forget!”
“Can’t. Breathe!” He declared. Emma let go, smiling. But she remembered she was angry at Carter. She punched him hard on his shoulder.
“Why don’t you call! You idiot!”
“Ow! I tried remember. Last year, on your birthday. I tried to call you, but mom found out, and I got grounded for a month.” He said rubbing his shoulder.
“Dang. I tried to add you on Facebook, and then dad took away my laptop for 3 months.” Carter whistled.
“What jolly times.” They both shared a laugh.
“You look, well, cute almost.” Carter blushed.
“Thanks. You too.” Emma smiled.
“It’s so good to see you.” She gave Carter another hug, and he returned a hug.
“By the way, you look really beaten up. What happened?” Carter played back the moment in his head.
“Well, I was in my room. Doing homework.”
“In the middle of the night!”
“Mom and I were reading cases. Anyway, I heard mom yelling at someone. I went outside to see what was happening, and before I knew it, I was fighting with a guy. Then things got really ugly.”
“Yeah, that’s when things got ugly.” Emma joked. He punched her playfully on the arm.
“What about you?”
“He crashed my window, and put me in the van.”
“And you did nothing?” Emma shoke her head no. Carter laughed.
“You would follow the rules, even if a kidnapper kidnapped you? Wow!” Emma gave him a nasty look, but dropped it.
“I’m starving.” She complained.
“There’s fruit on the table.” Carter said, crossing his legs on the couch.
“I don’t like the skin.” Carter looked around to see if anybody was looking, and then took his shoe, and slid the sole of the shoe, and took out a Swiss army knife.
“My good-bye gift from dad. My stored it away, but I took it back.” He said peeling the skin the apple.
“Nice. All I got was a teddy bear.”
“Cute.” Carter said handing the apple to Emma. “Why are we in chains?”
“Amos, the man who took us in, doesn’t want us to escape. He put your chains on tighter, because you were a trouble maker.”
“I get that a lot.” They both ate in silence. But Emma couldn’t stand it.
“Stop!” She declared. Carter looked at her with confusion.
“The silence! I haven’t seen you in 10 years, and you sit there, eating your apple in silence!” Carter chuckled.
“Um, okay. Hi.” Emma sighed.
“You’re impossible.”
“So what should I talk about?”
“Um, okay. I love hiking, sports, playing and listening to music, and working on cases with mom. It’s a lot of fun.”
Emma’s eye’s widened.
“What?” Carter asked
“I love all those stuff too! Talk about being twins.”
“But I’m still the coolest.” Carter declared.
“Says who?”
“Say’s everyone. Everyone knows the oldest is the best.”
“We’re twins!” Emma explained.
“But I’m older than you.”
“Yeah, by 20 seconds maybe.”
“Big deal. You know it’s true.” They both smiled. They hadn’t argued with each other forever. But their smiles quickly turned into frowns.
“I-I asked him why we were here, but he just said, ‘Blame your parents.’ What does that mean?” Carter quickly looked away to avoid making eye contact with his sister.
“Carter? What’s wrong?” He hesitated.
“Mom and I were looking at a case a few years ago that involved mom, and Amos. See, mom and Amos knew each other for a long time. They were together in high school, and college. They even worked together in the academy, and became detectives together. Amos really, really liked her. But mom saw dad, and, well, you know the rest. So, he planned revenge on dad, for stealing his ‘women’, but you see his dad was a psycho drug addict, killed someone, so mom was on the case about hunting him down, and he did something, and mom killed him. Amos got really mad at both our parents, and wanted revenge. He almost got dad in an accident, almost got you and me at the grocery store. He was put to jail last year, but escaped. I’m guessing this is his other plan. Kidnap us, and maybe kill us, to make our mom and dad suffer or something.” Emma whistled.
“You got all of that?”
“Well, sometimes I sneak into the police files, and ‘borrowed’ some of their files, and read about them. They’re really interested, and I have the right to read them. It is about our mom.” Carter stared at the ground. A gesture telling Emma, ‘I’m done talking.’ But didn’t want to show his sister he was afraid.
“We will be alright. In no time we’ll be home, safe and sound, eating in front of the television while our parents tell us ‘Get up you lazy children!’ ” Carter and Emma shared a laugh.
“Your right. Right now, let’s just sleep on it.” Emma said. Carter handed her a pillow and blanket.
“I call the chair!” He yelled quickly to show some humor, even though the chair was hard, and looked uncomfortable. Emma rolled her eyes. Carter closed the lights, staring at his sister. He wasn’t in a happy mood. He sat on the chair, thinking,
“What are we going to do? We’re doomed! What will happen to us?” Even though the two siblings were at a kidnapper’s place, they fell asleep rather quickly.

* * *
Meanwhile, Carter and Emma’s parents were at the NY police department.
“Carter has been kidnapped, and you don’t even care!”
“I did not say that! And Emma has been kidnapped too you know!”
“But Carter took a fight! Plus, he knows who the kidnapper is!”
“Well, Emma could be somewhere scared to death!”
“Detectives!” The chief yelled. “They are both your children, and your acting like the other child isn’t yours! You have to both work together to get back both you children.”
“She’s right.” Drake said
“We have to get our kids back.” Diana agreed.
“Now, let’s go over the facts.” The Chief recommended.

