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The City

April 17, 2018
By Hailey77 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Hailey77 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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I wake up from a loud screech interrupting my deep sleep. I look up and see a yellow car with black wheels pass by. I look around and see my friends still sound asleep and my stomach starts to grumble. I move away from my friends that helped warm me through the night. Happiness fills me as I remember where I am, the beautiful place that is unforgettable. Thinking of all the memories held in this small place brings me right back to the center of it all.

The chilled air hits my face as I come outside and reach the gutter. I start to shiver and try to warm myself up. I look around at the tall buildings that block out the rest of the world. As I start walking I can smell the stench from people who have been partying from the night before. Suddenly I am hit by the scent of a hot dog stand, with the colors red and yellow painted all over it.  I pick up the crumbs that were left behind from people prior in the day. I scurry on looking to my left, I see signs with black lettering saying, “ I listen to your problems for $2.00” and “Homeless Bla-Bla-Bla, ThankYou”.  All around me are millions of people trying to walk to work or get in line to whichever place is trending at the moment. I can hear loud frequencies rumble throughout my ears soon realizing they are instruments of all kinds: guitar, bongos, and shakers. I notice a plastic cup out in front where green pieces of paper, are being placed by people surrounding the noise. I am then introduced to tall furry figures one red and one blue, both carrying sashes that are also filled with green paper. I try to figure out what these papers are by sniffing the air but sadly I didn’t pick up on any scent. The fast pace place that surrounds me, both excites me and terrifies me because of the unknown possibilities that are held. 

The streets are streaked with white lines that guide yellow cabs to their destinations with people staring out the windows, looking up at the colorful skyscrapers. There are blinding billboards covering up buildings promoting “The Phantom of the Opera.” From miles away you can see bleachers that lead your eye straight to multiple people eating an assortment of food. My thoughts are interrupted from a high pitched noise coming from a car with red and blue flashing lights. I again start looking for something to eat and stumble upon many crumbs; The taste of tomato, pepperoni, and just the right amount of cheese melts in my small mouth. I walk out and start to cross the street, as I start speeding forward, I jump hearing “HONK,HONK” coming from multiple cabs that had to abruptly slam on their breaks. I start walking back to my home, I feel the temperature drop as the sun sets and I see the colors red, orange and dark blue fill the sky.

From a distance the buildings look like silhouettes due to the sunset, however up close the lights bouncing off the buildings illuminate the sky, reminding you that this is the city that never sleeps. I can see a a crowd of people in the distance like a herd of cattle, as I get closer to the people I can see the stained stairways leading down into the the subway. While I pass tall strangers, I see looks of mostly fear sometimes exchanged with looks of excitement. I hear a screech in the distance as the music on the streets dies down. I feel my small paws start to get tired seeing that I have walked so much today. I was now closer to my home as I could smell the scent of my friends nearby. I see my home, the sewer, right underneath a taxi and sprint as fast as my legs will take me. I finally reach my home where I am greeted by many whiskers. I see some of my friends rolled up in a corner which is where I go to lay. I think about my day and the joy it brought me as I clean my paws and slowly drift off to sleep.

The author's comments:

New York really inspired me, I hope that people have a fun time reading this.

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