An Angel on Earth

May 4, 2018
By ellaclouatre BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
ellaclouatre BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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In people's everyday lives, there is usually that one remarkable person that is constantly welcoming, caring, and supporting others, nearly like an angel, but on Earth. This applied to me in my life with one of my family members, my Aunt Sharon. Sadly, she passed away due to brain cancer, but on the bright side, she is no longer in pain and is healed in Heaven. I have a daily reminder of my Aunt Sharon who passed away April 4, 2018, not long ago. While she was still physically here, she was always a continuous reminder of how God wants His people to act towards others and this made her an angel in my eyes and many others. I felt as though the expression "No one is perfect" did not even apply to her, for she was a spitting image of someone who came straight from heaven. Aunt Sharon always was positive, and whenever I was with her, she brought me to awe of her welcoming attitude towards me. The priest at mass, that knew her personally, said that she would be just as welcoming to a stranger as she was to her own family and that is another reason that shows just how great she was. When my Uncle Paul and the doctors knew she would be dying soon, they took her off of life support. They tried everything they could to help my Aunt Sharon, but sadly it did not work out. My immediate family, extended family, and everyone she knew was not ready for her to leave. Whenever I prayed to God to help her I would say to please keep her alive, but I decided that I needed to pray for her differently. Instead, I decided to ask God to do whatever is best and whatever would relieve her of all of the pain she was going through.  A couple of days later, she joined God in heaven and was in no more suffering or pain. Although she may be physically gone, she is still in our hearts and will always be.

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