* * *
“Carter.” Emma whispered softly.
“Carter!” Amos yelled. Carter fell out of the chair.
“Ow!” Amos helped his up onto the chair again, and undid his chains. His ankle was red, scratched, and bloody. Amos kept a gun on Emma, so Carter wouldn’t run away while he bandaged his ankle.
“There. Now here.” He said tossing Carter his clothes, and a trowel.
“You can take a shower first, then Emma. You think about running away. Emma gets it. Understand?”
Carter swore silently to himself, but nodded.

“Carter came out a few minutes later with wet hair, and a black button down shirt with jeans. Emma went next, and Amos chained Carter’s other ankle, and pointed the gun on him. Emma came out with wet hair, a shirt, and jeans. Amos placed on her chains again too. Emma sat next to her brother on the couch.
“Who want’s tuna casserole?”
“No one! Now talk!” Carter shouted.
“Wow, you’ve got some issues. Well, I’ll tell you a great story. Pretty amazing actually. Your mom, well she was so kind, gentle, and sweet. When we were in the academy, I was about to propose to her!” Carter placed a hand on his stomach, and groaned.
“I’m going to be sick!” He whispered to Emma, but Amos heard, and snorted.
“Anyway, I was going to propose to her, but then your freak father beat me, and your mother fell in love with him. They got married, and had you miserable things.” Carter and Emma started at each other.
“Miserable?” Emma said bitterly.
“Yes, listen. She was till kind to me, so I thought I’d do something to show her he was terrible. I put one of you in danger.” He said looking at Carter. “And your dad took the blame. With that I had a chance.”
“You. It was you, not dad!” Carter explained. Amos waved his hands.
“Details. Details. But then, your mom killed my dad.”
“Because he was a terrible person like you, you-”Emma quickly clammed her hand on his mouth before he said something to irritate Amos. She gave him a glare that said, “Shut up!” Carter did.
“Anyway, I wanted revenge on both your parents after that. By killing their children. But not yet, I want them to suffer of losing you, and then make them suffer again by killing you.” He glared at Carter, who was losing his cool, and wanted to start a fight. Emma was trying to hold him back, but was very difficult.
“So, what if mom apologizes, and does want to marry you?” Emma asked. That comment made Carter’s face go all red.
“Of course I’ll accept it. Maybe even let you two live.” Carter calmed down.
“Hey, why don’t we play a game of, let’s see how the children’s parents are doing? Shall we?” Carter and Emma stared at each other. Amos took out a prepaid phone.
“They can’t trace me with this.” He said waving it, and dialing a number. “Yes, Diana and Drake McKnight please.” He waited, and placed the speaker on.
“Hello, how may we help you?”
“Hello Diana.” Amos said. She gasped.
“Amos! Where are they? Where are my children?!” Drake yelled.
“They’re here, and safe.”
“WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” They both said together. Amos chuckled.
“You don’t trust me? I wouldn’t either. I guess saying good-bye to your children would be a good thing.” He handed the phone to Carter, and Emma.
“Carter! Emma!”
“Mom!” they both shouted.
“Oh thank god. Are you both okay?”
“Yes.” Amos took the phone away
“Reunions over. Now, listen. I want 20 million dollars by Friday, 4 days from now. I’ll be waiting, and call you to tell you the directions later.” He closed the phone.
“Well, wasn’t that fun?” Carter got up. He couldn’t take it anymore.
“Fun! You think this is funny! Making our parents suffer, and kidnapping us!” He shouted in Amos’s face.
“Yes, now if I were you, I’d sit down before I say something really stupid. I’m off to the store. See you in a bit.” He left, slamming the door.
“WHY I OUTTA!” Carter cussed so much; his mom would have to put soap in his mouth to wash away all those bad words.
“Carter. Calm down!” She took Carter’s arm, and sat him down. Emma started skimming through the television. But Carter wasn’t interested. He sat on the sofa quietly, crossing his arm, trying to keep his anger inside. But he was having trouble controlling it.
After 2 hours of watching plain boring stuff, Carter noticed an interesting channel.
“Emma! Turn back a channel!” she did. It was the news a woman was broadcasting it.
