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Turning My Dreams to Plans

May 5, 2018
By Anonymous

I never knew my dreams could grow so big and detailed that it would fill up my head. I’m in that process, turning my dreams into reality. My dream is to be a surgeon, a general surgeon to be specific. I’m taking action the best I can to make that a reality. I’ve already started doing, but it’s still a dream because my actions aren’t one-hundred percent complete. Not only do I dream of being a surgeon, but I dream of having a family, a Christian family. Before I can do any of these dreams I need to take steps, build my way up. I have more dreams than this, and millions of steps to get there. The secret to success is to stop dreaming and start doing; the only difference between dreams and reality is action.

We all have a dream or dreams but it's what you do with it that, makes you who you are. Martin Luther's speech, “I had a dream” is famous simply because a man had a dream and wasn’t fearful to battle and take the steps to accomplish it. Well, I have a dream too, and just like Martin Luther, I’m not afraid to achieve it or begin to undertake the steps to achieve it. As effortless as it may sound to just dream and achieve, it’s not. It's a process that takes time, though, frustration, challenges, and lessons. Your dream becomes a goal, and inside that goal are millions of goals leading up to it. We all reach a period,  right before we attain our aspiration, you either feel far from achievement or on top of the world at this point on your way to your goal.  No matter how you feel building up to achievement, actually achieving it is a feeling that indescribable.

Now for my dreams. I’m simply a seed that has been planted, sucking up any water I can get, and growing as fast as I can. My principal goal is to be a loving mother and wife, with the audacious job of a surgeon. Well obviously I didn’t just dream something like that up, so here's how that life plan became part of me. I had always been interested in a medical career, and unlike most kids, blood didn’t phase me, it actually interested and intrigued me. Along with that I just want to help people, it gives me a high that nothing else can. It gives me an indescribable gut feeling, that I’m not sure anyone else ever has the honor of feeling. Then as I got older I asked for medical books simply because I enjoyed reading them. The more I got into them, the more I dreamed of being the people I read about. I started watching surgeries on youtube then imagining myself doing them, but I wasn’t exactly like the surgeons in the videos. I had my own idea of who the patient was, and how they ended up in the treacherous position they were in, I didn’t only focus on the Sergey but on how glorious it would be to announce to the patient the success of my work on them. That's the feeling, the amazing, overabundance of gratefulness. The feeling that makes you want to thank God over and over for how blessed you are, it makes you realize how blessed you are for your opportunities to learn and grow and strive. Don’t think I have this perfect life as a surgeon in my head because I don’t. I imagine bad outcomes too. I think of losing patients, I think of the agony and pain it brings the family and friends, I imagine loosing youthful and elderly, innocent people. Even this gives me that feeling, sure it hurts, but I could learn from it, I could help someone else. As bad as it sounds I try to find good in bad situations, and a departed patient to me is a lesson and possibly a life savior (an organ donor) to another patient. I know that can sound bad and selfish, but it’s not if you reckon it how I do. When I was nine I got a skeleton for Christmas, and a model brain at ten, I wanted to be a brain surgeon at the time. Now I want to be general, I’ve been inspired to be general in too many different ways not to want to be. No need to worry about that now though, I’m still simply working towards to goal of understanding the human body.

Not only do I want to be a surgeon, although that's a key factor in my dream life, I want to be a loving mother and wife. If I didn’t have kids or a husband though, I think I would still live a quality, exceptional life. I don’t imagine my kids or husband with a certain body or hair color, eye color or personality, I just imagine them to grow up in God's image. I imagine them to be loving and affectionate. Sure, I have hopes, hopes that they’ll enjoy and have medical interest too, and be athletic, and quick-witted, but if they aren’t, I’m not going to love them any less. If they aren’t healthy or aren’t socially accepted, I won’t love them any less. I know that now, I always will know that, despite what goals I reach, where I am, who I’m with and what money I have, if I have kids, I will love them, and I will love them to an endless extent. There is one portion of this goal I struggle to get a grip on though, how can anyone raise a kid in this world. People obviously do it all the time, they raise astonishing children. What about the people who don’t? What about the risks and handsomes of this world? It’s such a terrible place I don’t know how people can raise their kids here. Every day there's a headline of a kid, a young innocent kid being harmed, molested, or abused, being kidnapped, or dying or being gone in such a permanent way. How am I expected to give them freedom? How am I supposed to risk losing them forever, every day? I know people think I’m crazy for thinking about this now, only at the age of thirteen. It’s so, so, far away, but I do, I think about it. I’m not looking for my husband now or planning my family, that’s insane, but I would like to have a family, definitely. It’s part of my dream life, well it’s one of my goals. My goal is to raise loving, humble kids in a Christian family. Before I can do that I need to grow up and be raised lovingly and humble myself.

There’s still an actual dream portion of my goals, thing that I don’t necessarily need to plan or set goals to accomplish but things I would enjoy. Little silly things, things you only have in dreams, things that aren’t goals you would set but things you would just enjoy having. For example, I'd like to go to UCLA, start a life in California. Raise my family there, in my beautiful house on the beach. I would wake up and drive the kids to school in my Bugatti, and head off to my job, the head of general surgery at a teaching hospital. Yes, I have goals, but I have unrealistic dreams on top of that. Anything, even close to any of those would be icing on the cake of achieving any, single, one of my goals. These are legit dreams, but I can’t take action to achieve them all. I can take action to become more educated, to grow in my studies, to get into a breathtaking high school, then college, then teaching hospital, and continue to improve till I’m on top, where I desire to be.

Don’t think these are my only dreams and future plans, their not. I often ask myself where I’ll be in twenty years and I no longer struggle to answer myself. I seem to answer differently every time though, something slightly more special and matured every time. I wish I could tell you all my wishes, dreams, goals and stepping stones to get there, but I don’t think it’s physically possible to type, memorize, or say them all. I think I got my basic goals and dream life across though. One day I’ll look back on this and see how much my goals have evolved and how much I have changed, and that's okay. I do that now, looking back to when I wanted to simply study anatomy, to the transformation of becoming a neurosurgeon to wanted to be a general surgeon. It changes, and it changes fast, and I’m curious to see if that will continue, but the only reason it changes is that I take action to achieve my dreams and goals. I do this, and in the process, I learn new things, and grow and change based off of them.
The unspoken key to success is to stop dreaming and start taking action; the difference between your imaginative life and reality is your movement and set goals to build up your dream life into reality. I never knew my dreams could become such a part of me that they would define me and my life. The definition of the goal is “the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” but it’s so much more than that. We all have personal goals and now you know mine, well some of them. I will continue you to grow and set more goals, and I hope you do too. Dreams without action are dead, never forget that. Dreams without actions are simply their definition, “a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.” but with the action they become goals, and goals become your destiny.

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