Game Day

October 3, 2017

It's here! My favorite day of the week: Gameday! During the Fall if it’s Gameday it means it’s time for football!The feeling of excitement flows throughout my body from the moment I awake until I lay my head down to sleep after coming home from the game.

There is a lot of work and preparation put into this day by many groups: coaches, players, band members, managers/trainers, and booster club members.

My day starts off with my father waking me, and we exchange a few hoops and hollers, chanting it's GAMEDAY! Then I get a steaming shower to fully awake myself. On the outside, I get ready for the day just like any other (get dressed, eat, brush my teeth, etc.), but inside, it's a different process.

I'm going over plays, what I need to do as a receiver and a linebacker, and how I need to do it. Focus is a key to success as well as winning, and winning isn't everything: it’s the only thing.

I arrive at the school and go to my classes, hoping the day will magically somehow speed up. For the first four periods which seems like forever I just silently count down the time til the game. I’m so zoned out that when a teacher called on me I answered good catch. Athletics comes up and we walk out to the practice field and go through game-like situations and go over the game plan the coaches have established for us.

Lunch comes and goes then it’s off to the second half of the day. The next three classes pass by at a much quicker pace than it seems my first five did (what a relief that is).

The bell to end the school day rings sharply at 3:30--which means no more classes--but it also means it’s time to focus on the game, which starts at 6, so we have roughly 2 ½ hours before opening kick off. We have until 5:00 to leave and get something to eat and whatever we need to do before the game. Then at five o’clock we all go to the lockeroom and everyone sits in front of their locker for roll check. We then began to get dressed; putting our jerseys on our shoulder pads, putting a girdle on, tightening the belt on the pants, and lacing up our cleats. Now that we are all suited up and ready we gather in tight and say our traditional prayer. We then walk out to the field and began warming up.

We discuss the defensive set that we will start the game off in and then do a drive of offensive plays. Next, the captains go do the flip to determine if we will kick or receive first. Once established, it’s time for opening kick off. After that, it’s here! It’s finally here! The moment that I live for every week! GAME TIME!

My heart rate is up, adrenaline rushing through me, and the crowd is cheering us on. As the game goes on and on we fight hard till the end of the fourth quarter. Plays are made and plays are given up, there is fun as there is learning.There are high emotions displayed on the field for we play not only as teammates but also as brothers. The game ends and we are hopefully victorious. If sowe are able to momentarily celebrate but also have to put our focus into the next week. As a team,we must learn from mistakes we made during the game and finding a way to improve everyday.

I go to the lockeroom and get dressed back into my street clothes and head home. On arrival, I make my way to the bathroom and take a long warm shower that is much needed. I then lay my head downtown rest and silently reflect on the game and think how blessed I am to be able to play the game I love with my brothers and be coached by the spectacular coaching staff we have.

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