“Last night, Carter McKnight,” a picture of Carter showed up, “and Emma McKnight,” a picture of Emma came up, “two 14-year old twins have been kidnapped. Their divorced parents, detective Diana and Drake McKnight,” a picture of both parents in their police suit came up, “are both worried, and devastated. Emma was kidnapped from a break-in and her window was found smashed, and Carter was fighting the kidnapper, Amos Davis, in order to protect his mother.” The TV showed a picture of Amos in a jail suit appeared. Then the women disappeared, and the children’s parents appeared. They looked awful, like they hadn’t slept or eaten at all.
“Carter, Emma,” their mom said, “we are doing everything we can to get you both back. Please, be brave, be strong, and we’ll find you soon.” The news turned back to the women.
“If you have any information about Carter and Emma McKnight, or Amos Davis, please, call your local police department.” Carter closed the TV, and got up.
“I’ve got news for you, we’re right here, so why don’t you quit your sobbing and come and get us out of this mouse hole, you morons!”
“Carter, please, calm down.” Emma said. He was so calm last night? Emma thought. Now Carter was going insane by the minute. He started tugging on his chains.
“I.Will.Not!” I have a life still, Emma. And I don’t want to die at 14!”
“It wouldn’t. Mom and dad will-” Carter snorted.
“Yeah, dad! He’ll do so much for me! What has he ever done?”
“He’s done a lot of things!” They both got up, standing face to face, and their anger was rising.
“Like what? Daddy’s little princess!”
“At least he knew me! Mom barely… ” Carter’s expression turned serious.
“You have got to be kidding me! You’re going to blame the women who gave birth to you!” Emma put her hand up, gesturing the room.
“And look where that led us!”
“This is your fault!” Carter yelled. Emma lost her temper.
“My fault! My fault! If it wasn’t for that woman, we would be alive right now!” Emma paused, and thought about what she said. “No. you know what, it’s not dad’s fault, or mom’s fault. It’s your fault! If one of us is going to die, it should be you!” Carter’s face turned into a frown, but that didn’t stop Emma from running her big mouth.
“If Amos told me if I should die, or let you die, and could save myself, I’d let you die! I don’t need you!” Emma finally stopped, and saw Carter’s horrified face. He sat on the sofa. He couldn’t believe she just said that. Emma looked at Carter’s expression that looked like she slapped him. But even if she did that, it wouldn’t have been as bad as what she had just said.
“Carter, i…” Carter looked away; he couldn’t bare to look at Emma. Amos walked into the room.
“I’m back.” He studied Carter’s face. He could tell he was about to cry, from the redness on his face, and his eye’s glossy. “Um, did I miss anything?” Emma tried to talk to Carter again, but the words wouldn’t come out.
“Come on you two. We’ve got to get out of here. They have an Amber Alert on you, and you’re on the news.” Amos gave them each a hat to cover their faces with. Amos took their bags, and led them outside.
“No funny business, got it?” They both nodded. Carter was wondering if Emma was right. I mean, I was the one who fought Amos, and live with mom, he thought. Maybe I should be the one who dies. They drove up a street, and Amos was too distracted to see that it was a red light, and an old lady was crossing the street.
“Amos, look out!” Amos hit the brakes hard, causing Carter to fall out of his seat, and onto the floor, and the mini TV on top fell on his head.
“Ow!” He complained. Amos got out of the car, and helped Carter up.
“Are all kidnapper’s this nice?” Carter asked, rubbing his head. Amos grinned.
“I’m being nice to you, because if your mom apologizes, we’ll get married, and take you both.” Carter was still mad at Emma, but looked at her, telling her, we can’t let that happen! Emma nodded. Carter started to feel queasy, as they started driving again. What would happen to them? Would they be alright? Would mom really marry Amos? Should we get out of the car and run? Carter thought. No, Amos would track us down, plus he has a gun. I’m going to have to hope for the best, he thought. But Carter could think of a million reasons what could go wrong, and only a few positive thoughts came to mind. Carter would just have to do what his mom said, “Be brave, be strong.” That’s easy for you to say, Carter thought. You’re not the one kidnapped. Emma was feeling, and thinking the same things. She also felt guilty about what she said to Carter. She looked at him, but he wouldn’t meet her eyes. He looked terrified, and probably beating himself up, about’ how it was his fault when it wasn’t. I was just angry at Amos for kidnapping us, and I took it out on Carter, she thought. I must be the worst sister ever.

