Beauty Found in War

September 1, 2011
By Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
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The Arc de Triomphe is a structure that radiates a powerful essence of remembrance and united victory. Throughout the monument, they are statues and engravings that tell tales of the successful conquest. In the centre of all this praise in an unknown soldier burial, with a continuous flame lit and abundance of flowers placed near. The Arc De Triomphe was built to honour those who fought for France, and I have to say I was honoured to walk all 243 steps for this magnificent creation.

Looking over the edge, at the highest point, is incredible. I felt like I was in the centre of the world with twelve streets penetrating from the Arc in perfect alignment. Clearly this sensation is intentional but this knowledge didn’t make this “top of the world” feeling any less enjoyable. It was almost like the world was showing me my options, my possible destinies. Each path looked just as promising as the next, with its own secrets and surprises. I don’t think I’ve ever be struck by this sensation in Mississauga, if I recall there isn’t anywhere to bring forth this new awareness. I suppose this is because Mississauga is so young and has no real outstanding history. I guess in a way that should be good, since we have less to explain or be blamed for but then again we don’t have any true heroic tale to share, we’re just Mississauga. It seems strange that this spectacular work of art was built out of war. So beautiful but tainted with darkness, every place that had been conquered aided France but destroyed another’s life. The misery and fear of people brought triumph to the French and the absolute motivation to build this magnificent Arc. However, it still seems like something to be proud of, this grand piece of art no matter of its history. However, lives were affected because if the people who had fought for the French had sat around waiting to be saved then all of France would have been ruined. Their lives would have been filled with misery and fear. I believe the Arc De Triomphe is something to be proud of but in moderation and that no one should forget that more lives were hurt then just the French.

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I went to Paris all hyped up on other's great views but was quickly disappointed. Past and Present are in a full out war for attention. It's chaotic but they Paris does have a quite a few things to admire. The Arc de Triomphe is definitely one of them.

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