Green Casts

January 9, 2012
By GretaAlyssa BRONZE, Waterbury, Vermont
GretaAlyssa BRONZE, Waterbury, Vermont
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Jose and I were playing basketball, one on one. I was doing the fake crossover, he stepped on my foot and I turned my ankle to look behind him. It was actually broke, it was a crack. I thought it was just a sprained till I realized it was getting very ugly, even uglier than the regular bruise colors. It was during the gym class in school. I was limping to sit on the bench; I wasn’t crying. I knew something was going on, I was hoping it wasn’t broken. If it actually was, I would be pissed off; it was during the basketball season. I love playing basketball. That time, I was in eighth grade. I was taken to the emergency room. I had been staying there for more than four hours. I was very tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. After taking the X-Ray, I waited for a couple minutes; they told me the official news about my ankle. It was broken.
I was pretty disappointed. I couldn’t stand sitting on the bench without playing basketball when I had to watch the game. They asked me what color cast I wanted. I picked lime green since they didn’t have the color of orange, and orange was my favorite color. Green was my second favorite color, but it was all good. Lime green was a pretty color. The doctor taught me how to use the crutches. I came back to school. People were saying that was so unbelievable, no basketball this year for you! It was pretty annoying and they kept asking me if they could sign my green cast. After my mom heard what happened to my ankle, she drove here in Brattleboro. She took me to home; I rested for a week and came back to school. It wasn’t the best winter of the year, rather the worst one ever.
Around end of the week in February, I was back on the basketball court. I was so pumped to play basketball again! I missed so many basketball games, but it was good to play again, I played a few games in New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The basketball season was over; I went to the gym to play basketball for fun with my friends.
A couple days later, I went outside to walk around with my friends during the night time, it was really dark out there. I was talking to my friend, Jose.
“It is sooo cold out here!” I told him and rubbing my arms with my freeze hands.
“I know right, where’s your jacket?” He chuckled.
I rolled my eyes and looked down to check if there was any ice there. It was dark and barely to see anything on the ground. I could feel something slippery; my leg wasn’t in control- I fell down from the ice. I lay down on the ground and looking up at my friends; I knew my ankle was hurt… again. My friends kept asking me the same questions, over and over again.
“ARE YOU OKAY?! Are you alright? What happened?”
I was thinking, just help me already! Stop talking! Finally, they gave me their hands, I sat up when I bent my knee to get up, my head is really dizzying, my left eye was blurry, and my contact must be fall out of my eye. I tried to stand on my both feet but there was something that stings me, I knew it was my ankle, the same spot. Great, not again! I looked down and I can feel my eyes were about to have tears. I stood on my right foot and feeling like a flamingo.
I told Jose, “Can you just call someone already?!”
He took out his phone from his pocket. I looked away and looking at the road. I hate to sitting on the cold ground. I was thinking, I actually had to sit down and waited for someone to come to bring me to emergency room… ugh, not cool! I couldn’t control myself, I had no patience. Finally, my friend’s mother stopped by and brought me to the emergency room. The mother didn’t say any word at all. When we got there, Jose ran into the building of emergency room and brought the wheelchair for me. I got off the car, the mother and Jose helped me to sit on the wheelchair. I could felt my ankle that keep stings me, and it felt like something that kept biting my ankle. I squeezed my hands tightly to make the pain goes away, it doesn’t help at all. Jose pushed the wheelchair slowly to enter the building. The mother was talking to the lady who works there, she sent us to the waiting room. When we were waiting in the waiting room, everything in the room was very quiet and we were the only people who were there. It was kind of awkward to stare at each other and don’t know what to say.
Jose hugged me and said, “It was just a sprain, you will be fine.” He gave me the worried looks. I looked away to the small table with full of magazines. The nurse called my name; I looked at her and sigh. Here we go! I asked Jose to borrow his phone; I texted my mom and told her what happened.
“She was on her way from her work.” I looked down when I told Jose.
The nurse brought me to the X-Ray room; I lay down and kept thinking about everything, I couldn’t get all the things off my mind. A couple hours later, the nurse finally came in the room and told me the bad news. I broke my same ankle. I got my cast again, it was the same color; lime green.
“We’re not going to play one on one for a while.” I told Jose and I giggled. I actually had no idea why did I just laugh. I gave myself the weird look and roll my eyes.
After my cast was off, I had to wear the walking air cast and wore it for almost a month. It wasn’t fun at all because it sucks when I can’t run, and it was hard to bend my left leg. I actually have four pairs of crutches in my bedroom. I definitely better be careful with my ankle. Now I make sure it’s not going to happen to me again, ever. It was one of my horrible experiences.

The author's comments:
Just to be careful when you play sports or phycial activies.

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