They drove until it was dawn. They finally stopped in the middle of nowhere. There was a little lodge sort of house. If you pass the woods, you could see the beautiful city. Will I ever see it again? Carter and Emma both thought. Amos took the bags, and opened the back door. Carter stumbled on some rocks on the way to the lodge, because of the darkness, and he was very tired. Inside, it wasn’t bad. All the furniture was made out of wood. On the wooden sofa, a man was reading a newspaper, and Carter and Emma were on the front cover of it. When he heard Amos come in, he placed down the newspaper, and smiled at them he was a geeky person from just looking at him. He wore round glasses with red frames, a sweatshirt, and had a sausage on his cheek. His hair was spiked up on one side and flat down on the other. He got up, and studied the kids.
“Hi Amos.”

“Hi Mark. Mark I’d like you to meet Carter, and Emma McKnight. Kids, this is Mark Louise, my partner.” Mark reached out his hands at the kids, but neither of them shook it.
“A little rude, aren’t we?”
“There just tired, Mark. Help me chain them up.” Amos and Mark turned on the TV, while they chained the kids to the wall. On the news, the doorman who they met where Amos took them was on the news.
“We are here with Raul Tugrik, who has evidence; he has seen the McKnight twins. Raul?”
“Yes, Emily. Last night, Amos came with the little girl, and the boy. Amos claimed the boy and girl were his niece and nephew. The boy seemed asleep, but now, I think he was unconscious. I never knew he was a kidnapper. He always was kind.”
“And now, Mr. Tugrik would you like the two twins back?”
“Yes. They deserve to be with their family.” Emily, the reporter turned to the camera.
“Well, there you have it. The twins have been seen.” Amos shook his head.
“You think you know a person, but they just stab you in the back.”
“Like you did with our parents.” Emma complained. Amos waved his hand, waving those words aside.
“Your parents are worried about you. Sent an Amber Alert and everything.” Mark said. Carter just kept his head down, and listened.
“So, why don’t you give us back?” Emma declared. Amos snickered.
“I’m nice Emma, but not that nice.” Emma snorted.
“Yeah. Chaining us up, and not giving us food we want to eat. I feel all warm and cozy inside.” Mark pointed at the table where layed bottled waters, and granola bars.
“My heroes.” Emma said sarcastically.
“You better shut that big mouth of yours, or I’ll rip it out, and give it to the hungry pigeons outside!” Amos yelled. Emma crossed her arms, and mumbled cusses to Amos and Mark. Mark studied Carter.
“The boy doesn’t talk much?” Mark asked.
“You should’ve seen how he fought me. Must have lost hope of escaping.”
“Or living.” Mark added. They both shared a pointless laugh. Wow, Emma thought. Those two make a freaky and creepy couple. But what Carter was really doing, was thinking of a plan to escape.
“‘Night and all those other stuff parents say to kids.”
“YOU’RE NOT OUR PARENTS!” Emma yelled from the top of her lungs.
“I might be your father soon, so pay your dad some respect, and start calling me dad.” He laughed as he left. The two twins ate in silence, and watched more news. This is not like Carter, Emma thought. He’s never this quiet. Even at their grandmother’s funeral, Carter started running around, asking people stupid questions like, “Why are you crying, she’s just sleeping,” and “Are you going in that box next?”
“Okay, what’s up?” Emma finally asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, why are you so quiet?” Carter looked around, to see if anybody was listening.
“I have a plan, but I’m going to need a day to conform it.”
“Okkaay. Let’s see how your so called ‘plan’ goes.” Carter rolled his eyes.
“And you say I’m impossible.” Emma chuckled. They started flipping through the channels, finding their story everywhere.
“I’m becoming famous, and I’m not being paid? What a cheap shot!” Carter complained.
“Let’s worry about living first, and then we’ll get you an interview on The Good Morning Show.” Emma Claimed.
“I like The Ellen Show better.” Emma rolled her eyes.
“Listen, Carter, I’m very sorry about-”
“Don’t be. You were angry. Nobody should die, except those two weirdos.Anyway; I’d do anything to keep you safe. I have your picture in my room, and mom told me she would kill me if I let those hanging, but I threatened her I’d run away. I even made a scene.” Carter said proudly.
“Wow. I tried to hang your picture up, but dad tore it to shreds.” Carter’s eye’s widened.
“He hates me, that much?”
“No, no. he loves you, but he just said he needed to move on.”
“That’s exactly what mom said.” Carter said gloomy. They stared down at the ground. Emma wondered something.
“Hey, what caused the divorce in the first place?”
“You can ask the weirdo who kidnapped us. Me and dad went to get groceries. I was about 3, so were you. When we got home, you, mom, and dad put the last groceries away. I was still in the car. A male figure that looked an awful like dad pulled the breaks, and sending the car and me backwards, and into a fire hydrate. Mom blamed dad. Dad said he didn’t do it. They had a few arguments, which turned into fights, and here we are 10 years from now. Kidnapped.”
“So, if it wasn’t dad, who was it?”
“I, mom, and everybody else thought it was dad, but now I know it was Amos.” Emma nodded.
“So, you have a plan?”
“Yeah, but I’ll think it through more tomorrow. I’m very tired.” Emma agreed. They both lay on the hard sofa, and despite the pain, they fell asleep.

* * *

“Why hasn’t he called? Drake, what if they, what if they are both…” Diana couldn’t even think, or say the bad things she was thinking had happen to her children.
“Don’t say that! They’re probably fine. No, I know they’re fine.” Drake said with a reassuring smile.
“I have trained Carter well.”
“And I have trained Emma well. They’re smart kids; they’ll know what to do.” She smiled. The police station was quiet, since there were only a few cops were there. Diana and drake had been sitting next to the phone for hours, and nothing. RING, RING. Diana and drake pressed the speaker button, and everybody came running.
“Hello Diana. How are you?”
“WHERE ARE THEY?” The parents demanded.
“Calm down, they’re sleeping, and their safe and sound.” Everybody in the department where wondering, how can two kids be safe with a kidnapper?
“I don’t believe you.” Diana said bitterly.
“Okay, Okay.” Amos placed the phone on Carter’s face, who was snoring softly. But Diana knew it was Carter. Then, Amos placed the phone on Emma’s face, who was mumbling in her sleep. Drake sighed with relief.
“See, I’m nice. I let them sleep, and yes Diana, I have fed them.” Everybody was shocked. But Amos was glad. If he could show Diana how good he was with her children, she’ll definitely get rid of that disgusting Drake.
“Just give us the instructions.” Drake demanded.
“Straight to the point, I see. Okay, do you have the money?”
“Yes.” They all lied.
“Okay, so tomorrow we will meet you both in Manhattan. Come to Times Square, and I’ll call you again to tell you where to out the money, and no cops!”
“And the children?”
“Assuming there not dead, we’ll see.”
“That was not the agreement!”
“My games, my rules.”
“Amos! I’ll….” Amos closed the phone. Diana sobbed into her arms. Drake wanted to say something assuring, but he didn’t even know if his kids would be fine. Tomorrow, their kids could be dead or alive. Nobody knew what would happen. But they knew one thing, it would not be fun.
“Sent out the troops! Find out if anybody has seen Carter and Emma. I will not rest, or sleep, until those two sweet children are safe and sound!” The chief yelled. Everybody nodded. Nobody would, or could imagine what would happen tomorrow.

