Lunch At The All Star Caf/a The Day After The World Series MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Saw Jeter -

he looked awesome

Saw Williams -

he looked great.

Saw Jeter

not even twenty-four hours

after the Series

Saw them at the

All Star Caf".

Saw Jeter,

Saw Williams -

struck dumb

could not say

a thing -

could not even ask

for their autographs!

Saw Derek Jeter

Saw Bernie Williams

saw them at two p.m.

ten hours after the

Yankees won the


Wish I could go

to the ticker tape parade -

school stops me

(Wish I could date


Saw Jeter;

he looked phat

Saw Williams

looked okay

Saw Williams.

Saw Jeter!

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