Fight Through

September 26, 2017
By j-money13 BRONZE, Azle, Texas
j-money13 BRONZE, Azle, Texas
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Knowing there's no chance of me getting up to practice beam again, I reclined myself back and enviously           watched the golden child work on her new skill.

It was a boiling day on my 9-hour workout gymnastics day. I was slumping on my beam that I would soon start being artistic on.  Although Mrs. Julie, my coach, knew I was exhausted from the other events, she placed me on the beam and told me to work on my dance and skills for my routine. On the spot I and to go through my routine but it felt like there was something missing. After finishing 3 exhausting routines, I spitefully started to watch Kailey on her beam. She was so fluent and confident. Everyone was complimenting her on her glorious routine. It made me start to wonder why I wasn’t getting complimented or praised by anyone. That’s when a light bulb when off and made me realize it was because she had harder skills that no one in the gym was working on. I rushed over to the skill book overflowing with skill ideas. Maybe if I could come up with my own skills I could finally be better than the golden child.72% of people say they have their greatest ideas in the shower but since I didn’t have a shower handy I decided to just be like the 84% who say they think better when they are away from their work place. As I took a replenishing drink of water, my brain sparked an idea of a skill, but then another and another flowed in and soon my brain was overflowing with was almost like a bouncy ball in an empty room; ideas just kept bouncing around in head. People work 93% better when they work in pairs so I ran to my coach and unleashed all my ideas. We brainstormed for a while and finally narrowed it down to what I thought was the best ideas out of all my other ones. I call it the JP but my coach liked The WOG better. It can be described as an Ariel with a half twist afterwards making you land forward instead of sideways.

I ended up competing it in my fist meet of the season where I beat Kailey on every single event. Although Kailey was the best in my gym, I was determined to beat her in event and competition I competed against her. Even in the hard times when I felt beat down or couldn’t complete my task of making a new skill, I sought out help and that’s what made all of this possible. If you have a dream you have to follow through with them, you can’t just give up. If you have trouble reach out to other people and your outcome will come a lot easier.

The author's comments:

this peice was written to remind people that evryone goes through a hard time in their life. everyone has a dream and you have to follow through with that dream in order to become succesful.

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