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Hope: A Gift From God

May 4, 2018
By RachelleB BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
RachelleB BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
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Hope is a special and unique gift from God.  Hope is the feeling of when life isn't going your way and you need something to hold onto to make it to tomorrow.  It is the knowing of something good will happen tomorrow, and wanting a better tomorrow.  It's not only a knowing but a burning desire.  I have had to hold onto hope many times in my life, but recently I had to hold onto hope for my grandfather.  He has become very sick and is winding down to his last days, maybe hours on earth.  He has just become very sick, so I am learning to cope with hope and how to view my situation more positively.  I know that if today is his last day, I will be content knowing that he has taught me lots of positivity and to never give up on today and to tomorrow.  I know that if God takes his life, I will pray to God and thank Him because I know that it was my grandfather’s time to go to Heaven and he has lived an amazing life.  I have learned to have the skill of hope because I learned to look on the bright-side of his situation.  If he is taken to Heaven, I know that he had lived an impactful life for everyone around him.  My family is holding onto the gift of hope and hoping for a better tomorrow.  I know that his journey will be a tough one, but I can always remember to be grateful for the gift of hope that God has given every person to love and share with the people around them.

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