My Starry Night

May 1, 2018
The first night I met you, you showed me a picture you took of the stars. You pointed out all of the constellations and I couldn’t of been more amazed. I stared at the sky smiling my mind wandering deep into my thoughts... while you looked at me, staring at me like I was the only person you could imagine. I told you everything about that night, about my depression, my parents, my deepest thoughts, and last of all I told you about my heart. I told you that my heart was so damanged, so broken that only stitched and bandages held it together anymore. That my heart had been broken too many times in too many ways. Broken by boys, broken by my parents, broken by my friends, and broken by you. You promised you’d never hurt me, yet being ingulfed in your lie you went deeper and deeper until you couldn’t dig your way out. You were suffocating in tournament own lies, trying to get out but just making everything worse. I helped you, I pulled you out and made sure that you were healthy and happy... thinking to myself finally he’ll want me. I was so dumb and careless that I didn’t even realize everything would be a reacurrinf pattern and i wild get drawn in again and again by that smile, your cruel charm. You had become my starry night, you became my stars and you shone the brightest in my life. You ruined the only thing I’d ever enjoyed in life. You have ruined my starry night.

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