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The Truth

April 15, 2018
By Anonymous

hey! you guys must be really desperate if you are reading this article right now. if you're a person looking for a good article from which actually learn something or a good story which can pass your time then this is definitely not the place for you. go ahead and click the exit button...cause this not an article or a story. it's the truth.

i am a teenager. i am fourteen. i have a lot of problems. mostly when i say those sentences, almost everyone comes out with a similar reply which is pretty much, you re still a kid, what problems can you face in this age or when you cant face these small problems how will you face the real world? but no one seems to understand or wants to, what really cause these problems we face.

this is a note to all the parents. trust me even though I do agree the problems you face are bigger than what we face, you fail to understand that for you, the problem is the one that is big, not the impact of which it has on you. you have the mental capacity and maturity to withstand the problem and without getting caught in depression, think about ways to solve it. but we cant. and trust me, we try.

now coming back to what causes these problems there are a lot of factors. anger, ignorance, lonliness, betrayel, embarrasment, improper decisions, disgrace, love and most importantly school and social media.
now let me explain how these set of words make sense when grouped together.

Anger: one of the most common problems we all face. now i am told by my parents, almost everytime that they can handle their temper and I can't. but I don't get it. why dont they understand the coin doesnt have one side but two and each side gives the same value. how come you always manage to see only your side of the coin no matter how much i scream and plead you to flip it. and i hate it when they say its what is good for me and when i grow up is when i will understand it. do you think I am not grown up enough now? i am not grown up enough to handle these things? not take my own decision? if you dont let me take them n0w how will ever be able to when i have to? but no. parents have got this in their mind. no matter what we say, feel it doesnt matter though what theyre deciding in the end is our life. if we want to express or opinion by talking its termed "arguing". if we express it by not eating( just get their attention) we are termed "stupid" and especially when we have sibling we are termed as a "bad influence" for the younger ones. on the whole we basically get the name, "an angst ridden teenager" and its humiliating when the say this to the guests , and especially the ones whose kids are smaller than me , and the mums look at me petrified, as if i am the  rogue vampire dowtown and by touching their kids I could make them one to. but what they dont get is what we are showing them is not anger or hatred, it's mainly their love, attention and understanding.


this is big. maybe I'll write about the next factor on my next article. thanks for reading guys!

yours truly,
(not bad for a penname is it?) 

The author's comments:

i am supposed to write what inspired me to write this and what i want people to get from it....

the answer for both is same for both the questions,

the truth.

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