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April 24, 2018
By coco.lauben BRONZE, Ventnor, New Jersey
coco.lauben BRONZE, Ventnor, New Jersey
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I regret few things in life, my mother has always told me to never regret anything. Having regrets is one thing I regret. Another thing is meeting you, getting to know you, loving you, and most of all- losing you.

Some things are easy to fix, grow out a bad haircut, wait out a broken bone, use some tape to fix your paper. Other things are not. Losing a friend can be hard, losing a best friend is hard, losing your best friend is the hardest- especially when you didn't know they were yours until you lost them.

They were the new kid, you talked to be nice, you told them everyone's name, and you hung out with them to be a friendly face. Then, you talk every day, now it's weird not to look at each other and crack up because of that inside joke only you know. Next, you stay up ALL night on the phone until one of you fall asleep, but for whatever reason you don't hang up you just go to sleep too. After that, you are with each other whenever you have time. Finally, you share your friends. And we all live happily ever after, the end!

Wrong, something happens, and your best friends don't like each other. Ughhhh! Now we must distance each other. We thought it would stay the same, but we were wrong.

We go from texting all the time to only for an hour. Then the hour turns to minutes. Next our minutes turn to every couple days. And now we leave each other alone, why even bother when neither one of us care?

Slowly, I realized what happened. He was my best friend. Key word "was." Even though I miss him, it's too late. We lost each other, and we didn't even notice until now, we are perfect strangers. Oblivious to what we lost.

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Perfect stanger...

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