Fishing, Mudding and Hunting

February 10, 2018
By Anonymous

I love to fish. When I go fishing I can relax. I don’t gotta worry about anything else that is going on in my life. I sometimes go fishing with my grandpa. He is a lot of fun to fish with, but he gets mad really easily. My dad is a lot of fun to fish with to, because he has a boat and we can go to the lake to catch bigger fish. I want to take my dog fishing with me one day. Boudro likes to play in the boat but I don’t think he would do well on the water. I also think he will try to eat my fish. If he does eat my fish, I will push him in the water, and tell him he is a bad dog. I don’t know if have ever had bass, or crappie before but it is so good ,and u need to try it one day. I had it for the first time went I was six years old. I really didn’t like it the first time I had it. I like it a lot now it is a lot better than catfish or mudcat. I cleaned my first bass yesterday with no help. I falade him later and I will fry him up and eat him. I go mudding in everything.There's no question that fishing makes lifelong memories. Whether it's your buddy's tall tale that you never quite believed or the day when you caught your first fish, this sport brings people together and puts a smile on millions of faces. That's the most special thing about fishing, in my opinion.

I go mudding in my truck. My truck is a 1995 chevrolet k1500 extended cade pickup with a 350 automatic, six inch lift ( you know I gotta keep it jacked up ). I have a polaris 700 four wheel to I don’t ride it though. I ride are ranger 900 a lot more than I do my four wheeler. One day I will have a kid of my own and I will teach him or her how to mud. I need to fix my truck there is a couple of things wrong with it. For one it needs a front end a-line ment and I want some new speakers for the in the doors and in the speakers box in the back. Just the other day, after we got a ton of rain, I decided to go out mudding with my dad. I got stuck in a rut a gunned it...mud and rocks shot straight up in the air. The mud and rocks had a lot of airtime we didn’t even realize how much stuff we slung behind us, and when they came back down they hit the roof of the truck so hard that we thought someone was shooting at we all freaked out, so we got out of the rut as fast as we could and went home.

I don’t really hunt much. But I would hunt all the time if I could walk around and walk up one a deer instead of sitting in a deer standing. If I could learn to bow hunt I wound hunt more, but I don’t know how to shoot a bow at all. All I know is u put the arrow in there and shoot it that is about all I know. Sitting in a stand and waiting on a deer is boring. I’d rather be up moving around, no just sitting there. Fish take up less space than a deer would. I was walking out one time and awe walk up on a 12 point I didn’t know what to do so i came up the idea to stab it but I couldn’t catch it.

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