What it Takes

July 21, 2010
Dedication, discipline, and total focus. Just a small portion of what it takes to make it in the sports world. People say you can keep your friends, your family, your fun, but true athletes know, you can’t. You must put yourself in a world where no one else exists. Nobody but you, your coach, and your dream. Some people say it is a world of liars, and deceivers. The sport’s world is filled with people who would give up everything and anything to be number one! People don’t understand the mentality of someone vying for a spot at number one. People do not understand why someone would give up their friends, their love lives, their families, and even their health, for one chance at sport’s history. So, why do they do it? Why do athletes risk their health, and happiness for a shot at Olympic glory? The answer is simple. Because they love it.

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