Best Friends?

May 3, 2018
By ixchelcs BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
ixchelcs BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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For a good year and a half in the 7th grade, there was this girl named Chloe who was my best friend. We were inseparable, wherever she went I went and vice versa. We had inside jokes, hangouts all the time, sleepovers, and would always think of the most random stuff to say that would make us laugh for hours. Whenever she had a problem, I would always listen and give the best advice I could. We had almost every class together, and I truly thought she would always have my back. She was one of the people I told everything to and who I thought I could trust. There was no doubt in my mind we were going to be best friends for a long time. This all changed suddenly one day when I walked into my favorite class of the day which was Bio. I was so excited to have that class because of the people in it and my favorite teacher; this class always made me so happy.

I walk into everyone crowded around Chloe’s phone, and two of my good friends Connor and Samantha reading a huge paragraph that is on Chloe’s phone. I ran up to the group to see what everyone is reading ask them if I could see what’s on the phone. Immediately everyone stops reading as Chloe quickly swipes up on her phone to get rid of the message. “What’s going on what is everyone reading?” I asked. There was no response to anyone except the expression on all of their faces that was unreadable. I could sense something was wrong, but I sat down next to Chloe and talked normally to who I thought was my best friend.

Thoughts raced through my head. What was it about? Why did everyone stop abruptly when I asked if I could read the text? I put on my glasses and looked at Chloe, now being able to see without blur. When I had my glasses on I thought I could see the world perfectly. That I knew everything about my life, my friends, and I could be in control of what was happening. This was my best friend who I thought I could trust with anything and shared so many laughs with her. I told myself looking at her clearly that nothing was wrong, she would explain this all. At the end of the period, I was overcome with confusion and decided to ask her what the text was about and if I could read it. Surely if she had shown it to everyone else like Connor and Samantha she would show it to me. She said no and responded with, “Don’t worry it’s nothing important, it’s about my dance friend and pointless.” Why would she let everyone else see it and not me if it was nothing and about her dance friend? Especially when I’m her best friend and we shared so many secrets. “If it's nothing then why can't I see it?” I asked. She perpetually told me it was nothing and to not worry about it. Now I began to get upset. If she didn’t want me to see it this badly, I came to the realization that the text was about me. I ran the possibilities in my head of what I could've done wrong over and over again, but nothing came to mind because I hadn't done anything wrong. I voiced my issues with the text to her but she began acting uncanny and did not deny nor agree to any of my thoughts. She had ruined my favorite period of the day and my mood. Frustrated I took off my glasses, put them in the case, shut them closed, and placed them in my backpack to go to my next period which was gym.

The day was beautiful and we were outside for gym. I was talking to my other friends about this weird situation that had occurred that I had absolutely no insight as to why it was happening. They looked at each other and told me words that broke my heart to hear. They told me Chloe had been talking to them about me, and calling me bad names because I was very good friends with her boyfriend who I had known since the 5th grade. The paragraph on her phone was about me and she had sent to him. I would never in a million years do something like that. She was my best friend. She was supposed to know me and trust me. I didn’t understand why she was acting this way, we had hung out so many times all three of us. For her to think it was something more than what she saw was absurd, because he was like a brother to me. A true friend would have told me how they were feeling, instead of talking about me behind my back.

My mom would always warn me and say Ixchel I know this may be hard but do not completely trust and tell everything to someone because one day those friends may turn on you and try to bring you down. She had secretly warned me about Chloe, but I had never bothered to listen because of how perfect I thought our friendship was. The moment I realized everything about my best friend was not true, it made me question everything. How could something this unexpected happen to two people who were best friends forever? Above all else, I was hurt. This was someone who I had relied on so heavily for the past year, and to know that she was talking about me behind my back, hurt a lot. Everything was a blur again, and I searched for my glasses in my backpack only to realize I had lost them somewhere between bio and gym. I knew I would not find them and I could no longer see clearly.  I couldn’t see into the distance because what I thought I knew was all a blur.

The author's comments:

This is inspired by a personal experience in my life that taught me a very important lesson.

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