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Falling in Love with a Brown-Eyed Boy

April 16, 2018
By taytot6 BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
taytot6 BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
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Imagine meeting this one person and thinking “Wow, isn't he handsome?” His features make you fall in love. Then you hear his voice, and that draws you in even more. This man has the most beautiful brown eyes you have ever seen.  He has this amazing smile that just warms your heart, but best of all, he has one of the best personalities that you have ever seen. He is so respectful to everyone he meets; he is really funny even though he tells some of the corniest jokes. His voice when he tells you stories, or just talks, tends to soothe you.  I bet you have someone in mind. If you get the chance to talk them, you will become friends, then become best friends, and then you both just fall in love with each other and become something special. You start making a lot of fun memories together, sharing lots of laughs, and lots of love. One day you will meet his family, and they will fall in love with you instantly and the same will happen to him with your family. You all make memories together that you will cherish, till the day you pass. If you just take one thing from this, it’s that you should step out of your comfort zone once in a while to take risks. Talk to that person you think is handsome, tell them how you feel, and hope for the best. Don’t sit and wonder what could have been, but instead, what could be.

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The person who I wrote this article about is this boy named Jonathan Head. He has been my boyfriend for over a year.

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