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Best Day of My Life

April 11, 2018
By oliviapettersen BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
oliviapettersen BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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The Best Day of My Life

The day was February 24, 2016, and it started like any other day.  I woke up to go to school, but when I got upstairs, my dad asked, “Do you want to go to the Minnesota Gopher Women’s basketball game tonight?”  I really wanted to go because it was my favorite player Rachel Banham’s senior night.  My eighth grade basketball team had our end of the year party after school and that meant we’d have to leave right when the party ended. 
Once we got to the packed game, we went to our maroon colored seats.  We noticed that we couldn’t see very well, there was an overhang right above us, blocking our view.  I’m one of those people that likes to stay in their seat and not move to another seat even if there is an open seat in the very front row, I’d rather stay in the seat I bought.  However, this day was different.   My dad said, “We should move up to get a better view,” and I happily agreed.
We sat in a section in the upper level with only about two other people in our section.  I couldn’t see their faces, and I figured they were just ordinary people.  But this was my lucky day, the people turned out to be college athletes that I really admired.  As I was intently watching the action on the floor, my dad tapped me on the shoulder.  He excitedly told me, “Look up!”   I turned and looked above me.  What I saw, was three of my favorite Gopher Volleyball players coming to sit right in front of our relocated seats.  I was so happy I didn’t know what to do.  Hannah Tapp, one of the players, was wearing a grey Nike sweatshirt with black leggings.  She looked like an ordinary girl, but I knew without a doubt it was her.  She saw me looking excitedly at her, and waved at me, I just about died.  Looking back now, the girls probably thought it was flattering that I was clearly a big fan of theirs.  Anyways, I figured they’d keep walking to a better section, but it turns out they knew the two other girls in my section and sat right in front of me.  When the girls turned around, it hit me that I was sitting with five Gopher Volleyball players.
I couldn’t believe it, and it took awhile to realize that my favorite volleyball players were right in front of me.  My dad asked, “Do you want to take a picture with them?”  At first I declined, because I figured they would just want to watch the game and not be bothered.   By halftime, I had changed my mind.  I was nervously shaking when I tapped Paige Tapp’s steady shoulder hidden in her maroon jacket and asked for a picture.  Paige very happily said, “Of course!  Do you want my sister Hannah in it, too?”  I obviously said yes. Seconds later, the three of us leaned in to fit in the picture, and it was unreal to be so close to these girls that I idolize. It was a crazy feeling that I will never forget.  I was just about the happiest girl alive.
At this point, I didn’t want the game to end.  In fact, I was hoping to stay with them forever.  They were so nice, and actually talking to me.  As well as answering any questions I had.   It felt so weird to be with the players I watch on TV, and I was even on their Snapchat story. I was praying for overtime of the game, I wanted to stay longer so bad.
My prayers were answered!  The game not only went to overtime, it went to double overtime.  It felt like I was in a dream, watching my favorite basketball player with my favorite volleyball players.  It was a crazy game, two shots at the buzzer of both overtimes leading to a Gopher win!  The fun wasn’t even over yet.
On our way home, I decided to post my awkward picture with Paige and Hannah Tapp.  I was so excited to be with them, my smile was huge.  I guess you could say I was smiling ear to ear.  I didn’t expect them to even see the picture, I just wanted to brag about meeting them.  They even gave me a “like” on Instagram, I freaked out.  It’s not everyday that girls with thousands of followers like your post on social media.
The next season, their senior season I went to almost every home game, their public scrimmages, autograph sessions, anywhere I could go to see them.  I met all of the players on the team.  For an art class project, I painted Paige in an action picture.  I even got her to sign it.  It seemed like she my painting skills impressed her.  That night at the basketball game, turned me into a super fan for the Gopher volleyball team.  I still go to almost every volleyball game even though the Hannah and Paige are gone.   They both play professional overseas and hopefully one day will play for Team USA.  I hope I never forget that day.

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