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November 7, 2017
By BryanFalk BRONZE, Minster, OH, Ohio
BryanFalk BRONZE, Minster, OH, Ohio
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Playing Fantasy Football for the the last four years, I have gotten a good idea of who should be drafted first overall or at least second. The first guy is a remarkable runner from the backfield. His elusiveness and patience as a runner is impressive and also effective.  His vision of hitting the hole and running behind his blockers instead of in front of them.  Another player who should be drafted close to the top would be David Johnson.  David, also being a running back, had a really special ability of being an elite runner and pass catcher.  There are games from last season where he would lead both teams in running and receiving.  You could just imagine that he would be racking in those fantasy points.  Also, since it is a ppr league (points per reception) he gets a point for each reception.  And last but not least, Tom Brady.  Tom Brady is probably one of the most consistent but very good quarterback.  His vision of the field is great and he can make any average receiver into a great.  Because of this, he is always one of the top scoring quarterbacks every year.  In all, Leveon Bell, David Johnson, and Tom Brady should be the top three player taken in a ppr fantasy draft.

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