October 20, 2009
By schoolsmells BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
schoolsmells BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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The adrenaline pumping through my body. The air in

my face. The sweat dripping from my brow. These are all the

things that I feel when I’m playing basketball.

Basketball is a very intense sport. For example one time my team

and I were in the championships. By half time we were losing. In

the final quarter we were still down by five. we fought and fought,

but in the end we lost. It was a crazy and intense game of


Basketball can also be a very exciting game. One time when my

team and I were up by two against our rival team, but we wanted

some cushioning from them. So I got the ball. I passed it to Greg. I

cut out and got the pass back. I immediately turned around and

shot the three. Those seconds were the slowest seconds of my life,

but then in. We were up by three. They got the ball and made a

two, but it didn’t matter we had already won.

Basketball is a great sport and my favorite. As you probably can

tell basketball is crazy, exciting, and fun at the same time.

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