Inner State Rivalry Continues

February 14, 2011
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With five seconds left in a tied championship game, whoever gets the ball wants to make the game winning shot so that they would be known as the person who won the championship. When the buzzer goes off to end the game and the players look at the scoreboard and their team has a higher number then their opponent, they start to feel excitement. On April 6, 2010 Duke Blue Devils felt that way when they defeated Butler Bulldogs to accomplish the school’s fourth national championship. Also, on April 7, 2009, The North Carolina Tar Heels defeated Michigan State Spartans to obtain the school’s fifth national championship. The Blue Devils are better than the Tar Heels because most of them don’t know the history and they go by just what they see on TV. North Carolina is better in three different categories: Wins all-time, National championships, and the best coach the school’s ever had.

To win a basketball game you have to have a higher or bigger score then the opposing team. The University of North Carolina’s basketball program has an all-time total of 2,011 wins. North Carolina’s 2,011 wins puts the Tar Heels in third place for all-time wins, trailing behind the Kansas Jayhawks with 2,012 wins and the Kentucky Wildcats with 2,030 wins. The Tar Heels have 130 wins against their inner state, 8 mile rival, the Duke Blue Devils. The Tar Heels have a record of 130 wins and 99 losses against the Blue Devils. The Duke Blue Devils have 1,918 all-time wins. Duke is in fourth place in all-time wins behind North Carolina Tar Heels, Kansas Jayhawks, and Kentucky Wildcats. Since North Carolina has more all-time wins than Duke, it looks like North Carolina has had more winning seasons than Duke.

To win a national championship teams have to be invited to the March Madness tournament. To get into the championship, teams have to wins six games without losing. North Carolina has won five national championships in nine appearances. The Tar Heels won their championships in 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, and 2009. Also, North Carolina has 34 conference regular season championships. Duke has won four national championships in ten appearances. The Blue Devils won their championships in 1991, 1992, 2001, and 2010. Also, Duke won 22 conference regular season championships. North Carolina has more conference and national championships then the Blue Devils so it seems like North Carolina had either better teams with more chemistry or more talented teams than Duke.

Basketball coaches teach players fundamentals, basketball IQ, drills, and techniques to make the players better. Basketball coaches also decide who made the team or not, the starting lineup, and what players fit what positions. North Carolina has had a total of 18 basketball coaches throughout North Carolina’s basketball history. North Carolina’s best coach without a doubt is Dean Smith and he coached from 1961 to 1997. Dean Smith won 877 games and lost only 254 games throughout his 36 year coaching career at North Carolina University. The Duke Blue Devils has had a total of 19 basketball coaches throughout Duke’s basketball history. The Blue Devils best coach in their history is most likely Mike Krzyewski or a shorter version Coach K. Coach K started coaching from 1981 to present day and he won 760 games and lost 215 games. Dean Smith and Mike Krzyewski are in the top five of best coaches that ever coached college basketball. This proves that Dean Smith’s teams have been better than coach K's teams. Dean Smith’s teams might have had more talent, or more coachable players, or more chemistry within the team. Dean Smith holds the record for most wins as a coach and that proves that Dean Smith is probably the best coach to ever coach college basketball.

In conclusion, the North Carolina Tar Heels have more total wins and head to head wins against Duke. Also, the Tar Heels have more national and conference championship. Last but not least North Carolina’s coach Dean Smith is overall better then Duke’s Mike Krzyewski.

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