The Holy Spear

June 12, 2017
By TJD_Star BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
TJD_Star BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
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April, 33 A.D.  A date debated among historians and Catholics on the specificity of the death of Jesus Christ.  Even with this debate still present today, both do agree that this event occurred in history.  There has been many stories and writings about this date that seem too fantasy to be real to the modern day, but many people believe in the power and the mystery that became of that date.  They cannot explain these phenomena, but they worship it and believe it.  The resurrection of Jesus and the disappearing of himself from his tomb might have not been the most mind bending moment of those three days.  There was another event that the Bible states and that is the spear that stabbed Jesus.
Even though most of this is based on myth and the word of the human soul, it can still be researched in order to find the truth if this power exists.  It is said that the spear that stabbed Jesus, gained power from his blood, even though when he was stabbed nothing but water fell from his lifeless corpse.  Due to this happening the Roman soldiers knew he was dead, or so they thought.  The story of Jesus Christ resurrecting, is at times overshadowed by the spear.  Many people name the spear differently, but the most common one is the Spear of Destiny or the Holy Spear.  It is said that its power is to change reality when it is touched by a human and the thought of the human will make that reality come true.
This sounds too extreme for the modern day world we know today and proper physics say this is just fan theories our it is just conspiracy.  Although, maybe there was something strange about the object, so much so that the people who found the spear did not comprehend the full meaning.  Most likely this is not the case and there was probably no power to the spear, but since many followed Jesus and his religion they created this persona that he gave this spear power due to the legends Jesus created for himself and what his apostles created for him. 
Jesus Christ’s followers were extremely strong and they truly believed that he was sent down from God himself.  Writing gave the spear powers as well as the belief of the power of Jesus.  This iconic event symbolizes the Catholic Religion, so there is no reason why people shouldn’t make this moment as memorable as possible to signify the greatness of Jesus and the religion. 
The power of religion drives people and this drive creates stories upon stories in order to persuade people that their religion is the most true to the human soul.  The power of religion can ultimately affect the lives of every human on the planet.  Religion and the human drive for that religion can lead to madness and eventually to war as most conflicts are due to the radicalness of the religion.  Nearly every religion wants humans to act on good thoughts and emotions in order to do good and help others.  However, some will misinterpret the religion itself becoming a radical trying to spread their beliefs in a harmful and evil way.  Religions strive for us to be great people, but in the end we are overshadowed by the few who harm others through their beliefs.  

The author's comments:

What Inspired me about this peice was that recently I have turned to god and I wanted to write something about Jesus and all of the stories surrounding his death.  In addition, the spear topic cam about on DC's Legends of Tomorrow which also, inspired me to write this nonfiction piece.

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