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The Squad

April 30, 2018
By Jbrown.2019 BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
Jbrown.2019 BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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I didn’t think this night would get as crazy as it did. Every weekend my group of friends would get together and chill in our friend’s gray barn. Having the whole squad in one building never really ended well. At the time I was the only guy out of the group who was able to drive. For just getting my license, I didn’t have the nicest car, which didn’t drive the best, but it took me places.

Once night we were all together having a good time when one of my friends Ryan suggested, “Lets go tping.” To me it sounded like a good idea. In my mind I thought we were just going to jog to a house somewhere close. That’s when I realized the guys were relying on me to get them to these houses. My hands started to get clammy, knowing that I had seven lives in my hands like I was a doctor. With only five seats in my car, I wondered how I was supposed to squeeze eight guys in the tight vehicle. Instantly, we started coming up with ways on how to squeeze all of us in my car. One of my friends Anthony threw his idea: “The smallest get in the trunk, and the bigger guys get in the back seat.” I wasn’t completely onboard with the idea especially since I had just received my license but lying in the barn, bored, was not an option. We had the three smallest guys lay in the compact trunk. Tyler was in charge of making sure everybody in the uncomfortable trunk was somewhat comfortable and organized. We slammed the back seat down, so the guys in the trunk had air to breathe. Then we had three guys squat on top of the back seat. The problem with that was they were too tall, and I could not see out of the damp back window. Then, of course, I had my close friend Layne slouch in the passenger seat to give me directions on where to go. Just when I thought everything was going to work out, my eyes grew, as there was very dense gray fog blanketed the road almost to the point where I couldn’t see five feet in front of me. Nervous boys screeched in the back like they were hawks, while dense fog immerged in the front.

We eventually made it to our first victim’s house. Layne told me, “Drive back on the green grassy and pull off so the owners don’t see the car.” What Layne forgot to mention was that the pull off was completely covered in brown mud. My car sunk half way up my tires in mud. The guys piled out of the car to make it lighter and pushed me back onto the road. Layne yelled, “Give it some gas.” We finally reached the point where I would sit and wait for the tping to be done. Waiting in silence, I pondered what trouble I would be in if we were all to get caught. I was waked from these thoughts as the group of teenage boys piled back into the rough beaten and muddy car like fish in a net to go to the next house.

The next victim lived on a fairly busy road and also had a pull off next to the house. This time we were in luck, and the corn was still up in the fields. I hid the car as close to the corn as possible and waited for the guys to get done. I started to get tired as I looked at the clock, which read 3:30 a.m. This time I was brutally startled to a dog barking and heard Ryan scream, “Run. The dog’s awake!” Watching multiple guys flee the yard of this house like a swarm of bees, I swung the trunk open, and the three guys jumped in and closed it. The rest of the guys jumped inside the car. Making sure I had all of the squad, I peeled out onto the road in route back to the barn, while the guys were screaming, “GO! GO! GO!”

Despite having all of the problems we had that night, that trip made us closer. That night everyone went to bed laying everywhere anyone could find a comfortable place to sleep. Being the big spoon to my friend Tyson, I went to bed knowing that I made that night the best one yet.

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