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Fat Alex

May 6, 2018
By Alex Dee BRONZE, Iriga City, Camarines Sur, Other
Alex Dee BRONZE, Iriga City, Camarines Sur, Other
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I was already fat since I was a baby. Until now. I'm 15 years old and still counting.

I started being concious on 4th Grade. My weight way back was double if to be compared to my clasmates. Then it became 60 kilos, 64, 70, 72, 78, 80, and 84.

It hurts when someone will look at me from head to toe and then laugh. It hurts when mother says that I'm like a pig. It hurts when I'm the only fat person in the family. It hurts when everybody will look at me and then whisper to themselves like I don't exist.

The people around me keeps on blabbering about diet. They even monitor my food intake and watch me as I eat.

Every year in junior high school, the school needed the Body Mass Index of every student to be recorded. I always have the same observation everytime I step on the weighing scale. My classmates would gather around me and wait as my weight in kilograms shows up. They gasp altogether. Some would say, "Oh my! You're so heavy. You should exercise. Moreover, diet is a trend." I would just smile at them and bow my head afterwards.

One time, we we're eating for an occasion. Then our classroom's president shouted, "Who ate two cupcakes? Guys, I baked thirty-five cupcakes just enough for us." Some of my classmates didn't listen, while the others turned their heads to look at me. I was surprised on how they accused me of eating two cupcakes. I haven't eaten a single yet. I wanted to say that I didn't do it. But then I realized that they won't believe me so I just kept my mouth shut and didn't utter a any word.

I was used to people calling me 'pig'. Anywhere I go, I would have to suffer from bad mouths. I get mad, I can't deny that. I just think to myself that I'm a one smart, brave girl.

Someone whispers the word "pig" as I walk to school. I looked at her. I smiled and said, "Really? Thanks!" And then I turned my heel to leave.

I just laugh it all out... and smile everytime. I won't let people degrade me. My name's Alexandra. Fat and still counting. 

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