Playing Soccer in the Hail

November 27, 2017
By avajunggg BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
avajunggg BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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One minute and thirty two seconds left in the game. A chilly drizzle of rain sprinkles on my head. Grey and gloomy skies fill the fields.  The rain was like a baby just beginning to cry then throw a tantrum right before falling asleep. That baby threw a tantrum alright. Skies raged and rumbled. Lightning began to pierce the sky, and as soon as I thought the worst was about to be complete, hail came bulleting down. It was like we were in the middle of a war.

Hail came from all sides. It didn’t even feel cold. It just stung. I ran under the bleachers. The sound of the  hail ricocheting  against the bleachers became menacing.  The sound echoed everywhere. It was so deafening that it reverberated in my ear. I couldn’t tell when it would ever end, because the sound kept repeating itself into my ear.

When the sound eventually faded,  I came out from under the bleachers. Everyone else started coming out of their hiding places. Parents came out of their cars. Kids came out from under the bleachers. Most people seemed okay. Some had some minor issues. I saw one lady rolling her eyes as she talked on the phone with someone.  She was glaring at a crack in the window of her car. As I looked for my parents, I saw a girl crying. It looked like her eyes were purple. I was going to help her, but her parents came bursting in hugging her.

I eventually find my parents coming out of our bright new blue car. They looked relieved to see no dents on it. After we all hugged our parents, we returned to our game. At this point, we had very little time.f We only had one minute left. The girls still seemed kind of confused after the hail.

I decided to give this game everything I had, since there was only one minute left. I charged at the ball, running as quiet as a lion does when hunting his prey. The balls of my feet bounced off the ground, leaving a crunchy sound. I hear my cleats grinding the ice on the field. I could hear the  crunching noise with every step I took. I  snatch the ball from the girl. Sweat trickles down the front of my jersey, through my hair, across my face. I quickly release the ball to our forward. We are running out of time. The clouds are starting to clear. The forward passes it to the wing and the wing crosses it right in front of the goal. The goalie is diving for it. Then suddenly I have this urge I've never felt before my feet stride and move quickly.

My pace picks up and …. Bam I run into the goalie getting the ball while  I’m in the motion of shooting. The goalie pulls my leg. I fall backwards crying. I feel like I missed my chance. I hear the whistle blow TWEET! I sigh it's over. I get up trying to hide the fact that I am crying. My parents would think I was a bad sport. They start patting me on the back and to my surprise, congratulate me. More parents come up to me and give me a high five.

I feel confused.  I say, “Why are you clapping for me, we lost. “ All the parents burst into laughter. One parent say “oh sweetie did you see the goal you scored.’’Another saying ‘’That took a lot of effort.’’It took a while for me to realize the ball went in. I say “I scored” in excitement then soften my voice saying “how did I score?’’ My dad says “Well when you collided with the goalie she let go of the ball and it rolled in the goal.’’I feel like screaming. Then I see the goalie crying ‘’I come up to her and say good game you played really well.’’ Which made my parents look really proud. I was all excited when I completely remember they scored a goal earlier making this a tied game. I was a little less excited but accepted that I’d take a tie over a loss any day.


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