January 14, 2010
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Clothes flying into the case: sweaters, pants, t-shirts, undies, bras, socks, even some shoes. Grabbing my make-up quickly, deodorant, body spray, is that everything? Of course not, throw in the hair straighter, soap, shampoo, and toothbrush too. I’m out the door, dragging my half shut suitcase behind me. Into my SUV the case is thrown. As I jump into the driver’s seat I glance at the digital clock, an hour till my flight. Can I make it in time? Yeah, sure I can. I have to; tomorrow is my best friend’s wedding and this is the only flight to Puerto Rico all day.
Pulling out from my driveway, I barely check if anyone’s coming my way. My driving on the way to the airport probably wouldn’t be to the satisfaction of my driving instructor. And of course I’m hitting every light, and on the highway it seems like I am always stuck behind some Grandma. Finally at the airport, not a moment to waste. I park my car diagonally into a vertical parking space, oh well, no time to fix it. What’s that noise? Oh, it’s starting to rain. How convenient, I’ll only be soaked by the time I get inside.
Hair dripping, shoes squeaking, I manage to check in my case and collect my ticket. Security time. Of course, I’m selected out of everyone to receive a thorough check. Shoes and belt off, arms spread wide, legs apart. Oh, I passed the check? Fantastic. Shoes and belt go back on; I check the time, ten minutes till my flight leaves, wonderful.
Let’s see, right now I’m in Terminal A, where do I need to board my plane? Terminal F? I used to think it was fun to sit back at the airport and watch everyone else make their way to their flight. I especially liked to watch those idiots who have to run to their terminal. Now it looks like I get to be one of those idiots. Face perspiring, feet throbbing, face flushed from embarrassment, I finally arrive at my terminal. Oh, what’s that? My plane left five minutes ago? Superb.
Ah! I sit up straight in bed with a jolt. I slowly turn and groggily glance at my clock. Oh. My plane left five minutes ago? I forgot to set my alarm. I lay back in my bed, furious. After a few minutes I decide it’s time to call my friend, who’s wedding I might be a little late to attend. Well, at least now I don’t have to worry about rushing.

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