Trouble at the Mexican Border

June 1, 2010
By , Valley Center, CA
Don’t you hate when they have you waiting in one place for a very long time? Well I do. I remember this one time when I was coming back to Mexicali I was about to cross back to the United States. I waited like about an hour in line until my turn. As soon as I got to the custom officer he started asking a lot of questions “Whose car is this? Did I bring anything back from Mexico?” I guess I looked too little of a kid to the officer or something. He sent my cousin and I to secondary.

While we were waiting to get parked, my cousin started freaking out because he had smoked like not even 2 hours ago and he still smelled like it. I was kind of freaking out because past 11 pm I am not allow to drive. I am also not allowed to drive anyone, and I was driving my cousin.

My cousin and I were sitting down inside the car and it was hot. We were looking at the officers passing right by in front of us. I was getting mad because all they did was just pass by and look at the car. I was “like what?” Thirty minutes had passed and finally three officers came to the car and told us to get off the car. They told us to open the trunk, the hood, and to stand in front of the car. While two officers were searching the car, two other officers told us to put our hands up and to open our legs. While the car was being searched, they brought out the dogs. The dogs started sniffing us up to see if we had any type of drugs. As soon as they brought out the dogs I started to know what this was all about. The officers thought my cousin and I were crossing drugs over. I was kind of mad because of that but I also understand that it is part of their job. Once they finished searching the car and us I thought they were going of be like ok you guys can go. Instead they just told us to close the hood and the trunk. We had to just sit back down and wait. I was like “okay that sucks.” My cousin was pissed he told the officer “why can’t we leave you guys already searched us and the car?” and all the officer said was “SHUT UP!!”

As we saw the officers pass by my cousin and I we started getting bored. We just started talking about stuff that had happened ever since I moved back to San Diego. It was pretty cool because we got to talk about a lot of stuff. I guess the officers wanted us to get scared and stuff because they left us there for a long time (but we didn’t). They saw that we didn’t care that we were there so they came back. Once again they made us get off the car, open the trunk, hood, and to stand in front. While searching the car, there was this nice car that was also sent to secondary and as soon as the car parked the dogs right away went to it. That only meant one thing that the car must have something in it. The officer’s right away stop searching my car went and went to the other car. The officers found dugs in the car. The guy starts to make a run back down the border to Mexico, but the officers let the dogs loose. As soon as the dogs were let loose, in 10 seconds, the dogs got the guy and the officer just took him in. Meanwhile my cousin and I were let loose and we were able to go home. Now I know why they kept us there to see if we had anything. We didn’t have so sucked for them for keeping us in there for a long time.

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