September 25, 2017
By Anonymous

The smell of race fuel fills my nostrils on a bright and early morning. My heart is beating out of your chest. I know I’ll have butterflies in my stomach before the gate drops. I think about being a good sport, whether I’m on and off the track. I am an athlete, and I love the most physically demanding sport on Earth.

This is motocross.

Sunday Morning

It's time. The roaring sound of dirt bikes wakes me just as the sun rises. I spring out of bed to get ready for pre-race practice. I put on my helmet, neck brace, knee braces, jersey, and boots. I exit my camper (?) , then head to staging, where we stay until we are told that the track is ready for us.

I can’t wait to get out there, because we have to practice strenuously to get a good lap time. Our position on the starting line--our gate pick--depends on being the fastest, so I’m excited when they give us the signal to to the track.

It’s going to be a great day: I had the fastest lap time.

The Start

I am called to staging for my race. I get first gate pick, I pick the gate two positions over from the “dog house,” which is where the guy steps on the lever to drop the gate.

Once everyone is in the gate, it's time the guy points us off, I lean over my handlebars focused only on one thing the movement of the gate.

Finally the gate drops I burn my clutch holding the bike wide open jumping on my pegs, with my butt in the back of your seat wide open down the straight trying to be the first one to the turn.

Mid Moto

I have to put out a 100% to keep my spot, because the next guy in line is just looking for you to mess up and pass you. This is the hardest part cause you’re under so much pressure to just keep riding smooth. But you could bobble and get passed. Now you would be working twice as hard now you have to pass. You could man up and just send a monster jump for the pass. Now you’re back in front.

Final Lap

You get the white flag which means last lap. Now you put out everything you have left. Your body is dead you can't hold on to the bike but you keep pushing to get through it to make it to the checkered flag to take the win.

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