October 13, 2011
Softball is a fun sport to play, and is usually played by girls. The field is in a shape of a diamond, and has an infield and an outfield. The infield has dirt, four bases, and consists of six players. For the infield you need a pitcher, catcher, 1st basemen, 2nd basemen, 3rd basemen, and a shortstop. The outfield has grass and consists of three players. For the outfield you need a right fielder, left fielder, and a center fielder.
The rules for softball are easy to follow. Softball usually consists of four to five innings. For the person that is batting, can only get three strikes then they are out. Each team gets three outs, then the other team gets to bat. When stealing a base, you need to wait for the ball to release from the pitchers hand. Then you can steal from base to base. If you are stealing, make sure not to get tagged by the player, or you will be out. When you slid into the base, make sure your foot touches the base before the player gets you out. When a pop fly is hit, before you run, make sure the player does not catch the ball. If they do then the batter will be out, and you can get out to.
The equipment you will need for softball is not a lot. You can go to Academy to buy everything you need. When buying a bat, you need to make sure it’s not too heavy, and not to long. A helmet is a good thing to have while playing. Don’t get a helmet to tight or to loose. Cleats help you get grip while you running in the grass or the dirt. Batting gloves help protect your hands from getting blisters, or making our hands sting. You will defiantly need a softball bag to keep all your equipment in so you don’t have to carry it by yourself.
The softball is much bigger than a baseball, but smaller than a cabbage ball. Unlike the baseball, the softball is a bright yellow. It’s also hard; I don’t see why they call it a softball. The ball has two red strings running down the sides. This is where you put your fingers to throw the ball.
Softball is so fun! If you are a girl, you should defiantly play softball. Don’t be afraid to join the teams at the parks, or at your school. You can get scholarships for college. Softball isn’t a thing that just comes to someone. You have to practice and work hard to get good at it.

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