A Broken Arm

October 19, 2009
By Anonymous

“I’m so bored.” I’m been here for two hours and they haven’t even told me if my arm is broken or not. With my mom screaming so loud at me saying, “How the bleep does a f**ken bike hit you!” Then finally here comes the doctor. The doctor says I’m terribly sorry, but your arm is broken it cracked off the bone but everything should be fine. We’ll have to put you in a cast.

This was how it happened. How my arm broke. I feel the sudden rush going through my face going down a 5 foot tall taco (it’s not really a taco its fashion like it so we call it the taco.) It’s at Clement Skate Park. Then I stuck the landing on my skateboard and felt relieved because it didn’t want to fall and hurt my bottom again constantly. Then Brandon and Jake right behind me and also went down the 5 foot tall taco.

Then I go down a hill and ride up the pyramid. Then I go down the 10 foot pyramid and with the sudden wind in my face I clutch another skater there and there was. So I jumped off my board and turned so I don’t get hit. The skater said, “My bad little dude I didn’t see you there.) I said, “It’s all good.” Then I go back up the pyramid I skate down and I made it without anybody getting in my progression. “Thank God!” I said to myself.

Here it comes how it happened. I go down a hill then up the pyramid and a biker that I don’t even perceive goes up and down the pyramid where I was and then accidentally hit me. As he hit me I closed my eyes and hoped I don’t get wound to bad. But as he hits the handlebar hits my arm and the tires hits my upper body part I got the wind knocked out of me. I couldn’t really intimidate any pain so I didn’t realize my left arm hurt. Then I get up after catching my breath and I felt the grieve on my left arm. I told them I couldn’t bend it all the way and every time I try it hurts like a bleeper.
Then I sit at the skate park for like an hour then went to the gas station to get a drink. Then I said I was going to go home because my arm hurts really badly. Then Brandon was like don’t be a baby you didn’t break it. But I actually was I just didn’t know. I didn’t know what it felt like to break a bone so didn’t really know. But the bone was kind of poking out a little but I just didn’t realize it until the doctor told me.

Then it was like three when I went home. Then I told my grandma and my mom and they started to scream at me and jostle me a couple of times. After that, they were screaming and hitting me they were screaming how the hell does this ever f**ken happen. And this is how I ended up in a doctor’s office waiting to see if it was a broken bone or not.

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