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January 18, 2012
By highsandlows BRONZE, Escondido, California
highsandlows BRONZE, Escondido, California
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To love and to be loved are far too different.

"Go! Go! Go!" my family yells at the panting quarterback, struggling to throw the ball (Orton). I never understood the significance of yelling at a TV when no one could hear you. Yet I found myself yelling at Tebow to through the ball (I knew he was an amazing passer, he just needed to believe in himself).

Of course I felt bad afterwards. Because yelling at my idol just didn't sit well with me. Why you ask is Tebow my idol? Why not, I say. Just the way he takes a knee and prays, astounds me. He's not afraid to be himself in front of millions. Which is impeccable, because half of them judge.

He is not rude to the one's who attack him, without an ounce of regret. He simply ignores their rude attack, which has an imprint on me. I always wear my stainless, mint condition Elway jersey, and people have nothing good to say. But I ask myself "What would Tebow do?" So I always end up walking away, feeling like the bigger person.

He also proves people wrong. He showed everyone he could be a real NFL quarterback by winning against the steelers. And he won, in style. He threw the ball like a bird soaring through the empty sky. He showed that he could not only make it, but also to make history.
I also proved people wrong. I had an F in algebra, but I quickly showed I could make it up to a C.

I felt proud that we both made it. Now people are saying he doesn't have the strength and agility to bring down the Patriots. But I believe in his crazy good skills and I know he will take them down in a blink of an eye. But it doesn't matter to me. Because in my eye, he will always be a star.

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Tebow, yet again :)

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