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2 Seconds Better Get It Done

April 9, 2018
By erobicheaux BRONZE, DESTREHAN, Louisiana
erobicheaux BRONZE, DESTREHAN, Louisiana
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Hundreds of people sat on the edge of their seats. The buzzing stadium lights filled the empty silence as the team took the field. Two seconds shone on the stadium clock. Those next few seconds determined who won the game. The whole stadium stared mesmerized by the next play. We sprinted to the white goal line, clasped hands, and prayed for the win. My cheeks burned from the smile plastered on my face. My hands hurt from gripping my coaches hand to hard. My heart beat a mile a minute. As the boys set the ball on the thirty-five yard line, I could not believe they might win. This kick defined the winner of the longest rivalry in the catholic league. They lost the rivalry the year before; they cannot lose again. The boys lined up navy and gold to royal blue and white. Navy blue put the ball down for the snap, and everything still. The ball spiralled to the kicker; this was it. My eyes burned from sweat dripping in them, but I could not miss this moment. The ball flew through the air, and all time stopped. Everyone watched in anticipation. My breathing quickened as the ball spun and spun and spun. I suddenly could not watch anymore eyes; I shut my eyes tight. When I opened my eyes after what feels like an eternity, the ball spun through the yellow goal post! The crowd roared! I leapt in excitement, and bear hugged one of my teammates. The Tigers won 16-13! The football team tackled each other in a dog pile disregarding the referees efforts to stop them. The student section stormed to the field to congratulate the team. Families even ran onto the field after the student section to see the boys. The cheer team and I ran to the football team to be a part of the excitement. My already painful cheeks burned with pain from all the smiling. All of the fans stood cheering. I could feel the love, honor, and excitement radiating from the crowd. In this moment, I understood why I cheered for my school. I did not cheer for the pep rallies that get me out of school, nor did I cheer for the trip to disney. I cheered because like the over ecstatic crowd I fell head over heels in love with my school, and I truly wanted to support the boys in everything they do. Once the chaos subsided, the band began to play the long alma mater. I faced the football team and proudly raised my pointed finger smiling like a goon. The burning in my arm from pointing my finger rendered insignificant to the joy that flourish through me. Even though I do not go to my school, I truly believe I am a part of this family. My love for my school flourished this day, and I had never been more proud to be a part of this family.

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