Busch Stadium

December 18, 2008
Doesn’t everyone love the feeling when you go to a place you haven’t been to in a long time? I know that there are several places that I have been to that I want to go back to. One of those places is the new Busch Stadium. I have been to the new Busch Stadium before but nothing like the last time I went. I was lucky enough to get some of the best seats in the stadium, behind home plate where you get free food. That day the stadium was amazing. The loud roars of the crowed the smell of all the different kinds of food. The bright colors of the stadium filled my eyes. But not all things in the stadium were as fun as it seems. The stadium was hot and the crowed was silent at parts and I hated it. In the end the game turned out to be the best game I have seen live even on the games on TV.

When I first noticed the stadium was my family and I were driving to the stadium and the huge bright red signs caught my attention. I couldn’t wait to rush in. As we walked into the stadium and came up through the stairs the bright colors were overwhelming. The bright red throughout the towering stands seamed to swarm me as I took my seat. The perfectly clean cut lined grass and the golden brown dirt looked as if nobody has set foot on it in years. Even though that looked amazing, the seats were blistering hot. The heat was pounding on us as we sat there. I couldn’t even put my arms on the arm rest because it was so hot. I started to sweet before the game even started and my dad and I left to go the air-conditioned room that they had in the stadium.

As the stadium started to get real crowed the stadium filled with thousands of red and white jerseys and few yellow jerseys because we were playing the Pirates. The crowed started to get in the game yelling and screaming ever five seconds. I could hear some faint “ice cold water” and a faint “peanuts, who wants peanuts.” Of course the best part about the stadium is the ball park food. The warm hot dogs and the warm cheese for the nachos sat in my lap. They looked, smelled, and tasted the best I have ever had. The nachos had cheese dripping off the side and smothered every chip. I love the smell of food every time I get to go to a game.

The most exciting part about a baseball game is when the game is in the heat of the moment. The crowed is roared as the pitcher throws a pitch. The loud pop of the glove as the umpire calls strike one. A crowed can go from crazy to silent in a moment. As the next pitch came the Pirates batter swung and with one crack of a bat the only thing you can here are the steps of the batter circling the bases. As we came up to bat the crowed all stood up on their feet. Crack, we got a hit. Then as the bases became loaded the crowed was going crazy for it was the bottom of the 9th and all we need was a base hit. The crowed became silent as the pitch came and as soon as he hit it the ball soared through the air. The left fielder sprinted towards the wall just to see it fall into the hands of a lucky fan. I couldn’t believe it. I could see many people jumping up and down screaming and others just giving hive fives to anyone they could find.

We stayed in the stadium as people started to exit the stadium. The noise slowly died away and I experienced one of the best moments of my life. Everything about Busch stadium seems to be perfect. From roaring crowed to booing crowds. The bright red signs, the perfectly cut grass, and the golden brown dirt was perfect. The smell of the wonderful hot dogs and other food filled my nose. No matter what happens at Busch Stadium you have to love everything that’s in it and the crowed that is always there to cheer on the players.

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