* * *

Carter and Emma slept until it was noon that day. They both got up, when Carter woke up yelling.
“AAAAHHH!” Carter yelled, sitting up quickly. Emma got up, and Amos and Mark ran into the living room.
“What’s wrong? Is someone here?” Mark asked.
“Yeah, two men who have us captured in this disgusting place!” Emma declared.
“You shut up missy! Carter, what’s wrong?” Amos asked him. Carter felt his chest, and sighed with relief.
“N-nothing. J-just a bad dream.” Carter said shaken up. But it wasn’t any dream, it was terrifying.
Carter fell asleep thinking about his plan. He dreamt he was the only one in a dark room. He tried to cry for help, but his voice wouldn’t work. Then he looked around. He was in the same place his parents had gotten married. Oh, I’m just remembering mom and dad’s wedding, Carter thought to himself, but he was wrong. It wasn’t his parents getting married; it was his mom, and Amos! His mom was smiling at Amos, and Amos smiled back. Emma was standing on the side, smiling with delight, and clapping. The scene shifted. Carter was running from somebody. He turned around, and saw Amos, pointing a gun at him. Carter tripped and fell. Amos came up to him, smiling.
“You’re dead!” Amos said bitterly, and shot Carter in the chest. Carter woke up sweating, and shaking in fear. He slouched on the sofa, hoping somebody would change the subject.
“Um, okay then.” Amos said, still staring at Carter. “Here’s the plan for tomorrow. We are going to drive to Manhattan and retrieve the money.”
“What about us?” Emma asked. Amos snickered, and left, leaving the question wide open.
“Are you okay? You’re still shaking?” Carter hesitated, but told Emma his dream. Emma punched his hard in the chest.
“Do you think I would smile at that? Or clap? I rather puke on them! No wonder you woke up yelling. I would too! That’s sick!” she declared, and shrugged the thought out of her mind. Carter rubbed his chest.
“I hope I didn’t scare you.”
“No, but you creped me out! So, the plan?” Carter nodded, and told her the plan. She smiled.
“Not bad for an amateur.”

All day, Carter, and Emma went over the plan in secret. They told each other a thousand reasons how the plan could work, but a million reasons how it would fail.
“We just have to see what will happen tomorrow. All we can do now is hope for the best. The rest is history.”
“History has never been good. The civil war turned out bad, the underground railroad turned out bad, the American revolution didn’t work out so good, the…”
“Emma! Think positive!” Carter declared. Emma nodded. She did need to think positive.
“Sweet dreams.” Carter shook his head.
“I’ll never have sweet dreams. Even if I live through this, this will haunt me for the rest of my life. If I die, well, it was nice meeting you after 10 years.”
“Don’t say that.” Emma pleaded.
“Sorry. Think positive. But we can’t pretend everything is fine, when it’s not.”
“Just try to.”

Emma and Carter slept for a long time. It wasn’t until Amos shook them that they woke up.
“Rise and shine, kids. It’s a brand new day. Let’s see where it leads us.” Emma rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.
“Today’s also the day the world decides to let us live, or die.” Emma whispered to Carter. He nodded.
“Hope we live.” Carter whispered back. Amos and Mark walked around the room, deciding and thinking about their plan.
“No funny business, got it?” They both nodded. Amos and Mark undid their chains, got their bags, and opened the door.
“Mark, put the bags in the car trunk.” Carter touched his nose. The signal to activate their plan. The woods weren’t far, and the car can’t go inside the woods, Carter thought. Carter quickly grabbed Emma’s hand, and dragged her outside. They both ran together into the woods.
“Hey, get back here!” Amos and Mark started shooting at them. Carter and Emma covered their heads with their arms, as they ran into the woods. They didn’t stop running until they were in the middle of the forest. Finally, they laid behind a huge boulder.
“We made it. Just a little bit more.” Emma whispered.
“Emma, I think I cut my arm on one of the branches, is it bleeding?” Emma looked at Carter’s right arm. I’m sure it’s nothing she thought. She thought wrong. Emma gasped.

“You’re bleeding. But it’s not from a scratch. You’ve been shot!” Carter looked at his right arm. It was all bloody and hurted badly. He also began to feel dizzy.
“Oh my god.” Emma looked at the wound.
“Give me your shoe.” Carter did. Emma took out the knife, cut Carter’s sleeve, and wrapped it around his gunshot wound. She gave Carter back his shoe, with his knife in it.
“How does it feel?”
“There’s a bullet in my arm! I think it’s going to hurt!” Carter explained. Emma nodded.
“From my guesses, that bullet was small, compared to a larger bullet. But it still needs to be checked.” Carter looked at his sister with amazement.
“Yeah, doctor’s my next career choice, I this whole detective thing doesn’t work out. You want to look at the wound again?” Carter started to look sickly greenish shade.
“Or not. Never mind.”
“Carter! Emma! Where are you?” Amos said sneakily.
“Come out, come out wherever you are!” Mark chanted. Carter and Emma held their breaths.
“Come on now. We wouldn’t hurt you.”
“Yeah.” They both lied. They were both scared to death, and they had almost, just almost made it. Amos and Mark tiptoed behind the boulder, and grabbed both of them.
“Gotcha!” Amos carried Carter over his shoulder, and Emma was carried by Mark. Carter started hitting Amos’s back.
“Sure. Into the river and far away from your parents. Mark, do you have another car?” Mark nodded.
“Good, because if I take the same car, the police will suspect something.” They both dragged the two kids to the black corolla.
“Put them in the trunk.” Amos threw Carter in their first, then Emma, and closed the trunk. They both got in the car, and drove.
“Carter?” Emma sounded scared, terrified.
“Emma, it’s going to be okay.” Carter grabbed Amos’s bag, and went through it. But there was nothing but clothes, woman’s jewelry, and food. Carter couldn’t believe he was about to say it, but he did.
“There’s nothing that can help us. We’re done for.” Carter finally said. He could feel his insides dying. His heart sinking and his stomach churning with fear.
“Carter, what are we going to do?” Nothing, he thought. We can do absolutely nothing. But just then, it clicked!
“Emma, wait! Mom taught me something about being trapped in a car!” Emma looked at him funny.
“Mom says it comes with the job.” He tried to move, but he moved his arm, and yelped out in pain.
“Carter, you hold still. Just tell me what to do.” Carter nodded.
“Okay, with your foot, reach the corner of the car. Where the headlights are supposed to be in my direction.” Emma did.
“Now, if you push really hard, you can see where you are at.” Emma pushed with all the might left in her. Light shined through the dark trunk.
“Yes!” Carter took pep.
“Um, okay. It looks like it’s raining-”
“Carter! Nobody cares about the dang weather! Where are we?”
“Okay, okay, calm down. We’re on a highway, and in 2 miles, we will reach Manhattan, and the woods go through a park, um, what is it called again?”
“Central park?”
“Yeah. There’s a gas station arriving. Now, can you trust me?” Emma nodded.
“Can I trust you?” Carter nodded.
“Okay, now put your foot on the top. When I yell now, we both kick it hard. Got it?” Emma nodded. Still unsure what Carter had planned, she listened to Carter, because she got no other ideas.
“Now!” They kicked once, nothing. Then twice, and THUMP! It opened just a crack. They both lifted the top. They could feel the wind in their faces, calling to them, freedom, freedom!
“Okay, now the woods are over there, but there’s a gas station there, which one?” Emma asked.
“Let’s go for the gas station. It might have a phone.” They both grabbed each other’s hand, looking at each other.
“It’ll be fine.” Carter said with a reassuring smile, but even he didn’t know that.
“One.” Carter said.
“Two.” Emma said.
“THREE!” They both yelled, and jumped out of the trunk, rolling to the side where the gas station was. They landed on the grass, Carter screamed in pain.
“Ow!” He started cussing so much; even Emma didn’t know what some of them meant.
“That…was…fun.” Carter stood up.
“Carter? Emma said with fright. “You’re bleeding even more!” Carter looked at his bleeding arm.
“It’s fine.” He lied, but turned green when he looked at it again.
“Stop looking at it!” Carter shook his head, to get the picture out of his mind, and followed his sister inside the gas station. The rain was pouring down on them harder.

When they both reached the gas station, they were soaking wet. They looked like nobody had been here for decades. It smelled like a dump, and there was dirt, and cobwebs everywhere.
“Hello, anybody here?” Emma yelled.
“Nope, doesn’t seem like it.” Carter said. They both looked around for anything to help them.
“Carter, look there’s a phone!” Emma eyes lit up, and her heart did a little tap dance. She picked it up, and the phone came off the line.
“You got any quarters?” Carter said, trying his best not to smile, and laugh. Emma looked glum again, and kicked the phone booth, but the kick back fired to her ankle. She turned away, and sat on a chair next to the counter, and sobbed into her arms. Carter patted her shoulders.
“Hey, cheer up. Mom and dad will, UMP!”

Carter landed on the floor with great force. Emma quickly got up, and next to Carter, Amos, and Mark stood there. They both looked very angry, and Mark had a crow bar in his hand. Amos pulled out a gun, and pointed it at Carter.
“If you run, if you scream, I’ll shoot him. I’m not kidding anymore! He had a bullet in his arm, should I add another one into him?” Amos declared, bitterly. Emma shook her head no. Amos pushed Emma into the garage next to the gas station, while Mark carried Carter around his shoulders, and pointing a gun at him.
I could make a run for it. Emma thought. But risk leaving Carter here? Even if I did get away, and got help, Carter would be dead by the time anybody found him! They tied the two children’s hands, and feet onto chairs.
“They have caused me so much trouble. I should just shoot them, collect the money, and forget this ever happened!”
“Yes boss, but you might get Diana back.” Mark added.

“True. True.” Emma looked around. There was a table with tools, and unnecessary supplies. The room itself was dark and disgusting. Emma looked to her right. Carter was a bloody mess! He had leaves’ in his hair, and clothes, his arm was bleeding even more, a little bit of blood dripped from his forehead where a scratch had formed, and he was cold, and wet. His head leaned backwards; his eye’s rolled to the back of his head. Emma didn’t look much better, but at least she was bleeding. Emma had to help stop the blood somehow. She decided to create a scene.

She forced her eyes to get watery, and started sobbing as hard as she could.
“Now what?” Amos growled.
“You’ve, you’ve…”
“I’ve what!” He demanded.
“YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!” She cried some more. Mark and Amos shared a look. Amos gestured Mark to check on Carter. Mark ran over to Carter, and placed two fingers on his neck.
“He still has a pulse, boss.”
“Good, now clean him up a bit. And stop your crying Emma! It’s driving me crazy! Mark, after your done cleaning him up, meet me in the gas station, we have a call to make.” Mark nodded, and Amos left. He first took a cigar, and lit it up, as he cleaned Carter up.
“Hey! Get that cigar away from him! He has asthma!” Mark sighed, and threw the cigar in the corner of the room. He quickly cleaned off Carter’s scratch on his forehead, and wrapped his arm with another piece of cloth. He cleaned the leaves out of Emma, and Carter’s hair, and clothes.
“Wow, you’re so kind, now would you mind untying us?” Mark snickered.
“Nice try. Now I’ll be right back. Don’t move or you’ll get into real trouble. I mean it!” When Mark was gone, Emma scooted next to Carter, and started hitting his chair, but instead of him waking up, the chair, and Carter, fell down on its side.
“Dang it!” Emma yelled. Suddenly, a spark appeared from the corner where Mark had disposed his cigar. The flame’s quickly grew, and grew, until the exit was blocked.
“Nice going, Mark!” Emma yelled. “Carter!” she yelled. He woke up to the smell of smoke.
“Emma, what? What’s going on?” Carter quickly saw the flames. “Fire!”
“Never mind that, quickly get out your knife!”
“I can’t!” Emma turned her back to Carter.
“Put your shoe in my hands!” he did. She quickly opened the sole, and got out the knife. She cut her hands free, then her legs.
“Hold still!” She yelled to Carter.
“No!” he said coughing. The flames were growing bigger by the minute.
“Give me the knife, and climb out that window with the chair.”
“Go!” Emma hesitated, but gave Carter the knife, and climbed out the garage window with the chair. She stood far from the garage, but still close enough to see the window, waiting for Carter. Carter was still inside. He was having trouble cutting the ropes, because of is sweaty palms, and coughing. The flames were growing more violent. Emma looked at the garage, the flames rose to the ceiling, and she watched in terror.
“Carter! Nooo!” she said kneeling on the ground, and began sobbing. Carter quickly climbed out the window in pain. His eyes were watery, his coughing was growing violent, and his arm felt like it was burning from the inside. He was covered in ashes. He crawled over to Emma, who was crying her heart out.
“Emma, I’m alright.” He croaked. Emma looked up. Carter looked terrible, but alive. She hugged Carter tightly, and got him up.
“We have to run into the woods and to Manhattan.” Carter nodded. They ran through the forest, and didn’t stop once. Their legs were screaming in pain, but they just kept on pushing the limits.
“Do you think he’s following us?” Carter pulled Emma behind a tree, and glimpse a peak of Amos, and Mark looking at the forest, and Amos met Carter’s eyes, and headed to the forest.
“RUN!” They ran, and ran, and didn’t stop. They zigzagged around the forest. Their parents had taught them that if you walk in a straight line, your path becomes too obvious. They felt like they ran a marathon. They ran from central park to a phone booth.
“Are…they…behind us?” Carter asked. Emma looked back.
“They seem…to be...looking.” She answered.

“Emma, you’re going to have to…call mom and dad…office. They them as much as you can.”
“What will you do?” Carter looked behind him.
“I’m going to distract those two idiots until the police arrive.” He handed Emma his knife for safety.
“Where do I get the money from?”
“Ask someone, you’re a victim of a kidnapping, and in trouble.” He gave Emma a reassuring look.
“Don’t worry.” He got out from behind the phone booth, and stood up.
“Amos, Mark! Over here you idiots!” he began to run, and Amos, and Mark followed with great speed.

Emma quickly asked a kind woman with a baby in a stroller to borrow her phone. She said yes.
“Aren’t you the girl who got kidnapped?” the lady asked.
“Yup. Hello, Diana McKnight please.” She was being transferred.
“Hello, this is Diana McKnight. Can you please call me back-?”
“Mom! It’s me, Emma!” Diana couldn’t breathe anymore.

“Emma, are you okay? Where are you? Where’s Amos?”
“I’m fine. I’m at central park. I ran away from Amos and his partner Mark.” Diana sighed with relief.
“Good, and Carter? Is he alright?” She asked calmly. Emma bit her bottom lip.
“Mom, he’s trying to distract them. Their chasing after them, and mom, he’s been shot!” Diana yelled over the phone to tell everybody to go to Central Park, and to look all around Manhattan for Carter.
“Listen honey, everything will be fine. Just stay there, okay?”

Carter was running as fast as he could, like his life depended on it. Oh wait, it does. He looked back; Amos and Mark were an inch closer to him. Carter decided to take a detour. He ran into an alley, into the streets, and made it back into the woods, and laid there. He couldn’t run, he couldn’t hide. All he could do was hope for the best. His wish was granted.
“Carter? Carter?” his mother called.
“Mom.” He croaked. “Over here.” His mom had found him, but in between them, was Amos.
“Well, well, well. Here I am again, ruining, yet another family reunion.” Amos smiled pointed the gun at Carter.
“Amos, please, put your gun down. Look,” Diana placed her gun on the ground, and put her hands up for innocents.
“Diana, you could have had a better life with me, then that disgusting Drake.”
“Your right, I made a huge mistake.” Diana lied.
“That was the biggest mistake I ever made. Now put the gun down, and let me get my son help. We can start all over again.” Diana suggested. Amos looked happy, thinking he might actually have a chance with Diana. He put his gun down.
“Troops! Now!” Police cars surrounded them, polices with guns pointed at Amos, and polices backing away bystanders. Amos looked surprised.
“Y-You tricked me!”
“Of course. If you really think that I’d like you after you kidnapped my children and tried to kill my family, you’re an idiot! Go rot in jail!”
“Well, rot this!” He pointed the gun at Carter and shot him in the chest. He winced, and laid his head back in pain.
“Carter!” Police troops, knocked Amos, and Mark to the ground, who had been watching everything from the distance, and were cuffed. Carter’s dad, and Emma came out of nowhere, and his whole family ran over to Carter.
“Call an ambulance!” The chief called. Carter looked pale as chalk.
“Carter, oh my god, are you okay?” Carter didn’t move.
“Mom, he…he didn’t…do it.” Carter groaned.
“Of course he did! He shot you!” Carter nodded slowly.
“Dad…did put the brakes…Amos did it…don’t blame dad.” Carter’s mom looked at his dad.
“Is that true?”
“Honey, I told you 10 years ago. I did put the brakes on. Now our son has been shot, and he tells you, and you believe it finally?”
“I’m sorry…ruined your…marriage.”
“Don’t say that Carter! This was none of your fault!” His parents exclaimed. Carter hugged his whole family.
“We love you both, and we are sorry you lost 10 years of being together as a family. I promise everything will be better now.” Carter’s arms slipped down, and he closes his eyes shut.
“Carter! Carter!” They all shouted.


Carter took his time making his hair nice, and tying his tie, but it wasn’t easy with one arm in a cast. Emma came in wearing a purple dress and her hair was all curled up.
“Nice dress.”
“Thanks, nice tux.” Carter was still having trouble with his tie.
“Dang it!”
“Here, let me.” Emma tied his tie, and straightened it, so it wouldn’t strangle him.
“You are looking so good, but in a few minutes, you wish you didn’t.” Emma said giggling.

After 10 minutes outside in their backyard, where all their relatives were celebrating their bridal shower, Carter wished he had taken his sister’s advice. They both rubbed their sore cheeks.
“Ow!” They both moaned.
“They’ve pinched me so much; my cheeks are going to bleed out!”
“I know. Who knew Aunt Jenny could pinch that hard! I mean she has so small fingers!” Emma nodded. DING DONG!

Carter answered the door. It was the chief. Even though she was in her 50s, her blonde hair, and flawless skin said otherwise.
“Hello chief, please, come in.”
“Thank you. How are you two doing?”
“Fine, sore from all the pinching and hugging, but fine.” Emma said. The chief cracked a smile.
“Mom and dad are in the backyard.” The chief gave them a small nod, and patted their heads.
“It’s good to have you two back.” And she left.
“Hey. Did they tell a new story on the news about our kidnapping?” Carter asked.
“Yeah, let’s see.” Emma and Carter ran into the den, and turned on the television.
“Last week, Carter and Emma McKnight were found. Amos Davis and Mark Louise were both arrested and counted on first degree kidnapping. The two twins will be on Good Morning LA tomorrow to share their horrifying tragedy story. Back to you Kevin.”
“This is the best day of my life.” They both started jumping up and down like they were little kids, but they didn’t care. They were a family aging, and they were safe, and alive.
“You see, I told you we would be fine.” Carter declared. Emma hugged him.
“Yes, you did.” She put her arm around his, and the two of them walked outside into the backyard to celebrate their parent’s bridal shower.


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This book has 7 comments.

Nimra Shaikh said...
on Apr. 3 2013 at 3:54 pm
Thank you so much!!! Your stories are as wonderful as well!!! :D So many wonderful writers in the world!!! :D

KateLA GOLD said...
on Apr. 2 2013 at 9:47 pm
KateLA GOLD, Everett, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Don’t you find it Funny that after Monday(M) and Tuesday(T), the rest of the week says WTF?

I loved your story, it just needs a little more description of the character's surroundings, but other than that I really liked the story line, and the message about family you were trying to get across. 5/5!

Nimra BRONZE said...
on Sep. 1 2012 at 5:11 pm
Nimra BRONZE, New York, New York
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Thanks so much it means so much

M-star BRONZE said...
on Sep. 1 2012 at 5:22 am
M-star BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you."- Richard Brinsley Sheridan

This story is amazing!!:) I kept reading faster and faster with each chapter! I really do love stories that involve siblings!! And the characters of both Carter and Emma are so cool and sweet!

Nimra BRONZE said...
on Aug. 21 2012 at 2:50 pm
Nimra BRONZE, New York, New York
2 articles 0 photos 25 comments
Thanks so much, it means alot!

on Aug. 21 2012 at 2:22 pm
foreverSmall PLATINUM, Brighton, Michigan
23 articles 0 photos 37 comments
Great. Cool plot. A few spelling errors though. It makes me want to read more, awesome job. 

Nimra BRONZE said...
on Aug. 17 2012 at 3:21 pm
Nimra BRONZE, New York, New York
2 articles 0 photos 25 comments
Colol and mysterious book


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